Why Does My Face Hair Grow So Fast?

You could have sworn that your beard was much shorter this morning but surely that can’t be? 

Yes, facial hair grows incredibly fast. This typically depends on your genetics but also the different seasons of the year and your hormones can affect how fast your beard grows.

Why Does My Face Hair Grow So Fast?

In this article, we take a good look at some reasons why your face hair grows so quickly, and we find out how you can slow it down.

Reasons Why Facial Hair Grows So Fast

There are three main reasons that affect the speed at which facial hair grows. These are genetics, hormones and your ethnic background.

Saying this, beard science is still at an early stage and there are some interesting studies out there on bear growth. 

Some studies even found that our facial hair grows faster over the summer months, and the growth rate slows down in January and February.

Hormones (Testosterone)

The male hormone testosterone is one of the culprits why beard hair grows so fast. 

Most men have average testosterone levels which means that they grow facial hair at a certain rate.

Generally, testosterone is responsible for hair growth throughout our body. Our hair follicles turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and this affects our facial hair growth rate.

While you may assume that beard length is an obvious and visible sign of testosterone, you are wrong. 

The length of a beard isn’t always a sign of the hormone’s level in a man. 

Saying this, if you have a full beard that grows reasonably fast, then you likely have a healthy level of testosterone.


Another big factor in the growth rate of your facial hair is your genetic material. All men (and woman) are born with a set number of hair follicles.

Each of the tiny hair follicles is independent and your genes impact how fast each hair grows.

Most often, genetics is the main determiner of how fast facial hair grows, and also how long it grows for before any possible baldness may set in.

Take a look at your father and your paternal and maternal grandfather. This should give you a good understanding of your own beard growth rate.

Ethnic Background

Studies found that also ethnic background plays a role in how quickly and even how thick a beard can grow.

Scientists found that Caucasians grow the thickest beards while Asians have a beard with less density.

And amazingly, this doesn’t just apply to men. Even woman of different ethnicities have been found to sport different facial hair growth rates.

How Fast Does A Beard Grow?

On average, a beard can grow 0.27mm within 24 hours. This varies depending on genetics, ethnicity and hormone levels.

Plus, it’s important to consider what hair growth is a natural process which goes through different stages, including a growing phase, a resting period and a time when the hair will fall out to make room for new hair.

How To Slow Down Facial Hair Growth

While you can’t change anything about the genetic material you were born with, there are a few different options for slowing down your beard’s growth.

It’s important to check in with your doctor first and rule out any underlying medical conditions, especially if you notice a sudden hair growth.

There could be plenty of different medical reasons why your hair is growing at a faster speed, including autoimmune problems, hormone imbalances and even cancer.

If the doc couldn’t find anything wrong, then here are a few lifestyle changes that you can make to get your hormone levels as well as your hair growth levels back on track.

Why Does My Face Hair Grow So Fast?

Healthy Diet

Diet isn’t just important for the production of energy to keep your body going but it’s also a huge contributor to different health factors, including your hormone levels.

There are quite a few studies that have shown that men who eat a large amount of dairy, bread and sweets suffer from testosterone imbalance.

That’s why, it’s important to eat a rich diet in leafy greens, lots of fruit and lean proteins.

Balanced Exercise

In addition to a good diet, your body needs regular exercise to keep your hormones on the right level.

Bear in mind that a workout increases the testosterone levels. This increase can last for nearly an hour, depending on your age and the exercise.

Typically, strength training and weight lifting affects testosterone levels the most.

Avoid Stress

Stress affects us in so many negative ways. It raises the levels of a hormone called cortisol which, in turn, affects the amount of testosterone in our bodies.

It’s always a good idea to keep stress levels as low as possible. This will keep your testosterone in a healthy balance.

Give Yourself A Good Rest

As part of avoiding stress factors, it’s essential that you have plenty of rest, including a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night.

Sleep deprivation reduces your testosterone levels to an unhealthy low, so ensure that you allow yourself to rest for some time.

Use Products That Slow Your Hair Growth

There are plenty of beauty products that promise to slow down facial hair growth rates it’s important to find a product that is gentle on your skin and your hair follicles.

Make sure that your chosen product is specifically designed for men and facial hair.

Can Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Faster?

No, shaving doesn’t make your facial hair grow any faster. This is a very common and persistent myth.

Your hair follicles are genetically programmed to grow at a certain speed, which means, no matter how much you shave, the hair won’t grow any faster or slower.

Final Thoughts

There are many different reasons why your facial hair, including your beard, may be growing fast.

Some medical conditions can cause hair growth rates to increase. However, most of the time, the speed of beard growth depends on our genetics, hormone levels as well as our ethnicity.

You can slow down your hair growth with a few well-balanced lifestyle changes, including eating a healthy diet.

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