How To Get Putty Out Of Hair?

A lot of us have at some point in our lives pulled our hair out trying to get something out of it.

Sometimes we get stuck and other times the hair just won’t come out.

How to get putty out of hair

Whatever the case, I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where we stood in the mirror with something stuck and it could be putty. 

Has your child been playing around within some silly putty and has got it everywhere?

You definitely do not need to be cutting that stuff out because we have some better alternatives in this guide. 

This guide will be giving you the best ways to get specifically putty out of your hair easily without having to cut any of your hair out or hurt yourself in the process. 

What Is Putty?

A simple, inexpensive tool that can be used for all sorts of projects, from arts and crafts to home repairs.

Putty is the classic go-to material for making art and toys. It’s cheap, super easy to work with, and can be used as a great modeling medium.

Get the most out of your putty. Here’s how to get the best results from your hobby, hobbyist, and crafting putty.

How To Remove It From Your Hair? 

There are a few different ways you are able to remove putty from your hair without all of the hassle of pulling it out and maybe losing a bit of hair in the process.

These ways are not expensive and you will most likely have these in your home already. 

  1. Baby oil – This has many different uses and for solving many different problems. For getting it out of your hair, you might need some assistance from someone else to get it out of the back of your hair. You start by pouring a good amount of baby oil onto the area when the putty is stuck in. 

You then need to massage that area really well to soften the putty. You will be forcing it to break apart and remove the stickiness so it can be removed more easily. When it starts breaking apart, you can start to spread it through your hair which will seem really annoying, but effective. 

If it is proving to be a bit difficult, you can always add some hot water to the affected area to give it that extra soft feel. 

  1. Conditioner – this one has some similar steps like the baby oil. You need to put a very good amount of conditioner on the area where the putty is stuck. You need to add some hot water again to help it move through your hair. It is important to know that combing your hair through with the conditioner is also very helpful to getting it all out. 
  1. Coconut oil – Many people love to put coconut oil in their hair if they have quite dry hair as well as using it to get putty out. You will be using your fingers a little more for this one when separating your hair bit by bit. This might not be something you already have in your home but there are also some other items you can use too. 

If you don’t have any of the ingredients above, there are also some other options such as vaseline or peanut butter. You can use the same steps that are stated above for each of the options and make sure you really massage that affected area. It can be a little bit more difficult to get those out of your hair after which is why the top options are probably the best. 

What To Do After? 

What To Do After 

There are also some steps you need to take after massaging the products into your hair.

Your hair will need a good wash after putting certain products into your hair.

It is ideal to use a wide tooth comb to make sure you are combing out your hair properly and you can get everything out and brush your hair in the process.

You do not want lots of knots and tangles forming.

You will need to wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and maybe even add a little bit of baking soda if you have it to break down the oil.

You need to wash it all the way through to get your hair back to feeling normal. 

You need to make sure you condition your hair really well after too to make sure you have the same feel to your hair and to make sure it is all out. 


Overall, this can just be a really annoying job and can become very messy.

However, these options above are some of the simplest ways to make a tricky job easier.

Most people will just end up cutting the hair out and be done with it but you definitely do not need to do that.

Anything that will either soften the hair and break down the putty material will do the job, it might just take a little bit more time. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the best ways to get that sticky putty out of your or your child’s hair with less tears and pain and just some easy massaging on the affected area.

You need to remember to give your hair a good wash afterwards to make sure all of the oils or conditioner are out because you don’t want those oils making your hair greasy for days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Dried Putty?

If the putty has become pretty dry and has been left for a while, you might need to use a combination of the options above.

You might also need to leave the product in that you use to remove it longer to make sure it has properly relaxed the putty and softened it. You can always use hand sanitizer as well to soften it.

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