How To Shave Your Balls

It is a question every man has asked at some point in their life, we all dread the thought of having to do it out of the pure fear of cutting ourselves down there.

But the job has to be done so why not learn how to do it properly and in the safest possible manner. 

How To Shave Your Balls

Shaving your balls can be as easy as you make it, all it requires is the correct level of care and the proper technique.

We are dealing with an area of the body that is not easy to reach and is not the smoothest area to manage. 

The skin we are working with is very thin and carries a large risk of injury to a part of the body we as men least want to be injured.

The leading injuries caused when shaving involve the balls so let’s not waste any more time and dive right in with learning everything you need to know about the best way to shave your balls. 

The Right Tools For The Job?

Your scrotum skin is very delicate so you must ensure you are using the right equipment, your standard razor is not advised for this job as I am sure you would not want your skin getting trapped in the blades. 

Instead of a razor you will be needing a couple of other tools designed for shaving your precious area. These are a safety razor and an eclectic trimmer.

The electric trimmer is perfect for snipping the hair very close to your skin without cutting you, this gives your balls the look of a full shave and feel like it too. 

Shaving your balls is very different to shaving anywhere else on your body, this is because the hair that grows on your balls is sparse and fine.

This means once you trim it down it will not feel like stubble that comes with shaving your pubes or face. 

Unlike the electric trimmer the safety razor will be acting like a standard razor just in a far safer manner that will not leave your balls looking like something out of a slasher film.

A safety razor is a one blade razor designer to limit skin dragging as much as possible.

It is best to give the razor a test drive on your face before you journey down south to get used to the feel and pressure required for the razor to be effective. 

Pre Trimming

If you want to fully shave your balls then you will need to pre trim the area. When it comes to shaving your balls, preparation is vital.

The best way to trim your balls is to first find somewhere you can prop a leg up on a steady surface, this can be the side of the tub or the sink.

Use one hand to pull the skin to where you can comfortably trim it without the worry of nicking the skin. Then use your other hand to trim the hair carefully using either the electric trimmer or scissors. 

Finally trim the hairs as short as you possibly can without contact with the skin. 

How To Shave Your Balls

Take A Shower/tub

Much like with any type of shave you will need to have a warm tub or a warm shower beforehand, why? Warm water relaxes the skin and the hairs on your body making it easier to shave.

However when it comes to your balls there is another benefit to having soaked them, the water will warm and stimulate the blood flow to your balls will allow them to be flexible for you to shave. 

Apply A Shaving Product

Now we go back to a familiarity using shaving cream or shaving gel is going to make the process a lot easier. The gel will allow the balde to run over the skin without any friction that can lead to cuts or scratches. 

There are products whose cream/gel is see through thus allowing you to be able to see what you are doing and make the process a lot easier.

Products that are for sensitive skin are the best for shaving your balls and stay away from any that describe their product as ‘cooling’ and contain menthol or eucalyptus. Trust me your balls will thank you.

Time To Shave 

So you have prepared with a pre trim and have used your shaving gel, now what do you do?

Well let’s start by standing back by the tub or sink, and once again raise up one leg as you will need to do this to reach every part of your balls. 

Use one of your hands to pull the skin tight gently. Slowly run the razor and apply some gentle pressure whilst shaving in the direction that the hair grows.

Once you are done shaving, rinse off your balls with some cool water, as this will cause your pores to close up and greatly lower the possibility of any ingrown hairs developing. 

What About After?

When you are done shaving you should not just put back on your pants and leave, hopefully you have avoided any cuts or nicks as if you have this next process may be slightly painful.

Aftercare is important when you have finished shaving as you do not want chafed balls. 

A little bit of aftercare will help you to soothe your skin and prevent the irritation and bumps that come with no care taken once you have shaved.

What do we do once we have shaved our beard? We splash our face and try not to shed a tear when we apply some after shave and then we move on with our day, but your balls require some more special treatment. 

You will need to apply a gentle balm or an oil to the skin. It is best to look for products containing aloe as it is a soothing ingredient.

Again stay away from ingredients like alcohol and menthol as they will cause your balls to sting.

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