Is Dr Squatch Good?

Founded in 2013 in San Diego, California, Dr Squatch is a brand of men’s health and personal care products that pride themselves on bringing natural ingredients to the male grooming market. 

But what exactly does Dr Squatch offer, and are they actually any good? 

Is Dr Squatch Good

What Is Dr Squatch? 

A popular brand, now based in Los Angeles, California, Dr Squatch is one of the few men’s grooming product companies that offers clean, natural products designed specifically for men. 


Offering a range of products covering most bases in modern grooming, Dr Squatch is one of the most popular brands on the market. 

In terms of their products, Dr Squatch offers natural bar soaps, hair care products, deodorant, toothpaste, shower boosters and accessories, as well as cologne, beard oil, and scented candles. 

What Is Their Mantra? 

There are many different aspects to the company’s central ethos of providing natural products. 

Natural Ingredients

The company prides themselves on providing products that are made from as many natural ingredients as possible – avoiding harmful, viscous chemicals that can harm the user and the environment. 

Formulated For Men

Just like females have specific cleaning needs, men have specific things they look for in grooming and healthcare products.

This is why Dr Squatch has purposely catered their entire product range to delivering male-orientated products to a receptive audience. 

Health Committed

The company is also committed to men’s health, and only utilizing ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to the male body.

This means avoiding such ingredients as soybean oils, phthalates, and parabens, and focusing on positive, natural ingredients like ginseng, valerian, and saw palmetto. 

What Are Their Products Like? 

The company’s best seller is their bar soap, so this is the one we will look at in a little more detail. 

Bar Soap

Larger than their competitors, their bar soaps come in a variety of scents, all of them simple, clean, and masculine.

They provide a great lather when used in the shower, and prove resilient over time – offering the customer longevity and value for money. 

The natural ingredients are great for the skin, especially for those who suffer with dry skin, skin conditions, and allergy related issues.

The lack of chemicals, such as alcohol, means that the skin is kept moist, soft, and flake free.  

What Are The Benefits Of Dr Squatch? 

Before going out and buying Dr Squatch from your local drugstore, there are several things you need to consider. 

Made In The USA

Many Americans take pride in supporting homegrown, homemade products. Dr Squatch is one such product, offering customers naturally sourced ingredients, processed and manufactured in the United States. 

Au Naturale 

Of course, a major benefit is the fact that the ingredients are natural, and there are no harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process – something that cannot be said for a lot of competitor soap brands. 

This means that dry skin and irritation are a thing of the past, something that will come as a blessing for those prone to seasonal skin allergies and conditions. 

Bulky Products

Another thing that might be attractive to customers is the fact that Dr Squatch’s bar soaps are larger than your average bar, meaning that you are getting more natural goodness that won’t run out too quickly. 

Huge Variety

There are also several scents that prospective customers can choose when purchasing their soap. 

These include, but are not limited to, nautical sage, cedar citrus, pine tar, and cool fresh aloe. These offer clean, masculine fragrances perfect for those who want a little pampering without the embarrassment. 

Is Dr Squatch Good?

Environmentally Friendly

What’s more manly than the great outdoors? Keeping it safe, that’s what!

Luckily, Dr Squatch not only prides themselves on using natural ingredients, but also on their efforts to preserve and protect the quality of the environment.

This factors into everything they do, including their avoidance of harmful chemicals, which are not only bad for the customers, but also to the planet itself. 

With Dr Squatch, you get a guarantee that you are using a product that was produced with care – and one that extends not just from the sourcing and manufacturing, but also to the effect it will have on waterways and the soil after use.

What Are The Downsides? 

Of course, there are certain downsides to this product line. 

The Price

For a lot of men, getting a bargain is something they pride themselves on. Unfortunately, as far as Dr Squatch goes, you might be out of luck.

Most bar soaps come as part of a deal, where you can get anywhere from 5 to 12 bars for under $10. 

With Dr Squatch, you are lucky if you can get a single bar for less than $7, meaning that you certainly are paying for that natural goodness. 

This could be off putting to many, especially those who have a limited income, and who are trying to watch their spending. 

So, Is It Any Good? 

According to many online reviewers, many of which specialize in reviewing men’s products, the positive feedback is outstanding.

Many in particular praise the avoidance of harsh chemicals, and the place that Dr Squatch fills in a competitive male grooming market. 

Many male reviewers noted how healthy their skin felt after using the bar soap, and how moisturized and prepared they felt for both the warm summer heat and harsh winter chills. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Dr Squatch, and whether it really does live up to the hype. 

What’s worth saying about Dr Squatch is just how true they are to their word – that is, one of utilizing natural products, protecting the environment, and delivering quality products created by men, for men. 

So, if you are looking for a new brand of products, why not give Dr Squatch a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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