How To Braid A Beard

Learn how to braid a beard. Choose the right beard for your face, learn how to braid one, and come up with a creative custom design that you can wear.

How To Braid A Beard 1

Once you’ve mastered the art of braiding hair, you’ll want to try a few other styles. These braids will help you stand out.

How to braid a beard. A beard is a man’s crowning glory, so you can’t cut the hair without knowing how to braid a beard.

This how-to guide will show you the proper way to braid a beard, step by step. Start off basic and work your way up to the more complex braids. 

Braiding Your Beard

There are many different techniques you can use to braid your beard or someone else’s. However, it can be very simple to do when you go back to basics.

You need to start someone easy before you start going into the more complex styles. 

There are a few things you need to know before you start trying some of the techniques. Your beard needs to be at least 4 inches long before you even stop thinking about braiding your hair.

You also do not need to wash your beard before braiding it, but oils might come in handy for it to look nice and shiny. 

Steps For Simple Braids 

  1. First, you need to part the bit of hair you would like to braid. You do not need to braid the whole thing. Some people just start off with a small area and work from there. You can also do bigger or smaller braids depending on what type of look you prefer. 
  2. You need to separate three strands of hair from the area you have chosen and make sure they are all equal to one another. 
  3. Most people tend to start with the right hand strand. You need to move the right hand strand over the middle strand. 
  4. You then need to move the left handed strand over the middle part and keep repeating this until you reach the end of the hair you have. 
  5. You need to make sure you leave a little bit of hair at the end so you can tie it with your hair tie. 

Different Braiding Styles

When you have really mastered the most simple braid, you can start looking into using different techniques and more complex styles.

You can play around with different length braids, patterns in your braids and also french braids. 

If you are doing some more complex styles, you might want to invest in some beard wax to really keep them in place and looking smart. 

How To Braid A Beard 1

Different Styles 

  1. Wizard twirl – This is a great option for people who are looking for a more minimal look. It only requires a small amount of braiding and you might only have to use pins and wax to keep it in place. Many people grow their beard quite long and use this style because it looks cool and creative. 
  2. Viking – this is more complex than the twirl because it requires one big braid. You should not be seeing my hair hanging down from your beard because it should all be in the braid. This is a great style for people who also love to add in beard jewelry to make it all jazzy. 
  3. Beard bun – This is the ideal style for many because it is easy and can be very helpful in some situations. For example, if you have a long beard, it can sometimes be quite difficult to eat and not get anything down yourself. However, if you’re using the beard bun, you will be tucked back and wcan deal with less mess. 
  4. Goatee – This is a very popular style because it just looks so neat and classy. It is a medium braid in front of a background of soft beard hair. You will need to have quite a bit of beard for this type of style and is something to work towards. 
  5. Three prong – This one is an interesting style with three equal braids using all of your beard hair. This is the type of braid that shows you’re not afraid to wear braids and love the look and aesthetic.  


Beard braids are a great way to style a beard. Learn how to style a beard with beard braids and accessories. Beard braids are a fun and easy way to add some texture and style to your beard.

The best part? This simple style only takes about an hour to style.

Beard braids are a popular style in African American culture. This article gives you great ideas for how to style and care for your beard in several easy braids. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some good ideas for new braid ideas or if you’re just getting started, some tips on the best ways to pick the right style to suit your beard.

You need to make sure you have grown your beard out long enough and you have some of the good products such as beard balm to keep those styles in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Your Beard Hair Need To Be To Braid?

How long should a beard be to braid it? How long should a beard be to braid it? We all have different lengths of hair on our faces and it depends on the length of the individual beard and how long he wants the beard to be braided.

Your beard hair should be a minimum of 4 inches to be able to create a good braid style. 

Did Vikings Braid Their Beards?

Vikings were known for their elaborate hairstyles and for their long beards. The Vikings also wore a variety of different types of headgear, from simple studded caps to helmets.

Learn more about their appearance and the unique characteristics of their hair, beards, and headgear.

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