How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

Fluffy hair refers to hair that has a fuzzy look and lots of volume. This is a nice compromise between textured hair and a full-on blowout. When fluffy hair is done right, the strands lie smooth, shiny, and bouncy. 

Some people do mix fluffy hair and poofy hair up, but these mean different things. Poofy hair can happen naturally, especially to hair that is prone to frizziness.

Humidity in the hair can open the hair’s outer layers. Moisture can then enter the hair, leading it to become frizzy if it isn’t styled properly. 

On the other hand, fluffy hair looks a lot better, which is why many hairstylists are asked to recreate this look. Fluffy hair is soft, light, and feathery.

Its effortless look works wonders to smarten up your appearance, without looking like you have gone to too much effort. 

A lot of guys want fluffy hair, but are unsure of how to recreate it. If you can relate, you’ll learn how to make your hair fluffy in this article.

These range from choosing the right haircut, teasing your hair, and using the right styling products for your hair.  

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

Here are some of the best tips that will help make your hair fluffy. 

Get The Right Haircut

The right haircut is key to making your hair fluffy. Some haircuts can result in flat and lifeless strands, while others keep the hair full of life and movement. 

In most cases, messier haircuts will look more fluffy compared to conservative ones, thanks to the heavier textured strands. 

If you want to achieve fluffy hair, layered haircuts are some of the best ones to try. You can choose for longer, flowing layers, or go for the Pompadour option. Shaggy haircuts are also a good choice that doesn’t require much maintenance. 

Once you’ve chosen the right haircut, make sure that you seek the services of a professional hairstylist. Choose a hair technician that’s qualified and experienced, as they will be able to recreate the exact look that you want. 

Blow Your Hair Upside Down

Fluffy hair is characterized by its voluminous pieces. You can achieve this look by blow-drying your hair upside down. 

The heat and gravity of your hair will raise the hair roots from your head, making it look fuller and thicker. Once you’ve finished drying your hair, flip it back up again, then style it smooth with a brush to achieve a smooth, fluffy finish. 

Try Using Hot Rollers

Heat rollers have been used for many years, as they work extremely well at volumizing your hair. Hot rollers also give your hair some loose curls that will help make your hair look fluffy. 

Styling your hair with heated rollers will make the hair smooth and frizz-free, helping to avoid the ‘poofy’ hair look. 

Use Volume Boosting Hair Care

The process of obtaining fluffy hair will start in the shower. You will need to use the right hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks. 

Swap your usual shampoo and conditioner for products that claim to boost volume. Aim to find sulfate-free options, as these work better for dry or frizzy hair.

If you struggle with frizz or dehydrated hair, you may also want to consider using a hair mask. Use these as the last step after you apply your conditioner. 

However, make sure that you wash the hair mask out from your hair well, as the weight from these products can weigh your hair down when it dries. This will prevent you from achieving the fluffy result that you want. 

Try Dry Shampoo

You’ll find it harder to make your hair fluffy if it is weighed down all the time. Oil, styling products, and pollution can all add extra weight to your locks. 

You can keep your hair voluminous by using a dry shampoo. If you notice your hair feeling a little greasy, applying this product will absorb some of the oils, removing some of the weight from your hair. 

Some dry shampoos will also act as a texturizer, helping your hair look more voluminous as a result. 

Tease Your Hair

Teasing your hair may bring up unfortunate images from the 80s, but teasing your hair gently can make it look more fluffy. The teasing technique will help add volume to your hair, making it look thicker. 

This works well on both long and short hair, but remember to use a light hand, as teasing too much can make your hair look knotted and messy. 

Use Your Hair Diffuser

If you haven’t used a hair diffuser before, you need to get your hands on one. This simple tool helps enormously with obtaining full and fluffy tresses. 

Hair diffusers are particularly great for curly or wavy hair, as they dry the strands gently. This preserves your natural hair texture without any frizz. Your hair will look healthier, smoother, and full of life. 

Use The Right Styling Products

The right styling products are essential to achieving long-lasting fluffy tresses. There are endless hair products available to purchase today, but this can make it harder to choose the right ones for your hair. 

The best styling products for you will depend on your hair type. In most cases, a hair mousse is a good option that will add thickness and volume to the hair.

Make sure that you only use a small amount and comb it through all of your strands. 

If you have curlier hair, use a little hair serum to smooth down your hair. Don’t use more than necessary, as too many styling products will weigh your hair down, which is the opposite of what we want. 

The Bottom Line

A lot of men dream about having fluffy hair, but achieving this is easier than it sounds! 

You can implement simple changes that will give your hair a new lease of life. Drying your hair upside down, using volumizing hair care products, and using dry shampoo are all examples that can make a difference to your hair. 

Remember that weighing down your hair will prevent you from obtaining the fluffy look that you want.

Always wash out your hair masks and conditioners thoroughly in the shower, and avoid using excessive amounts of styling products.

Opt for lightweight hair care products too, as these will style your hair without weighing the strands down.

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