How To Get Curly Hair Naturally Permanently

Curly hair is making a comeback – about time, right? While the 80s perm might not be the hottest trend right now, curly locks are becoming more popular among men and women. 

For too many years, we have been told to fight our natural waves. Unplug the flat iron and embrace the messy look – and cut back on your morning routine time, too. 

However, don’t think that curly hair is as simple as rolling out of bed and wearing that bed hair outside – you need proper hair care, styling, moisture and hydration, and the correct drying technique. 

Even naturally straight-haired people can get natural curls – you just need the right routine. Today we’re going to be looking at exactly that, so let’s get started. 

Changing Your Routine For Curly Hair

If you want naturally occurring curly hair, you’re going to need to alter your current routine. 

Put The Shampoo Down

Shampoos contain lots of chemicals, such as sulfates, that can seriously dry out your hair. The drier your hair is, the harder it is going to be to form the curls and waves.

This is due to the natural oils in your hair being stripped, and the oils are a vital component in hair’s movement and body. 

Similarly, shampoo that isn’t washed out of your hair properly can weigh your hair down, causing any movement in your hair to fall flat. 

Keeping your hair naturally curly starts with washing your hair less frequently. You can rinse it with cool water to get rid of product buildup, but skip the everyday shampooing routine. 

No Shortcuts On The Drying Process

Towels are made up of minute loops of fibers that are excellent at absorbing liquid. This is excellent for drying your skin after a shower, but hold off on using them on your hair.

A towel is too good at its job and will absorb natural oils, too.

Similarly, heat will dry out these natural oils, so step away from the hairdryer. A hairdryer will damage your delicate curls, remove any moisture in your hair, and cause it to frizz.

Instead, drying your hair naturally is the best way to keep your hair curly. 

Ask Your Stylist For A Makeover

The best haircut for permanent natural curls is a short to medium one. If your hair is naturally wavy, a short haircut will be fine to enhance the curls with the products mentioned below. 

If your hair is naturally straight, though, a medium haircut will be long enough to use heated rollers, but not too long that the weight pulls the curls out. 

The most common haircut for curly hair is short on the sides and long on top. This gives you plenty of hair to work with on the top of your head without bulking it up too much. 

Must-Have Products For Curly Hair

Products are going to enhance your curls and keep them healthy. Just make sure you’re not using products that weigh the hair down! 

Sea Salt Spray Is Your New Best Friend

Sea salt spray is often regarded when you want to add volume to your hair – but it is so much more than that! Have you ever been to the beach and come back with amazingly curly hair from all of the sea air?

Sea salt spray can help mimic this. 

Spray on damp hair just out of the shower and run your fingers through your hair to help the curls form. 

Look Out For Curl Enhancing Products 

With curly hair becoming more popular, there is a higher number of curl-enhancing products hitting the market. These are often used on damp hair while your curls are forming. 

Bear in mind that it might take a few trial and error periods before you find the correct curl-enhancing product for you.

Some can weigh the hair down and do the exact opposite of what they claim to do, so read reviews and do your research into the best on the market.

Don’t Forget Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil has been used for centuries to keep hair moisturized and shiny. This oil moisturizes every part of the curl that your natural oils might not be able to reach, ensuring that the curls are kept well looked after. 

Heat-Based Treatments For Beautiful Curls

If all else fails, why not try a treatment to help your curls along?

Heat Curlers

People with medium to long hair can use heat curlers to create faux curls. Alternatively, you can use this tool to enhance your current curls or waves.

Use heat curlers on dry and clean hair, with heat protection to ensure that your natural hair moisture is retained. 

Use a smaller curler for tighter curls and a larger wand for loose curls. Brush your hands through your hair after you’re finished to break the curls up for a more natural look.

What About A Perm?

If all else fails, why not choose a perm? Otherwise known as a permanent wave, a perm is a great option for people who want long-lasting curls with less maintenance.

Perms use chemicals and can damage your hair, so talk to a stylist beforehand to make sure this is the best decision for you. 

Perms have been modernized through the years and are now much more gentle on hair, and you can customize the curls to get the perfect look for you.

Perms last for up to six months and will grow naturally. If all else fails, perm your hair! 


We hope that you have found some inspiration in our article today and are excited to embark on your curly hair journey! Always start with changing up your routine – less washing and fewer towels. 

Next, find the products that are going to enhance your curls the best.

Remember, your curly hair journey will not happen overnight. You’ll have to allow time for your hair to adjust to its new waves and curls.

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