Is Manscaped Worth It?

We have all heard of Manscape, be it a TV advertisement, social media advert, or one of the seemingly millions of YouTube videos that they sponsor.

If you have seen them before you know they are a company who designed a trimmer specifically for below the waist.

Is Manscaped Worth It?

The company burst onto the shaving scene in 2016 and have exploded in popularity, so you are probably wondering if it worth taking the plunge and splashing out on the latest Manscaped Lawn Mower model, well read on and we will give you everything you need to know about Manscaped and if they are truly worth the hype. 

Who Are Manscaped?

The company was founded by Steve King and Paul Tran as a result of the taboo that surrounded male grooming at the time.

They shifted the taboo and began a shift in momentum that moved the stigma and promoted men to begin grooming themselves more frequently. 

The pair brought together a team of scientists and researchers to create their best possible product for a close shave.

They created a blog to start up their promotion and raise awareness and the blog covers many topics to do with health, and wellness. 

Manscape does not just make grooming products. They are very passionate about educating the world on topics such as grooming and mens health.

The company has a partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society to increase the awareness around the particular taboos. 

Finally the company also partnered with the Pride Foundation.

The foundation promotes health, safety and the livelihood of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

With this partnership, Manscaped stood and showed solidarity with not only their employees but also their customers who are a part of the community. 

What Is Manscaping?

You may be wondering where the company got its name from.

The term manscaping refers to pruning and trimming of the body hair below your waist. Nobody wants a jungle down there so keeping on top of your pubic hair is essential.

Maintaining your body hair is something we should all be doing but not all razors are made equally some are designed only for your face and some like Manscapes trimmers are designed solely for your nether regions.

Using a sharp blade close to your genetail is something that we all think twice about especially if you are new to shaving it can seem like you are in way over your head so is using a product specifically designed for safely shaving this area of your body? 

Let’s find out.

How Does It Perform?

How Does It Perform?

Manscaped has truly found its place in the niche that is male grooming, their insanely successful Lawn Mower 3.0 can run for 90 minutes without a break.

They specifically design their products to be easy to use with just needing a charge before use. 

The trimmer can be used easily in the shower so there is no need to worry about getting it wet, the ceramic blades are designed solely to prevent tugging or nicks in the sensitive skin down by your genitals.

The Lawn Mower also comes with a blade guard allowing your trimmer to easily change the height of your shave. 

All of this can help you really control the shave to get the best length with little to no effort.

Manscapeds Lawn Mower 3.0 also has a built in LED light, this is actually an ingenious feature that is actually very rare in the industry. 

So overall the quality of the product is worthy of the company’s popularity but no matter how good something is we must discuss the worth and the quality of the product.  

Is Manscaped Worth The Price?

Simply, yes. Manscaped is perfect for those of us who want a close shave without running the risk of hurting yourself.

However, Manscaped is rather pricey compared to other electric razors available.

The extra price is not unwarranted though with all the additional features that come with the Lawn Mower 3.0 makes it an outlier on the market that can justify a larger price tag. 

The Lawn Mower 3.0 does cost $79.99 and in my opinion is worth it.

The product is the peak of shaving technology, and the experience of using a Manscaped product will make you never want to go back to any other form of grooming razor. 

How Is The Quality?

Shortly after its launch in 2016 the company became a part of the Personal Care Product Council, the council led then national trade association for cosmetics and personal care product companies.

Their aim is to help regulate the quality, safety and the innovation within the personal care space. 

Any large, well known company within the genre is a part of the national organization, to become a member of this organization your quality standards will have to be in check.

The products that the company makes range a lot, you may think that they just make razors, but you would be very wrong. 

The company makes a wide range of products from gels to body washes to shaving creams to go along with their razors.

Their products all hold up well when used frequently overtime they endure a lot and are designed to do so. 

Final Thoughts

So, now that we have looked at all Manscaped has to offer and how they started up what has become an empire in what looked to be an industry dominated by only a few companies is something that can inspire many. 

If you are looking for an electric razor to trim down below your waist then you will never go wrong with picking up a Manscaped product, although they are more pricey than any of their competitors, you are not just buying a name you will be buying a product with several features just not found anywhere else in the market. 

With a product designed solely to last long and give the best shave possible you can never go wrong with Manscaped.

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