How To Shave A Head Bald?

While most people might think shaving a head bald is an easy task, it can be trickier than you think, especially if you want to do a good, smooth job, and avoid injuring the person who is being shaved. 

How To Shave A Head Bald

But what is the best way to shave a head, and what are some things to avoid? 

Head Shaving: The Prep

When shaving a head bald – be it your own or someone else’s – it is best to follow certain steps to make the whole process, safe, easy, and effective. 

Cut The Hair First

The most important step is to make sure you cut the hair first, making it as short as possible with a combination of scissors and electric clippers. 

If the person has long hair, then cut it as short as possible with the scissors, so as to avoid nasty snags and pulling hair with the electric clippers. 

Once you have done this, take the clippers with the head off, and buzz the entire head down as short as possible. 

Prep The Head

Shaving your scalp is the same as shaving any other part of the body – you have to make sure the skin is moisturized and that the hair is wet and clean.

This will ensure that no oils or grease clog up your razor when it comes down to shaving. 

The best way to moisten the head is to have a hot shower, as this opens the pores and makes it easier to remove hair follicles from the scalp when shaving.

It will also soften the hairs, making them easier to cut and less resistant. 

Pre-Shave Oil

This is essential, especially if you suffer from a dry scalp. 

Once you have towel dried your head, apply some pre-shave oil to your head and massage it into your scalp.

This will not only help to lubricate your head and make a smoother shave, but it will also cause all the hairs to stand on end, making them easier to cut. 

Hot Towel

Using a hot towel is the best way to prep your head for shaving, and will help to add further moisture, and soften the hair. 

This will also avoid the dreaded razor burn, or any unpleasant ingrown hairs that can cause swelling and discomfort afterwards. 

Head Shaving: The Process

How To Shave A Head Bald?

Once your head is prepped, it is time to move onto the actual shaving. 

Apply Shaving Cream

Just like when shaving your face or your legs, the best way to achieve a good finish and clean cut is to use shaving cream.

This not only acts as a lubricant, but also moisturizes the skin as you go along. 

This also helps to avoid any cuts or abrasions as you shave your head, and will help the razor to glide along your scalp with ease. 

Shaving The Head

Now it’s time to shave your head. 

To begin, go with the grain, shaving in the direction that your hair is going.

This will help to get rid of most of the hair, and will help to avoid shaving cuts, rashes, ingrown hairs, and other mishaps you want to avoid. 

The best tool for the job is a good quality razor, making sure to avoid disposable, cheap razors with multi-blade designs which, according to experts, only succeed in scuffing up the skin and increasing the risk of irritation. 

Using The Right Equipment

Of course, any good job is only as good as the person doing the shaving, and the tools you are using to do it with. 

Straight Razors

These are favored by barbers, as they provide the cleanest, smoothest cut, and are generally the best way to avoid skin irritation. 

However, these are better when handled by someone else, and any expert will tell you that you shouldn’t try and shave your own hair with this tool, as the chance of cutting yourself increases exponentially. 

A straight razor is essentially a bare razor blade, and the chance of cutting yourself is extremely high – especially on an uneven and hard to see surface like your head. 

Safety Razors

These are generally cheaper than straight razors, and as their name suggests, are much safer when it comes to shaving your own head. 

These are easier to use on your own head, but might cause some difficulties when it comes to getting used to the shape and angle of the tool. 

Cartridge Razors

These are the cheapest and most commonly used form of personal razor, and are the safest way to achieve a clean shave on your own head without cutting yourself. 

The design of these razors is specifically aimed at personal use, and the maneuverability of their shape means you can easily shave the dimensions of your head without much of a risk of cuts. 

Shaving Your Head: The Risks

How To Shave A Head Bald?

When it comes to shaving your own head, the risks are pretty obvious – although they are rarely super dangerous (at least in the great scheme of things). 


Obviously, these are the most obvious risks of shaving your own head, and make using the right equipment all the more important. 


These are common, but can be avoided by using cream or balm to lubricate and moisturize the area. 

Ingrown Hairs

These are also common, but can be avoided by shaving with the grain, and using a hot towel beforehand to open your pores ready for a clean shave. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know to shave your own head (or someone else’s). 

Shaving your head should be a slow and focused process, and anything other than that can increase the risk of injury through cuts and rashes. 

So if you are thinking of shaving your own head, then make sure you follow the above process to avoid injury, and get a clean, smooth result every time. 

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