How Often Do Men Get Haircuts?

The average American man spends roughly $200 every year on his hair. That can add up to a lot of money over a lifetime. And it’s not just about getting a good cut, it’s about maintaining your healthy hair.

It depends on your lifestyle and what you’re aiming for. If you’re looking for a quick and easy hair cut but you’re short on time, then a quick cut might be a good option.

How often do men get haircuts?

Mens hair tends to grow very fast and if they want to keep that sharp fade, they might be going quite often! You might also want to start growing your hair out which will mean spending less time at the barbers.

Know your haircut routine and what will benefit you.

Speed Of Hair Growth

Most men’s hair will grow up to half a millimeter everyday. Some may even be slightly longer! It can be very difficult to speed up the process of hair growth, but for a steady growth you should be living a healthy lifestyle.

This includes having both a good diet and also taking part in fitness and exercise. However, it mainly depends on the genetics you have because some people’s hair grows much faster than others.

Medium Length Hair

If you are trying to keep your hair nice and healthy at a medium length, it is recommended to be going to the barbers every 4-6 weeks.

Most people like to go even more regularly to keep up with the fade growing out and if they maintain a certain style which should look smart.

Many men might also visit the barbers to keep their beards and neck line nice and well trimmed to prevent it from appearing overgrown and scruffy.

Growing Your Hair Longer

If you are trying to grow your hair out longer you will still need to be getting regular haircuts. The reason for this is to keep your hair healthy so it will continue to grow.

You need to gradually move towards what you want, bit by bit. You can also try different hairstyles while you’re in the process of growing your hair until you achieve the end length result.

Stylist Advice

It is also really important to talk to your hairstylist and tell them actually what hair you would like to achieve. This is because they can cut the right amount each time which will help your hair grow faster.

They will also have a good understanding of your specific hair texture.

They can also give great advice about making appointments and whenit’s best to have your next cut if you’re trying to grow your hair out. They will know the best products to use that will enhance your hair’s health to help it grow.

How often do men get haircuts?

Bald cuts

You need to shave your hair far more frequently if you want a completely bald head. You should be shaving it every 3 days or everyday if you like to keep it super slick.

You need to be careful if you have a really sensitive scalp because using a shaver that often can start to cause irritation. You should find the best razor that works for your scalp.

You need to make sure you are moisturizing your scalp afterwards for a nice shiny look. It is also important to still shampoo your head to remove any buildup and to keep it super clean.

Styles With Short Hair

If you have really short hair with different shaved designs, this would be something you need to maintain. You need to be visiting the barbers every 1-2 weeks to keep your cut fresh and visible.

Even though you might be spending more money, it is definitely worth it for that continuous fresh and tidy look. However, it is perfect if you can find a quality but affordable barber to keep the costs down.


If you love getting your braids done, how long should they last? They should be lasting between 6-8 weeks and when taken out it can be cut and put back in after two weeks.

You shouldn’t continuously get your hair braided because it puts a lot of pressure on your head from the tightness.

Medium -Long Hair

If you like to maintain medium to longer hair, you should consider getting it cut every 6-9 months. You will be getting it cut if your hair has grown too long or it has some damaged ends.

The longer your hair gets the older it actually is. Therefore, you need to be taking care of this hair much more with a generous amount of both shampoo abs conditions and maybe some serums and oils too!

You should also make sure you are using a proper hair tie to put your hair up with. Elastic bands will onlypull at your hair and scalp.

You should not be keeping them in any longer than this because the new hair growth situated at the root can become matted.


Overall, know what style is best for you. Read on to find out how often men get haircuts and how to read your own hair.

How often should you be getting a haircut? It all depends on what type of cut you get and how long you want to maintain a length.

You need to make sure you’re finding a really good but affordable barbers if you’re looking to be going on a weekly basis. It can start to add up pretty quick year in year out.

Hopefully this article will help you find the best hair cutting routine for you. You can also get some great advice from your barber who can let you know when your next appointment or walk in should be.

You are leaving it too long because hair looks best when it is fresh but it all depends on what type of hair style you want to achieve.

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