How To Curl A Mustache?

If you are tired of your boring facial hair, then growing your beard into a mustache is a great way to try something new with your look.

How To Curl A Mustache

With a little wax and a mustache comb, you can quickly style and twist your mustache in the way you want.

A curled mustache isn’t difficult and it doesn’t take long. In this article, we’ll show you two methods how to curl a mustache to create your unique style.

How To Curl Your Mustache With Wax

Curling a mustache with wax is one of the easiest ways to shape your facial hair.

Train Your Mustache

Once your facial hair has grown to the right length, you can start training your hair to grow into the right direction.

Your hair should grow out towards the side of your face and across the top of your lips. 

The right length of your mustache depends on your preference but the longer the hair, the easier your mustache is to curl.

It’s worth bearing in mind that it can take a few months to grow your mustache hairs long enough to get a large curl.

You can train your mustache by combing it daily with a mustache comb. These special combs have smooth, round teeth so they don’t pull your mustache hair out.

Choose A Good Beard Wax

A high-quality mustache wax is essential for a natural-looking mustache. 

Whether you are curling your hair in a more casual way or you want to achieve a tight handlebar mustache, there is a large variety of wax products on the market.

Some beard waxes are more suitable for daily use, while others are ideal for just a quick extra application for additional strength in your beard.

Warm The Wax

Take out a small amount from the wax tin. You only need a pea-size amount on the tip of your finger.

It’s important that you only use a little bit as too much wax on your facial hair will make your mustache look greasy.

Most wax will naturally warm up on your hands, and you will notice it spreading when it’s warm enough.

Curl The Tips Of Your Mustache

It’s time to apply the wax on your mustache with a nice twist. First, rub the wax into your mustache starting just under your nose and above the lip.

Then gently massage the wax from the middle of the mustache out to the tips and curl the hair around your finger.

Make sure that you hold the hair around your finger for a few seconds. This will allow your mustache hair to keep the curly shape.

If you find that you need more wax, then you can apply a little more wax. It’s also ideal for making your mustache look neat over the day.

How To Curl Your Mustache With A Curling Iron

Another easy way to create a stylish curled mustache is by using a curling iron. 

It’s worth getting a small curling iron as they are much more compact than a traditional curling iron.

As curling irons work with direct heat on your hair, be careful to read the instructions and don’t leave your hair on your curling iron for too long.

Clean Your Hair

The first step is to clean your facial hair properly. You don’t want any wax on your mustache when you work with a curling iron.

If you want to apply wax, then you should wax your hair after you are done with the curling. The wax will tame some of the stray hairs.

Set A Low Temperature On Your Curling Iron

It’s a good idea to start off with a low-temperature setting on your curling iron, and you can always increase the temperature when you notice it isn’t quite as efficient.

Different hair will require different heat settings. For example, wiry and thick facial heat will need a little more heat.

The majority of curling irons won’t take long to heat up to a good temperature but make sure that it has reached the right temperature before you start curling.

How To Curl A Mustache (1)

The best way to test whether your curling iron is too hot for your mustache is by touching the curling iron with a piece of paper. If it turns brown, then it’s too hot.

Choose The Right Size Curl

While you are limited to the size curl when you use the wax method for curling, you can choose different size bores of your curling iron to create either a tight curl or a looser curl.

Just pick the size bore you want to use but bear in mind that a large bore will also create a large curl.

Clip The Curling Iron Onto Your Mustache

Once the curling iron is hot, you can now clip it onto your facial hair. Gently pull the hair outwards.

It’s a good idea to regularly check in the mirror to make sure that the curling iron doesn’t burn your skin or the mustache hair.

Some men like sliding a small piece of cardboard between the curling iron and their skin so they don’t get burnt.

You should leave your curling iron on your mustache for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Slowly Rotate The Curling Iron

Now open the curling iron a little bit and then rotate it slowly so the mustache tips face upwards.

If your mustache hair is quite thick and long, then you will probably have to repeat this a couple of times.

This method of curling your mustache hair with a small curling iron does take a little bit of practice, but it’s relatively quick and easy once you master it.

Once you have created a beautiful curl, you can apply some wax to tame any of these wispy hairs that might make the mustache look unkempt still.

Final Thoughts

Curling your mustache is a fun way to add a little more interest to your facial hair. But it doesn’t just look stylish.

A curly mustache is also practical because it stops your facial hair from getting in your drink or food.

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