What Is Beard Balm?

Beards have seen a huge revival in the last few years, and the number of different beard products on offer has increased massively.

While beards can look stunning and they can also increase your confidence, they are no easy beasts to manage.

What Is Beard Balm?

So, it’s a good idea to get a few products that can tame your beard in the right way.

Beard balm is one of these beard care products that keeps your facial hair soft and it moisturizes the skin underneath.

We find out what beard balm is made of and why it’s a good idea to use it.

What’s Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a kind of conditioner for your facial hair.

It has the same consistency as a normal hair conditioner and also does the same job: moisturizing and softening your beard.

In comparison to beard oil, beard balm is thicker and it is usually made from a range of natural oils or butter, such as cocoa butter, shea butter and castor oil.

The thick beard balm gently covers the surface of your beard hair and skin.

While this means that it takes longer for it to be absorbed by your skin, it also has a slow-release effect.

Plus, the thicker texture also means that the balm weighs any stubborn beard hairs down to give your beard a neat and trimmed shape.

Beard balm is very popular with men who have a medium to long beard.

As a beard grows further away from the face, it becomes tricky to keep in shape with beard oil.

That’s why, beard balm is ideal for larger beards where you can apply it to the end of the beard.

The beard balm will help to keep your beard hair moisturized throughout the day.

Beard Balm Ingredients

Although different beard balms have their individual ingredients, there are some basic ingredients each beard balm should contain.

These include carrier oils, beeswax, essential oils as well as malleable agents.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are a typical ingredient you find in many other skincare products.

They are typically used to nourish and moisturize the skin beneath your beard.

This added hydration effect for your skin means that it doesn’t flake off and it prevents any itchiness.

For example, almond oil, jojoba and argan oil are all carrier oils, so keep an eye out for them on the beard balm label.


Another typical ingredient in beard balm is beeswax. This type of wax is solid giving the beard balm it’s thick and dense texture.

The beeswax in beard balm gives your beard a better hold and it also protects your facial hair from any air pollutants.

Essential Oils

Essential oils give your beard balm a nice scent and they equally nourish the beard. Different beard balms contain a huge variety of essential oils.

From lemon and citrus to tea tree, lavender and mint, essential oils contain gentle moisturizing elements that soften facial hair

When you are looking for a good quality beard balm, then make sure that it contains organic essential oils.

Malleable Agent

Malleable agents make the beard balm soft, so you can use it to shape your beard. One of the most common malleable agents is shea butter.

Shea butter is found in many different beauty products because it often turns a waxy substance into a beautifully smooth cream.

This butter also adds an additional moisture layer to your beard to keep your facial hair and the skin underneath healthy.

Benefits Of Using Beard Balm

Benefits Of Using Beard Balm

Beard balm has so many different benefits, from moisturizing your skin to making your beard softer.

Skin naturally produces an oil known as sebum. This natural oil is a protective barrier on our skin and hair that helps to protect them from drying out.

Moisture is essential for the health and appearance of your beard.

Unfortunately, with harsh shampoos and shower gels, our natural oils get stripped away.

This means that our skin tends to be much more prone to dry out, including your beard which becomes more wiry and brittle.

When you use a beard balm or even a beard oil, you can reduce the loss of your natural oils.

In addition, beard balm also provides nutrients and vitamins to your beard hair and skin which makes them look softer and stronger.

Plus, beard balm also makes your facial hair smell nicer.

When Should You Use Beard Balm?

Many men use beard balm when their beard is a medium or long length. For shorter facial hair, you can also use beard oil.

It’s a good idea to use beard balm as part of your daily routine when you are grooming your beard.

Apply the beard balm after you have washed and trimmed the beard. This will maximize the nourishing and moisturizing effect.

How To Apply Beard Balm?

Applying beard balm is quick and simple, so you can easily integrate it into your grooming routine.

Clean Your Beard

First, make sure that your beard is fully clean and dry.

Comb Your Beard

Comb your beard so it looks unkempt. The best way to do this is by combing underneath the chin and then upwards.

Apply The Beard Oil

Take a pea-sized amount of beard oil and massage it into your beard. Keep your facial hair unkempt for the moment.

Make sure that you cover the whole beard deep down to the hair follicles.

Shape Your Beard

Now it’s time to put everything into place. Depending on the length of your beard, you can now shape your facial hair with your hands.

Some beards also benefit from a light comb at this stage.

Some beard experts recommend that you should mess your beard hair up again now and then comb it back into place.

This will ensure that all the beard balm fully covers your beard.

Final Thoughts

Beard balm is a great conditioner for your beard. It keeps your facial hair moisturized and your skin healthy.

When you are looking for a good beard balm, make sure that it contains only natural ingredients.

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