How To Stop A Razor Cut From Bleeding?

Shaving any part of the body can be a tricky task, and one wrong move or misjudgement can leave us with a nasty knick that can cause us pain and bleed like a stuck pig – depending on the area.  

How To Stop A Razor Cut From Bleeding

Luckily, there are many ways to stop a razor cut from bleeding in a quick and safe manner. Let’s take a look at them now!

Stopping The Bleeding

A razor cut is generally a small surface wound, and as such doesn’t pose much danger.

That being said, no one wants to be bleeding everywhere, even if that blood loss is minimal. 

Stopping the bleeding is also a good way to begin the healing process, and as soon as the cut can start to scab over the better. 

Apply Pressure

This is the first step to stopping the bleeding on a small cut or knick.

Applying pressure can slow the flow of blood to the area, and give it time to begin the clotting process. 

The efficacy of this depends on the size and dimensions of the cut, but for most small, thin cuts, this is an effective way of slowing things down. 

Elevate The Wound

Another good way to stop bleeding is to elevate the wound above your heart.

Raising the wound above your heart will make it more difficult for the blood to pump to that area – as it has to go against gravity – and thus it will slow down and begin to clot in no time. 

Clean The Wound

Wherever the location of the wound, making sure it is clean is one of the best ways to stop the bleeding and prep it for clotting. 

This should be done with gentle soap and water, making sure that you don’t reopen the wound as you are doing so. 


The next step is to apply a bandage, some gauze, or a bandaid to the cut.

This will make sure that the bleeding stops and is absorbed, that nothing catches the wound and sets off the bleeding again, and that no germs or debris get in the wound and cause infections. 

What About A Facial Cut? 

How To Stop A Razor Cut From Bleeding?

Of course, if you have cut your face while shaving, then some of these are not always possible to do in the same way. 

Cuts on the face can bleed more persistently, due in part to the fact that the skin is tighter on the skull, which in turn applies a little more pressure and makes wounds bleed a little more profusely. 

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is the stereotypical response to a shaving cut, and there have been countless times in movies, tv shows, and cartoons, where a character has small squares of the paper on his cuts. 

This is because toilet paper is highly absorbent, and will stick to the shaving cut easily, absorbing the blood, and stopping the bleed in its tracks. 


Witchhazel can also be a good method for stopping a shaving cut from bleeding. Witchhazel is an astringent – which means it shrinks and constricts body tissue. 

This means that dabbing a little blob on your shaving cut will cause the blood capillaries to shrink temporarily, thus stopping the bleeding and cleaning the wound in the process.  

Eye Drops

This might sound strange, but bear with us. 

The reason eye drops are so effective on sore eyes is because they constrict the blood vessels on the eyes, making them less inflamed. 

Eye Drops have the same effect on all blood vessels, and can stop a bleeding shaving wound in its tracks – cleaning it in the process with the sterile liquid. 

Aftershave & Deodorant

Both substances contain alcohol, which can clean and constrict the blood vessels, thus stopping the flow. 

Deodorant also has the benefit of coating the skin – the same way it does to stop sweat – which means that you can apply a small drop to your wound and create a seal to stop the bleeding. 

Styptic Stick

This is essentially like gluing your wound together, although unlike real glue, this is safe and specially designed for use on the skin. 

This can seal the wound together, clean the area, and create a smooth finish on the surrounding skin. 

Home Remedies

Other solutions include cold water – to cool inflamed skin and stop the bleeding – as well as mouthwash, and vaseline (Also check out Is Vaseline Good For Hair?).

The mouthwash constricts the blood vessels (as it contains alcohol), while the vaseline creates a protective seal over the wound, thus stopping the bleeding and allowing clotting to begin. 

How To Avoid Future Shaving Cuts?

How To Stop A Razor Cut From Bleeding?

While accidents will always happen, there are several steps you can take to ensure you have a clean shave without any pain or heartache. 

Take Your Time

The best way to avoid cutting yourself with your razor is to never have a shave in a rush.

Taking your time is the best way to avoid nasty accidents, and will ensure you look your best to boot. 

Wet The Razor

This might sound silly, but an effective way to avoid cutting yourself is to ensure the razor and your face are both wet enough.

This not only makes it easier to cut the hair on your face, and to make the process less painful, but it also decreases the chance of drag or friction on the skin, which can result in cuts and knicks. 

Fresh Razor Blades

This might sound counterintuitive, but having sharp, fresh razor blades will allow for a cleaner, smoother cut, and will mean that you don’t have to press on as much when shaving. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about healing a shaving cut. 

Nasty accidents can happen all the time, but with these handy tips, you can ensure that your wound is clean and dry, and that you have a better experience in the future.

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