How To Curl Very Short Hair

Have you recently had your hair cut very short and now you want to know how you can curl this type of haircut?

Most people just go straight in with quite tight curls which most think is too much and can have the poodle effect. 

This guide will be covering some different types of curls you can try if you have very short hair to create a look you will like. 

Using A Wand 

When you are curling really short hair it is best to either purchase a protective glove or buy a wand which comes with one.

Your fingers will be getting very close to the wand because the hair is short and you might need to hold the hair onto the wand for the best looks. 

Using a wand is one of the most popular ways for most people to curl their hair in their own home on a weekly basis. They are great because you can adjust the heat and you have quite a bit of control of how your curls turn out. 

You need to be separating your hair into different sections so you are not missing any parts and all of it ends up curled to perfection.

When curling your hair yourself, it can be easy to miss parts in the back which is why separating makes it so much easier to see all of your hair and know where it is. 

When you start curling you want to make sure the front sections are being curled away from your face and the back sections can be curled in different directions.

For those tighter curls you want to be holding the hair on the wand for about 5-10 seconds and then sit and cool. 

If you prefer the looser curls instead of ringlets, you want to be pulling that curl out after you have curled it to lengthen the curl. 

Flat Iron 

The flat iron method is great for achieving those wavy curls. However, for your really short hair, you will need to look at getting a smaller version of the flat iron.

The way to use this product is to clamp your hair an inch from the top, twist it 180 degrees and pull down to create that beach wave.

You can also leave the tips of your hair to keep the curl in for longer. 

Curling Iron 

This is one of the best options for creating a bit of poof and volume to your overall look. If you struggle with having shorter and thinner hair, this can help you create a fuller look.

Curling irons are used to create more defined curls that are meant to stay in place.

If you want tighter curls that are going to stay in, you must leave it on slightly longer and also set them with hairspray after all over.

You can also create a more casual look which does not involve sectioning because you will want all different types of curls that can be rushed out at the end for a more wavy result. 

Having short hair will not limit you in any sort of way with these products because you can still achieve a similar look but on a smaller scale. 

Using No heat 

You will need to have hair which reaches your collarbone for this method because it involves looping your hair around the headband.

If you’re someone who hates using too much heat on your hair, this method is ideal because you are just using the drying method to make your hair nice and wavy. 

You need to start with damp hair, then place the headband on your head mimicking a crown. You will then take smaller sections of your hair and start wrapping them over and under the headband.

If you have any more strugglers that are left over, you should also be tucking them in as well. 

You can also use braids which are also very effective if that is the look you’re going for. Leaving them overnight will leave you with a nice crimped look if you use smaller braids.

Leaving the in slightly damp to dry overnight will have a far more enhanced look. 


Overall, if you have very short hair, you might feel a little bit helpless in the sense of creating different hair styles.

However, this should not be the case because there are many different ways you can create either wavy, crimped or curly looks with very short hair. 

Hopefully this guide will help you find the best type of curled style for you that will really highlight your features. You can also get some great advice from your hairstylist in your local salon.

They will be able to give you some extra tips if you need it as well. 

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