How To Get Rid Of Cowlicks

Many people across the world struggle with having cow licks in their hair which can be very annoying when putting their hair up or trying to have a normal parting.

How To Get Rid Of Cowlicks

But is there any way you can get rid of a cow lick? 

People are born with cow licks because of the way their hair grows out.

This article will help you get rid of cowlicks. Also known as “Permanent Waves”, “Ken Paves”, or “Ken Pendarvis”, cowlicks occur when hair has too much hold and curls in multiple directions.

Can You Fully Get Rid Of Them? 

The good news is that cowlickscan be minimized. The bad news is that cowlicks are almost impossible to get rid of completely because of how your hair naturally grows.

The best way to get rid of cowlicks is to apply whatever creams, gels or oils you have available to your hair.

How To Disguise A Cowlick

There are several ways you can disguise your cowlick instead of trying to completely get rid of it because it is just not possible! 

  1. You need to wet the area where the cowlick is and make sure that area is completely covered. You do not need to wet your whole hair or re-wash it. You might consider using a bottle spray of water for this to make sure the correct area is wet. 
  2. The second step you need to take is applying some styling product which will aim to hold the hair in place. It will be adding a bit of weight to your hair which will make it easier for you to style the hair how you like. 
  3. Most people think you need to be brushing in the direction of the cowlick but you need to brush against the cow lick. You will also need to be blow drying your selected area and dry downwards. 
  4. You are now looking to confuse the cowlick by blow drying in different directions. You can use a round brush to also brush it in different directions too. You need to make sure you do this until your hair is completely dry. 
  5. You can use a crease clip to hold the cowlick down while it is still hot. There are some products which are great for not leaving an actual crease mark afterwards so it looks more natural. 
  6. Hairspray is always a good finishing tool because it will hold your finishing look in place throughout the day. For a cowlick, you might have to use a little bit more than usual because it usually moves around quite a bit more. There are also the natural elements in the world like wind which can affect your overall changes. 

Other Options 

There are other ways you can try and disguise your cowlick which is more of a gradual waiting process. You can grow your hair out longer which will give your hair more weight.

It is more likely to pull your hair down more at the front which will give you the opportunity to change the style easier. It is also more likely to blend into your hair, the more you have.

How To Get Rid Of Cowlicks

You can also try a different style out than the one you are already wearing. The one you already have is probably showing the cowlick far more than it needs to be. If you change it up, it will become less noticeable to you.  


Mastering the hairdryer is going to be a really important part of your journey with the cowlick. It is one of the most effective ways of confusing the hair structure and will help you find a new style which is easier to blend. 


You need to think about what type of haircut you are getting at the hair salon. If you’re having your hair cut in a way that exposes you cowlick more, you need to change this.

It would be a good idea to talk to your stylist and ask for the best ways to cover or reduce the visibility of the cowlick if possible. 

Smoothing Products 

If you’re looking to have shimmery and smooth hair as your end product, you will need to use more products to get this look. You can use different hairsprays, hair serums, keratin treatment and smoothing spray. 

For grip and control of your cowlick you might also look into using a paste to keep it all together. It is usually a second choice if the hair dryer does not work as well as you intended.

Some cowlicks can be more difficult to cover than others. 


Overall, if you’re trying to completely get rid of your cowlick, that will never happen because it’s all about how your hair grows out.

However, there are many ways you are able to cover them and try and disguise them. It is all about learning the best ways to style your hair and learn how it moves and works. 

It would be very helpful for you to mention your issue to your stylist because they might be able to cut your hair in a way to minimize the amount of cowlick you see. Don’t struggle with this anymore and follow these tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Rid Of Cowlicks?

There is no permanent solution for a cowlick and you will never be able to change the way your hair grows.

However, there are many ways you can try and disguise it with different oils and balms to keep it down and flat as possible. 

What Causes A Cowlick?

Cowlick is a term describing a characteristic style of hair parting. When the hair is parted in the natural direction, a cowlick can be formed.

A cowlick is a small tuft of hair that is standing up on the back of your head. Everyone has one of these. Is it a big deal?

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