How To Shave Without A Razor

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to shave your beard because it’s starting to become unruly, but you just don’t have a razor handy.

How To Shave Without A Razor

This can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you’re in that awkward stubble to beard phase. 

Don’t worry though bro, because we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re struggling because you just can’t get your hands on a razor, or you’re just looking for more options, we’ve compiled a handy list of alternatives.

Keep reading below to find one which might be suitable for you. 

Is Shaving With A Razor Better? 

First of all, before we jump in to discuss some different ways you can remove hair from your face, let’s take a look at whether or not razors are the best for shaving. 

If you are able to get your hands on a razor, we recommend that you do because they’re the best for stopping your skin from getting all dry and irritated, not a great look, am I right, my dude? 

Using a razor blade also helps to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps, which can make your skin look like it did when you were back in highschool.

On top of this, it’s also less expensive than other methods, as well as being more environmentally friendly. 

Some Other Methods Of Shaving 

Now that we’ve covered why using a razor blade for shaving is a great option, let’s take a look at some other methods you can follow when you just don’t have one at your disposal. 


How To Shave Without A Razor?

These are actually a really good option for those who don’t like to go to the effort of shaving and want an easier method of removing hair. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of depilatories, these are products that you’re able to purchase over the counter, that help to remove hair using a cream based formula.

Women use them on their legs sometimes, but they’re also suitable for using on your face. 

All you have to do is rub some of the cream on your facial area, where you want to get rid of the hair, then watch as it dissolves.

You’ll have to leave it on for a set amount of time, then once it’s fully absorbed into the area, you can wipe it off and the hair will be gone. 

The only issue with depilatories is that they can cause redness and irritation, so they’re probably not the best for regular use.

But hey, if your girlfriend has some handy, and you’re out of options, this one’s a great choice. 


How To Shave Without A Razor?

Another method you can use to get rid of any unwanted hair from your face without using a razor, is by waxing it.

Waxing is a very popular method for hair removal , but we have to warn you dude, it can be super painful. 

The coarse hair that’s found on your face could be challenging to remove from by waxing, as it removes it along with the root.

It will however, take a longer time to grow back which is a plus. 

If you’re planning on waxing your facial hair, then you’ll need to purchase the wax from your local drugstore.

After this, you’ll be required to heat up the wax until it’s super hot, then apply it with a stick to the region of hair you’re removing. 

You then apply a thin layer of paper, which you’ll have to rip off. This can take some practice in the beginning as you get used to removing the wax.

Always be careful when using hot wax on your face, as you could end up seriously hurting yourself and needing a trip to the emergency room. 

Again, we don’t recommend using this method regularly, as it can cause redness and irritation caused by the hot wax. 


How To Shave Without A Razor?

This one is a great option for all my bros out there who have longer beards, and are simply looking to trim it back.

You can definitely use a pair of scissors to trim your facial hair, and it can be a good tool for maintenance depending on how long it is. 

Be careful though, because if they’re super sharp you could easily nick yourself.

Make sure also that before you’re using the scissors on your facial region, that you’re taking the time to sterilize them first. 

You can easily sterilize your scissors simply by boiling a kettle full of water, then pouring it over them.

If the scissors that you’re using aren’t rust proof, then don’t use them.

Using a rusted pair of scissors on an area that’s been compromised can be dangerous. 

Electric Shaver

How To Shave Without A Razor?

Finally, your best option for alternative shaving methods is to simply use an electric shaver.

These are great for tackling the facial regions, and are fairly easy to use once you get used to them. 

Make sure that you’re angling the shaver at 90 degrees, then shave against the direction that your hair is growing.

Make sure that you’re paying attention to the pressure that you’re using throughout the process, because if you’re trying to achieve a certain hair length, it could begin to look uneven. 

Also, make sure that you’re not going over the same spots over and over again, as this is how shaver rash happens.

Not a great look either, my dude. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an alternative method to using a razor for shaving, then we recommend that you pick up a good electric shaver to do the job instead.

There are other methods you can employ for hair removal, such as scissors, waxing, and depilatories, but these aren’t recommended for long time use. 

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