How To Shave A Mustache

Everyone has different facial hair preferences, but mustaches can be particularly hard to maintain.

How To Shave A Mustache

These impressive feats involve patiently growing the hair, maintaining a regular grooming routine, and being determined to see the process through.

Whether you’re a man that prefers a thicker, handlebar-style mustache, or a thinner, pencil-style one, knowing how to shave a mustache correctly can help ensure that your one looks as good as it can be.

You’ll learn how to shave a mustache properly in this article. We’ve also included advice on growing and caring for your facial hair that will help make your mustache stand out amongst the rest. 

Things To Know Before Growing An Impressive Mustache

Before we get into how to shave a mustache, here are some things you should know before attempting to grow one. 

The time taken to grow a mustache will depend on the person’s beard growth rate. In most cases, facial hair grows around 1.25 cm every month. 

Growing a mustache can be a difficult process, but you can make it easier by giving yourself goals of growing mustaches of different lengths. 

For instance, you can start by growing a pencil mustache, then aim to grow a denser, pyramidal-style one. Depending on your preferences, you can finish with a handlebar, horseshoe, or Van Dyke mustache. 

Do bear in mind that it’s harder to admire mustaches in between each growing stage, as they may not look as impressive. It can be difficult styling each mustache when growing from one length to the next.

Chevron mustaches look great if they are groomed well, but once the hairs start growing over your top lip, they start to look unkempt and scruffy.

You will want to trim your mustache a lot as the hairs start tickling your mouth and nose. Eating and drinking will be harder as food and drink can become trapped in the hair.

We also can’t guarantee that your partner will be as in love with your mustache as you will, so be prepared for a little less affection over the coming months.

We don’t want to discourage you from the growing process, but do be prepared for the challenges above on your journey. Growing a mustache takes time, especially if you want to grow noticeable, thicker ones. 

Be prepared for instances of disappointment and frustration along the way. Try to remember that growing a mustache requires dedication and patience, and that your perseverance will bear results in the end. 

Try Growing A Beard First

Another easier way of growing a mustache is to begin by growing a beard first. Beards can result in patchier areas, but these are simpler to deal with compared to mustaches.

You will feel more and more confident as the beard forms, and may even enjoy seeing the progress you make each day.

Once you have grown a sufficient beard, you can shave off the necessary hairs to create a mustache of your choosing. 

Do remember that as the hairs on your mustache start to grow, you will need to brush them frequently to train the hairs to remain in your desired shape.

Mustaches will hang weirdly at first, so make sure that you implement this step. 

You should also purchase mustache wax for extra hold, as this will ensure that the hairs stay styled during the day. 

How To Shave A Mustache 

Now that we’ve covered the things you should know before growing a mustache, we can get into how to shave one correctly.

To begin, you need to gather the right tools that will help the shaving process go by easier.

You won’t need a beard brush for this, as mustaches are better trimmed and styled with an adequately sized comb.

Some prefer to use trimmers out of convenience, but scissors can prevent you from taking too much hair away. 

You should also have a razor close by, but make sure that this isn’t a safety razor. These instruments have guards that make it difficult to see the hair you’re taking off. Instead, go for precise ones, like straight razors or a shavette. 

Follow the steps below to shave and shape your mustache:

  1. Start by using shampoo or soap to clean your mustache hair. Gently pat the hairs dry with a clean tissue or towel.
  1. Use your little mustache comb to brush the hairs along the grain. Style the mustache into your desired shape.
  1. Next, use your precise razor to shave around the mustache. Do this step slowly and with caution to avoid removing too much hair.
  1. Once you have the shape in place, use scissors or clippers to cut any longer hairs to the right length. 
  1. Use your scissors again on any stray hairs.
  1. Use the comb to style the hairs into place. Finish the mustache off with wax to hold the hairs in place. 

Caring And Maintaining A Mustache

Mustache owners should always make sure that their facial hair remains in good condition. Mustaches, just like beards or the hair on your head, need to be kept clean and well hydrated.

You don’t need to shampoo your mustache hairs every day, but after you finish cleaning, you should always use conditioner on the hairs.

How To Shave A Mustache

If your mustache is dehydrated, the hair will become dry, coarse, and wiry. 

This makes it even more difficult to style, maintain, and groom your mustache. This also increases the likelihood of stray hairs which can scratch your nose and make your mustache look scruffy. 

Products designed for the beard can also be used on mustaches. For instance, beard balms, oils, shampoos, and creams can be used in the area, as mustaches can be thought of as part of beards. 

If you only choose one of the beard-related products above, go for beard oil. These oils will keep the skin below the hairs nourished and hydrated, as well as moisturize the mustache hairs and follicles.

They can also give your mustache gentle styling during the day, so you won’t need to use as much styling product.

Mustache owners should make mustache wax a regular part of their routine. Normal gel or hair wax won’t be able to style the hair in the same way.

Mustache wax is a denser consistency that will hold the hairs in place, keeping the shape and style intact.

The Bottom Line

If you want to shave a mustache, ensure that you own the right products first. Choose a precise razor instead of a safety one, as this will prevent you from removing too much hair. 

Always clean the hairs before you begin, and keep a small mustache comb close by to shape the hairs in place. 

Make sure that you keep the hair moisturized with oil to avoid the mustache looking unkempt, and invest in a mustache wax to keep the mustache intact during your day.

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