How To Wax Nose Hair?

Unwanted nose hair is a common problem for many people.

How To Wax Nose Hair?

One of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective ways to deal with it is by waxing it, but you should know what you’re getting into before you do. Here’s how to do it.

This article will outline the best ways to remove nose hair with less pain, and include a step by step guide explaining how to do this.

Best Nose Hair Removal Methods For Men

Getting a handle on your nose hair early will make it easier to keep control of it as you age.

Below we will outline some of the best proven options of nose hair removal.

Electric Trimmer

A high quality electric trimmer is a good investment for your nose hair.

They are quick, painless and the spinning blades do all of the manual work for you. They are comfortable and safe and a must for a well groomed gentleman.

Grooming Scissors

These are not your everyday scissors they are designed specifically for grooming purposes.

Most of these scissors do come with safety features, for example, a rounded tip to reduce the chance of cutting yourself, however even with these precautions in place there is still a chance you can slip and cause yourself pain.

To ensure your safety when trimming your nose hair, use them slowly and with great care and you will get the perfect trimmed look.

Manual Hair Trimmer

A manual hair trimmer is the alternative to the electric hair trimmer.

The same results are achieved however just with a slight difference in execution. These are used by a twist of your hand to remove nose hairs.

Although these require you to do more work yourself they are extremely portable and easy to use. However, requires more regular cleaning.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are cream based products which you place on an area of skin which has hair you would like to be removed.

These creams contain chemicals which destroy the protein in your hair, keratin. When these creams are placed on the area of skin all hair in that area will fall off.

Although some of these creams can be used on your nose it is recommended to use other methods due to the skin in your nose being sensitive, you are at risk of burning your skin.



It is important when waxing your nose hair to be careful and to not go further than the ball of your nose.

You should never feel wax venturing right up into your nostrils.

The removal of these hairs are purely for aesthetic purposes, not the hairs inside the nostrils which are beneficial to your health.

A high quality hard wax should be used for waxing your nose hair. This is suited to small, more delicate areas of your body.

The wax should then be melted and placed into a ball shape and placed on a wooden applicator.

The wax should then be let to cool or a reasonable amount of time before being applied to ensure the nostril will not endure any pain from the heat of the wax.

The softened ball of wax which should now be cooled to a reasonable temperature will be placed just inside the nostril where any visible hair is displayed.

The wax should then be let for a couple of minutes until completely hardened.

Once you’re confident the wax has hardened, pull firmly and quickly away from the nose, this will remove any unwanted hair.

Benefits Of Waxing

Waxing is over and done with quickly after the initial eye watering moment.

In addition to this, waxing lasts considerably longer than many other methods, waxing lasts for up to 4 weeks meaning it doesn’t need to be carried out as regularly.

Waxing is cost effective.

Disadvantages Of Waxing

Although waxing is a quick, cost effective, and accurate method of removing nose hair there are downsides to choosing this option.

Similar to the method of tweezing, waxing can damage, inflame and irritate your skin and hair follicles in your nostrils.

In addition to this, waxing removes all of the hair in the targeted area.

Although this may have been your intention, removing all of the hair from your nose takes away one of your body’s key defense mechanisms of keeping out foreign particles.

This is especially important to note if you suffer from allergies, without your nose hairs keeping out foreign particles, your body may not be able to protect itself as well from airborne allergies.

Moreover, it has been proven that those with little to no nose hair are more likely to develop asthma.

In conclusion, whichever method you choose to use or your nose hair removal, you’ll need to keep it up somewhat regularly.

Although there are many different options available for you to use as shown above it is important to choose the best method for you and to evaluate the pros and cons of each option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Wax Nose Hair?

In the majority of cases waxing and plucking nose hair is not recommended.

This is because when individual hairs are pulled out it can lead to numerous problems for example, ingrown hairs, irritation to the skin and infection.

Waxing especially, runs the risk of damaging the skin inside of your nose.

What Is The Easiest Way To Remove Nose Hair?

Using trimmers and grooming scissors have been proven to be the easiest and best methods of nose hair removal.

These options come with less risk compared to others.

How Often Should You Trim Your Nose Hair?

Every two weeks is recommended for most, however this can vary depending on the person and their hair type and growth rate.

Do Nose Hairs Serve A Purpose?

Nose hairs act as a filter that prevents dust, pollen and allergens from entering your lungs.

When particles enter your nose they get stuck on a layer of mucus that covers your hairs.

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