How Do Men Get Wavy Hair?

Men, learn how to get wavy hair without all the hassle.

There are simple tricks to achieve that sultry look and stay in style. It is a very desired look and has that beach vibe which a lot of men really want to have.

How Do Men Get Wavy Hair

But is it hard to maintain and how difficult is it to get what you want?This guide will be covering exactly what you needto know about getting the best style of wavy hair.

There are many different types of wavy hair you might want, some like a little more curly waves and some like the sea salt look. Find out more here!

Ways To Achieve Wavy Hair

There are several ways you can make your hair more wavy with a few simple products and steps to follow!

Using Products

It can be much easier to make your hair wavy if your hair starts to become more volumized in humidity and the product will help to enhance this look.

Using products is one of the best ways to make your hair more wavy without having to use any heat which can be damaging for your hair. You need to make sure your hair is damp after washing it.

You should towel dry your hair, then add the products in and finger it through your hair.

Then you need to let it dry when you’ve styled your hair to where you want it to be.

Salt Spray

This is a very popular option which will give you that surfer look with effortless waves.

These products are very common in most stores and online and are great for enhancing a wavy and more hydrated look for your hair. It has conditioner and oils in it to make your hair less dry and look healthier.

It is extremely easy to use and will not take long to get the look you want.

You need to apply a spray to your damp hair then allow it to dry. You want to be scrunching your hair to really give it that messy wave.

This product is not only great for creating waves, but it also adds volume and thickness to your hair.

Therefore, if you’re someone whohas thinner hair, this could be the perfect product for you.


Mousse is a product that can either be used on its own or you can combine with different products for extra volume.

It is great on its own because it will produce light waves in your hair and also give you a boost in volume.

If you’re someone who hates sticky and heavy products in your hair, you might opt for this lightweight foam that will allow you to move through your hair easily.

You also do not need to add any heat to your hair with mousse because you must let it air dry for the best results.

Drying Your Hair

You can also use heat to help create some waves in your hair. You can twist the hair to create waves and use a blow dryer’s heat to keep them wavy.


Using small or medium sized braids are also a great way to achieve that wavy style.

Many women wear braids in their hair overnight to wake up to lovely waves with no heat applied.

You can also choose some really cool styles to try out or get someone to do them for you if you wanted to keep them in for a day or two as well then undo them and enjoy the waviness after!

Tip And Tricks

Tip And Tricks

If you want to keep your waves in for longer and you naturally have straighter hair, you do not want to be washing your hair too often. You are looking at twice a week to keep those waves in for longer.

If you keep washing your hair, you will have to keep doing the same process with the products and using more than you have to.

Most people want nice and neat waves and not the frizzy effect.

To avoid your hair going frizzy when creating the waves you should use moisturizing conditioner regularly for a slick and shimmery look.

If you are looking to get a little bit more volume added to your hair, you should be using the sea salt spray to soften your waves.

The Best Hair Cuts

The textured crop is a basic style which most men tend to have if they are starting out with their wavy hair.

It has a low fade and is a shorter haircut in comparison to others. It is a great cut to keep your hair looking sharp and smart.
Long wavy hair is one that will need a bit more maintenance because there is just more hair.

However, some people tend to also get an undercut for when they wear it up in a man bun which can also look very cool.


Overall, if you’re someone who is interested in trying a new hairstyle and you would like to add some waves and volume, these are the best ways.

You can either use your haircut styles to start or look at different products that will add volume andhold the waves in place.

It is very important to keep your hair nice and healthy, not washing it too much because it will remove your natural oils.

Waves at their best are made with good, shiny hair. Hopefully this guide will help you find the best haircut and products for your new wavy hair.

It is also helpful for finding out some good routines and what you should be using to highlight those wavy locks of hair.

Always try different styles to see which one suits your face the best because when you findthe one, it can make all the difference.

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