What Happens If You Cut Your Balls With A Razor?

It’s every guy’s worst nightmare – cutting your balls while shaving. 

What Happens If You Cut Your Balls With A Razor?

Our testicles are one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies which means that we always want to handle them with care – but sometimes when shaving, we can end up nicking the skin and causing some seriously painful wounds. 

But what happens? What should you do? 

If you’ve cut your balls with a razor while shaving then this is the place for you. Don’t worry, the injury is probably minor but here are all the steps you should take to help it stop bleeding and heal. 

Step One: How Deep Is The Cut?

First thing you’ve gotta do is work out how deep the cut is. If it’s only a little nick, then you’ll probably be fine once you complete the following steps. 

However, if the cut is pretty deep and there’s a lot of blood, you may need to call an ambulance and seek emergency help. Find somewhere safe to sit down in case you start to feel dizzy or sick but don’t fall asleep.

If you have help nearby, such as a friend or family member, then tell them that you’ve hurt yourself and need help. They should help provide assistance and stay with you until medical help has arrived. 

If the cut is a nick or little more, then simply move onto the next step. 

Step Two: Apply Pressure

Next, you will need to grab some tissue paper or toilet roll and use it to apply pressure to the wound.

You shouldn’t squeeze your balls as this can force more blood out – you need to apply direct pressure to the wound to try and help it close up. 

Your balls have a lot of blood vessels, so the cut is going to bleed a lot more than a cut on your arm or leg would.

This can be scary but as long as the cut itself isn’t deep, then you just need to try and stop the bleeding. 

Using toilet paper or even a clean towel can help keep the mess to a minimum as you do this. So, fold it up and press it against the wound for a few minutes.

This pressure will help the wound stop bleeding – but if blood soaks the rag and the wound isn’t showing any signs of stopping, then you may need to seek medical attention. 

How long it takes for a wound to completely stop bleeding can vary so just be patient and refrain from checking the wound every few seconds. Doing this will keep removing the pressure from the wound and not work effectively. 

Step Three: Clean The Wound

Once the bleeding has stopped, it’s important to clean the wound and the skin around it to avoid any infections.

After all, the last thing you would want next is for your balls to grow red, swollen, and weeping pus; this will only lead to way more pain and agony for you. 

So, you need to clean the wound – but with what? 

Avoid using any alcohol or peroxide-based cleaning solutions or wipes.

These are far too harsh to use on such a sensitive area and they can actually irritate your wound even more, increasing the time it takes for your wound to completely heal. 

Instead, using warm soapy water is a far more gentle yet effective way to clean your wound. Although there might be a slight sting, it’s for the best as it will kill any bacteria trying to enter the wound. 

Step Four: Protect The Wound Until It’s Healed

Once your wound has stopped bleeding and it’s nice and clean, it’s important to protect it while it heals. 

There’s no set amount of time it will take for your wound to heal so in the meantime, it’s important to wash it regularly to avoid any infections and to stop it from rubbing against the fabric of your pants and causing irritation.

Using a band-aid will be no good because the skin around your balls is too loose but a dressing like a tissue or bandage can help keep your wound safe from further irritation until it is healed. 

So now, all you have to do is wait for your wound to heal. If there’s any signs of further redness, swelling, inflammation, or any pus, then a visit to the doctor is in order as these are all common signs of infection.

At this point, your wound will need to be professionally cleaned and you may even be given a course of antibiotics to help kill the infection. 

How To Avoid Cutting Your Balls While Shaving

There are a ton of reasons why you probably nicked your balls while shaving, so here are some handy tips to keep in mind next time you are shaving downstairs.

These will help you avoid making similar mistakes and could even save you a trip to the emergency room – so check them out! 

What Happens If You Cut Your Balls  With A Razor?

The first tip is to trim the hair first. This will help you get a nice clean shave and avoid snagging any skin. 

So, just take a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer and start carefully cutting back any long airs. Try not to touch the skin – just trim back the hairs so you can clearly see what you are working with when it’s time to shave. 

Remember to pull your skin taut too. This will help you avoid snagging the razor on your skin because it’s too loose and bumpy.

So, use your fingers to stretch the skin around your balls and pull it taut before you put a razor to the area. 

Go slow when shaving and only apply a very gentle amount of pressure. You should also shave in the direction your hair grows to avoid pulling up any bits of skin and potentially catching them with the blade. 

Finally, don’t forget about your aftercare! Shaving can really irritate your skin even if you avoid any nicks so apply your lotions and creams to keep your skin in great condition.

Final Thoughts

Nicks are pretty common when it comes to manscaping so it’s no big deal if you cut yourself a little bit while shaving your balls.

Just keep calm, take the above steps to address the wound, and seek medical attention if the cut is too deep and does not stop bleeding.

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