How To Style Layered Hair

Learn how to style layered hair with this guide. From the right tools to how to pin it, you’ll have it looking perfect in no time.

There are many fast, easy and simple ways to style your layered hair from the most basic to the most formal styles.

Layers are all the rage, and they can add interest to any hairstyle. Here are some tips on how to style them.

Best Layered Haircuts To Get

When you go into a salon you want to get the best advice for particular haircuts and which will suit you best.

Your hairstylist should be able to give you some great advice on the best hairstyle for layers but this guide will also be giving you some great options to ask for as well. What’s in the style at the minute?

Layers are definitely back in from choppy bobs to fringes,if you are looking to get layers, these are some options to choose from here.

Not only does it give you half volume it also gives a different shape to your face which is what a lot of women look for when choosing which type of layering they want.

Heat style-If you have curly or straight hair it all comes down to how you style your layers is not what type of hair you have.

You really want to be mastering how to use the hairdryer correctly to effectively style your layers.

For Khaled Ha in particular, you should be looking at using less heat for more maximized volume because you want to see every layer in there.

For people with naturally wavy hair, you are looking at blasting the hair dryer on your hair and then using straighteners to bend in some of the layers to create that volumized look.


When it comes to using products you need to think about what type of style you were going for because different products will achieve different looks.

Volumizer-Using a volumizer moisturizer is a greatidea because it will add that extra poof to your hair if you want depending on how much you use.

There is also the volumizing mist that you can use as well which doesn’t give to her as much of a heavy feel or luck.

It is also a really good idea after you put the product in your hair to just let your hair dry naturally because it will leave all of the natural oils in your hair and it will not be dried out from the hairdryer.

Combining products-You can also combine products and use them in the same process where you can use a volumizing mist on your wet hair and then you can use styling cream to add the extra texture at the end.

Finishing look-You can also use products like dry shampoo which can give you more of a choppy look to your hair which is also very volumized.

When you’re thinking about whether you would like a matte or a shiny finish, you can also use oils and serum‘s at the end to give you that shimmering look.


Layered and up -you definitely should not be worried about having layers and still being able to wear your hair up because when you have your layers cut it, you will always naturally have small pieces that will fall down.

However, this has become a little overtime, which is actually very desirable.

This is a very relaxed hairstyle and will make you feel very comfortable with nothing pulling at your hair.

Pixie cut -If you’re someone who likes very short hair with layers on top this is a great look to have slight waves.

Heavier products are usually used to fulfill this look such as waxes and creams together to make sure that it all stays in place and the layers are very visible.

Wolf cut -this particular layered cut is very trendy at the moment because it includes both bangs and is part shag.

It has many flicks and bends and is seen as a little bit wild because the layers are everywhere and are the really defining points of the look.

Soft layers -This type of style is for people who have a more subtle amount of layers in the hair. It has a very carefree and luxury look and will make your hair look smooth with gentle flicks.

It is a great idea to use bothoils and serums on your hair with this particular style to really give it that shimmery finish.

Long layers -The longer layers with the curtain bangs are a very popular and trendy look because it can really make your face appear a different shape and also stop your hair from just looking all the same length.


Overall, if you are looking to get some layers there are many different styles to choose from and you will need to pick the best one for your hair and face shape.

You can create hundreds of different luxe with only using layers on different fringes to create something trendy and new.
People love getting layers because it gives them some volume and creates different dimensions in the hair.

It is a great idea to talk to your stylist beforehand about her opinion of what will suits you the best because she will have experience with many different types of layering on different types of hair.

Hopefully this guide has helped you decide whether you would like to get layers put in, or whether you’d like to change the style you already have to something else that is also trendy at the minute.

It is important to try new hairstyles because you might find something that is just your perfect look which you might not have found without reading this! Find your style and don’t forget about the products as well.

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