The Ultimate Guide On How To Style Your Mustache

Since the rise of Movember with celebrities showing off their facial hair, mustache styling is a new trend that’s here to stay.

And there isn’t just one style of mustache that’s trendy. All styles have seen a grand revival in Hollywood and beyond.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Style Your Mustache

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to rock a mustache. The different mustache styles are so easy to replicate in everyday life.

What puts most men off though is how to style a mustache properly without looking like a seedy gangster.

That’s why, here is an easy guide on how to recreate the different mustache styles.

How To Style Your Mustache The Easy Way

There are a few basics that you need to know before you get started with styling your mustache in a certain way.

Here are some of the essential steps for a cool mustache.

Grow Your Mustache

First up, you need to ensure that your facial hair is growing well. The best way to make sure that your mustache grows to a good, healthy length is to eat healthy.

It’s generally important to eat plenty of foods that are a source of different vitamins. This does not just keep the rest of your body happy and healthy, it also ensures strong hair growth.

In addition, it’s important that you stay hydrated and you should drink plenty of water. This will keep your skin soft which is a basic for any type of beard or mustache.

Exfoliate Regularly

Healthy skin is essential for a nice-looking mustache, so try to exfoliate your face up to twice a week. This will remove all the dead skin cells unclogging the hair follicles.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized And Clean

Together with the exfoliating, try to keep your skin as clean as possible and moisturize your face regularly.

While there is no hard and fast rule on how often you should do this as it depends on your skin, it’s a good idea to look after your skin properly.

A good moisturizer should keep your facial hair soft and it will prevent dandruff around the edges of the mustache.

Alternatively, you can also use beard oil to manage your facial hair.

Get High-Quality Wax

On the front of different mustache products, you can also use a good-quality mustache wax that will make your facial hair look sharp.

Bear in mind that you should follow the instructions on the wax. Too much of the mustache wax and your facial hair might end up looking like it’s been glued on.

Train Your Mustache Hair

This might sound odd but it’s possible. When you want your hair to grow into a certain direction then you can train your hair to lay in a certain way.

Depending on what mustache style you choose for your facial hair, comb it into the direction you want each morning.

The combing, together with some wax, will help your mustache to face where you want it to. But keep in mind that this will take a while and you need to be persistent.

Use A Blow Dryer For More Styling

Just like with normal hair, a blow-dryer is the ideal tool to give your facial hair some volume.

You can use it to heat up the mustache wax which makes it much easier to work with. 

Once you styled your mustache with the wax, you can use the cool setting of the hair dryer to harden the wax again. This will make your facial hair stay in shape.

How To Style Different Mustaches

There are quite a few different mustache styles, although there are no clear rules what each style should look like.

From a walrus mustache to a chevron mustache style, here are the details on how you can style your mustache.

Cowboy Mustache

Made famous by Ron Swanson, the Cowboy style mustache is a relatively long mustache.

So, you allow your mustache hair to grow to your bottom lip, instead of trimming it to the top. This style doesn’t need much work and you don’t have to keep it too neat.

However, you will still need to trim it now and then, so it doesn’t look too lazy.

Walrus Mustache

The Ultimate Guide on How to Style Your Mustache

The walrus mustache is one of the best known traditional mustache styles. Teddy Roosevelt sported a walrus most of his life.

A walrus mustache is similar in length to the Cowboy mustache but in styling, it’s more like a Handlebar mustache.

In order to create the walrus mustache you need to keep the center of your facial hair neatly trimmed in a horseshoe shape.

This means that the mustache needs to grow until it sits a little over the edge of the lower lip. Then shape your facial hair into two equal parts, with the help of a blow dryer and some wax.

Chevron Mustache

Also known as the Selleck mustache, simply grow your mustache to the top of your upper lip and then neatly trim the hair until it follows the line of your top mouth.

Handlebar Mustache

You can sport a handlebar mustache by growing your facial hair over your upper lip, then part the mustache in the middle using a comb and some wax.

Make sure that you spread the wax all over your mustache and then twist the ends.

Pencil Mustache

A pencil mustache takes a lot of styling. First, neatly trim your facial hair just above the lip and then separate it down the middle line.

Then, slowly trim the bottom bit until you get to roughly the thickness of a pencil. It’s important to keep the trim even.

Dali Mustache

Inspired by the painter Dali, you need to grow your mustache in the same way as a Handlebar all the way down to your chin.

Then shape it into two equal parts and use some wax to straighten the hair.

Final Thoughts

There are a range of easy mustache styles that are so simple to recreate with a little bit of wax and beard oil.

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