How To Trim A Beard Neckline?

Your neckline can make or break your beard. You can go from looking a million dollars to looking like a man who does not care for his appearance.

The neckline is a very important part of your look as a man, if covered in stubble or patchy hair then it can distract from how you look and make you look unkempt. 

How To Trim A Beard Neckline

If you are choosing to grow some facial hair then you will want to be well groomed and in that case there should be an obvious separation of beard line and the rest of your neck, to do this regular trimming is key. 

Beard shaping is very important no matter how bushy your beard will grow nor how long you wait before shaving it is still crucial to get into the routine of keeping on top of your beard line regularly. 

So here are our top tips on how to maintain your neckline and to recognize when it has gotten out of control and must be saved. 

What Is Your Neckline?

So before we discuss how to maintain your neckline let’s find out what the neckline actually is.

Your neckline is located underneath your chin and down to the throat, it is the area where your neck meets the jaw.

The neckline is also where your facial hair should stop and just be smooth skin. 

The way the beard fades into the skin can be done in a variety of ways.

The beard can be a complete cut off and just go straight to skin or it can be slowly faded into skin by allowing some stubble to grow.

It will only look good when attended to if you allow it to grow wildly then it will not look good and can be very hard to fix without a full shave.

Making A Neckline

So now we know what a neckline is, why should you make one?

All beards suit a neckline, no matter the beard you plan to grow you should be shaving it up to the neck.

There are not many exceptions with potentially the only one being a full long beard. 

You should always define your neck line with a clean cut closer to the neck that makes the beard look neat and tidy.

Maintaining these lines you have set up and trimming whenever the hair begins to grow past it will ensure that you look tidy and well groomed. 

Having a defined beard makes it look fuller and thicker due to the hair not being patchy this probably will not matter much to you but others will take notice of this.

If you wish to allow the beard to fade then this can also easily be managed by allowing the beard to grow a bit longer and naturally fade into the neck.

This method is a more natural way of forming a neck line but may still need some intervention if it grows in wonky.

As well as this the overall look of your beard should be one of your most important tasks to maintain as it is arguably a man’s best feature. 

Finally, when you trim your neck you avoid the uncomfortable itchiness and the issue of men with neck beard face are when the beard becomes uncontrollable, dirty and actually rather unhealthy for you. 

Where To Place The Line?

How To Trim A Beard Neckline

So you have made the decision to make a neckline and are now thinking where should I place it?

Different beards require different lines, the chinstrap for example will have a very high neck line because of the nature of the beard. 

A bushy beard will have no need for a line but in general terms the shorter beards will suit a higher neckline than the longer beards. It is always better to have a higher line than a lower line.

The lower lines give you the option to work upwards and move the line to where it suits you.

Cutting high gives you the issue that it can look messy, so wherever you decide to place your line it is best to start low and work up than make a line that does not suit your face and regret it.

The basic rule of making a line is to place two of your fingers above your Adam’s apple and use this to determine the approximate line.

You can also look down and use a finger to check the creases that will form, checking this creates a natural line that can be easy to mark and keep track of.

How To Trim Your Neckline?

If you have grown a beard and are looking to trim back your neckline then where do you start?

Before going at it with your razor make sure to comb the hair so that they are in their natural state and can be gotten at easily. 

Using a mirror make sure to keep your head straight as you look into it and from there locate the area of the neckline using the tips we gave.

Then from this direct way of viewing the area you will be able to see anything from your neck to your throat that needs to be trimmed back. 

When shaving your neck make sure that you are shaving in the direction that your hair grows to prevent any irritation and potential ingrown hairs.

Make sure to use a good quality shaving gel or cream to allow the razor quick and smooth movement. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have all the information that you need, make sure that you take care and practice the tips that we have told you and there is no possible way for you to go wrong.

With a properly trimmed beard anyone can look incredibly stylish, smarter and sharper than ever and leave with a beard looking how all beards should rather than an unkempt mess that does not know how to take care of itself. 

Enjoy shaving with the knowledge that you can’t go wrong.

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