How To Change The Part In Your Hair

We all have a natural part, this is where your hair naturally falls on a certain side of your head.

Everyone’s part is different and it’s dependent on where the hair wishes to separate with no force, but you can actually train your hair to fall in a desired direction and create a whole new parting. 

How To Change The Part In Your Hair

Finding your natural part is easy, but the hardest part is deciding what part will look the best on you.

As a guy, there’s so many ways to part your hair and there’s bound to be one that suits your face shape and texture of your hair.  

In this article we’re going to discuss how to find your natural part, and how to create a number of different parts on the hair. There is bound to be one you like in this guide, so let’s get right into it. 

How To Find Your Natural Part

Finding your natural part is easy, simply start with dry hair, or towel-dried hair and then brush your hair away from your face.

Next, with your hand, slowly start to nudge the hair that’s on top of your head towards your face. Your hair will split and that’s where your natural parting is. 

How To Do A Middle Part

A middle part is probably one of the most popular and trendy partings to do, but they don’t always look completely natural for your hair.

To achieve a perfect middle part, brush all your hair back with a comb and in doing this, the comb’s teeth will create mini sections and you can choose where to position your part based on this.

Just pick the section you feel looks the best and place your comb right on top of that section and brush the hair on both sides downwards. 

Middle parts look much better and more natural when the parting is slightly off center, but you can choose to do the parting however you like. 

How To Do A Side Part

A side part is essentially the same as doing a middle part, so once you’ve mastered that, you’ll have no trouble creating this.

Again, brush your hair all the way back and using a comb just simply find the position you like and brush both sides of the hair in a downward direction. 

If you’re struggling trying to create this part, tilt your head to one side whilst you’re brushing your hair backwards as this will make the area you wish the part to be the highest point on your head. 

How To Do A Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a really trendy yet flattering part for men. All you’ll need is a rat tail comb, you’ve probably seen a stylist using one if you’ve ever been to the salon, it’s essentially a comb with a long ‘tail’ coming off the handle. 

Using the long end of the rat tail comb, start your part at the tail of your eyebrow, or just slightly above (whatever looks best for you) and this will make a line a part the hair on both sides. 

How To Change The Part In Your Hair

What’s The Best Part For Me?

Finding the best part for you will usually depend on your face shape, so here’s a few tips on the best part for different face shapes: 


If you have a quite long or oval face, a side part will suit your face the best. Whilst middle parts seem to be all the rage right now for men, it can end up making your face look even longer, which isn’t the aim.

But, if you do have an oval face shape, you’re quite lucky since any hair part will look good on you! 


A middle part looks the best with this face shape, as it makes your face look longer whilst also keeping you trendy.

A side part also goes really well with this shape, but if you’re finding that none of these parts suit your face, you can always get some bangs cut in.

Bangs look great on any guy, so you’ll have no trouble wondering if they’ll suit you. 


Round face shapes suit middle parts the best, but you have a few options when deciding.

A middle part will help to enhance your features and get rid of the illusion of a round face, whilst a side part will create a better balance in your face by sharpening the angles. 

What’s The Best Part For My Hair Texture?

Texture can influence your hair’s part, so we’ll outline the best part for your hair’s texture in this section. 

Curly Hair

To be honest, curly hair looks the best when it’s left alone and it’s the same for your part. Your hair will usually choose a part to sit at and stay there, and that tends to be the place it looks best.

If you are wanting to change your part, you can try a deep side part that’s secured with bobby pins to keep your hair from reverting back to its old position. 

Thick Hair

If your hair is super thick, a middle part will look the best on you, but remember not to part it exactly in the middle of your head. Just part it slightly off center to make it look natural. 

Fine Hair

Fine hair seems to be a hair type that a lot of guys have, if this is you then try parting your hair on different sides to add more dimension to your hair.

If you have fine hair, doing different parts means you’re in danger of your part being visible, so the best parts are ones that are almost zig-zagged and don’t show the entirety of your scalp. 

Final Thoughts

Switching up your style has never been easier, all you need to create a completely different hair style is to position your hair in different ways.

If you’re having trouble making your hair stay, try doing the part when it’s wet. 

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