How To Fade Mens Hair

Learn how to fade mens hair using a simple and affordable process. This easy to follow guide will teach you the best techniques and products to help fade mens hair.

Have you been frustrated with your mens fade haircut or want to learn how to fade mens hairlike a pro? This guide will help you achieve that look by showing you how to fade mens hair in a few simple steps.

How To Fade Mens Hair.

Fading your hair is a way to remove unwanted color, reduce damage, and preserve the natural quality of your hair. This guide will teach you how to fade hair safely and effectively.

A fade is a type of haircut where the hair gradually gets shorter towards the bottom hairline, leaving the hair longer on top than the back and sides.

This is a very popular haircut as it looks great on all face shapes and can be done with all hair types. Typically, a fade is carried out using clippers for precision.

The secret to creating the perfect fade haircut is to use various clipperguars and sizes, paired with a steady hand. When you know how to do it it is not as hard as you may think!

The simple steps below will help you achieve this.

How To Create The Perfect Fade In 5 Easy Steps

Performing a fade at home will require a few supplies. Below is a list of the items you will need;

  1. Clippers and a selection of clipper guards
  2. A towel
  3. A fine toothed comb
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Hair clip ( optional)

Step 1 -Create A Top Section Of Hair

This top section of hair will be left longer than the rest. If you have a clip to hand this could be useful to section the hair from the rest. Then spray this section with water using your spray bottle.

This section will not be cut with clippers so it is useful to have to it clipped up whilst you work on the sides and the back.

Next, wrap your towel around your neck and shoulders to keep the hair that will fall off of your clothes and neck.

Step 2 -Start With The Shortest Clipper Guard

Snap the shortest clipper guard into place on your clippers. Typically this will be a #1 or a #2. If the clippers you are using have a taper lever on the side of them, adjust it down so it is open.

This allows for the longest length with the guard you’re using.

After this, starting from the bottom of the hairline around 1 to 1 ½ inches upward use a vertical in and out motion, otherwiseknown as a c shape motion to cut the horizontal strip of hair.

Now,adjust your lever upwards a fraction, but not all of the way, to shorten the taper. again , use your c-shape motion but this time to flick outward, stopping about half way up the section you have just cut.

Lastly, shut the lever completely by adjusting it as far upwards as possible. Then, carry out short small upward flicks just on the very bottom of the hair.

If you are desiring the bottom to be faded completely to your skin, remove the clipper guard and continue with the upward flicks at the bottom of the hair.

Step 3 -Using The Medium Guard

The mid length guard or guards you will be using now, will blend into the short bottom section of hair you have just cut.

Remember to start with the taper lever open to begin.If you started with a #1 guard you will now want to snap on a #2 guard. If you started with a #2 now move onto a #3 guard.

How To Fade Mens Hair.

You will be doing the same thing here as you did in the last step.

Come in with the clippers again in a c-shape motion, taper lever opened all the way and glide upward for 1 to 1 ½ inches. Move around the head in the same way, inward, upwards and flicking outwards.

Step 4 -Using The Longest Guard

The hair should now be halfway faded and the bottom and mid way section completed. It is now time to use your longest clipper to complete the top and final section of the fade.

Snap on your #3 or #4 guard and open the lever all the way again by adjusting the handle downward.

At this point, ensure the top section of the hair you hair clipped up is completely out of the way and you are happy with where the top section ends.

Again, use the c-shape motion to come in and glide upwards towards the top section of hair and flick outwards at the top.

Movearound the head using the same method as previously used. If you are doing your own haircut, doing the back section may be tricky, if possible ask someone to help with this bit.

Now adjust the lever upward halfway and continue with the c-shape motion again. Then adjust the lever upwards for the shortest length and make short gentle flicking movements on the very bottom of this long section.

Step 5 -Clean Up The Transition Line

The final step is to clean up the transition line, this is where the top section of the hair meets the now faded sides.

Depending on your desired look, you can choose to leave a sharp line between the top and faded section however most prefer to blend these sections a little.

To blend these sections, again repeat the c-shape motion in very small motions ( a fraction of an inch) and flicking outwards on the edges of the long section.

Now your ade should be complete. Comb through and trim the top section with a pair of scissors.

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