Heavy Stubble Makes Men More Attractive (The Women Have Voted And Here’s The Answer)

You may have heard that women like to see a little stubble on their man’s face, but is this really true?

After all, the cleanly shaven look is a tried and tested winner.

Heavy Stubble Makes Men More Attractive (The Women Have Voted And Here's The Answer)

But despite this, it seems that the ladies do love to see men sporting a slightly rugged appearance, after all, what could be more masculine than a devil may care stubble covered jawline? 

Why exactly do women love heavy stubble though, and what kind of stubble do they prefer best?

If you’ve found yourself Googling these questions and being drawn to our article, then this is great news, as we have all the answers my dude. 

It’s All Science Baby

If you’re wondering if it’s really true that women prefer men with stubble, heavy stubble, to be precise, then we’ve got the proof. 

A study conducted in Australia showed that the female participants were far more attracted to men sporting heavy stubble, than those who were clean shaven, or just had a small amount of stubble, or a full on beard. 

In the study, the female participants were shown a photo of 10 different smiling men.

They showed them in four different stages of facial hair growth, from cleanly shaven, to light stubble, to heavy stubble, and to full on beard. 

After they were asked to rate their favorite, there was a clear winner amongst them all, that being the heavy stubble stage.

This shows that when trying to achieve the most attractive kind of stubble, that there is a sweet spot, between too light, and too heavy. 

The reason why the researchers concluded that women preferred this type of facial hair, is because it is seen as the most masculine out of them all.

Bearded men were seen as equally masculine, but were regarded more as father figures. Heavy stubble was regarded as the most attractive. 

But Is This Always The Case? 

Although the research conducted by these scientists is interesting, and we’re in no way trying to say that it isn’t true, many opposing scientists believe that there are other ways of defining attractiveness. 

For example, some say that that attraction is proportional to saturation, so in real life, this study may not translate.

For example, if you were to see 6 clean shaven men together in a group, and only one of them was sporting a beard, you would be instantly drawn to the male with the beard. 

Likewise, if you were in a room of 8 men sporting heavy stubble, and only one who was clean shaven, you would be instantly drawn to this individual instead.

So perhaps it’s not really about defining any given type of facial hair as the most attractive, but rather, depending on the particular situation. 

How To Achieve Different Facial Hair Looks 

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the studies conducted into male facial hair, we can move on to discuss each of these individual styles, and each of their specific maintenance routines. 

Whether you want some tips on how to achieve the perfect clean shave, or adopting a rugged beard, keep reading, as we take a look below. 

1. Clean Shaven 

This one requires a decent amount of maintenance, as you’ll need to keep touching it up every couple of days. 

We recommend that if you’re trying to achieve the perfect clean shave, that you adequately soften it first. Use a steamy hot bath of water to open up all of your pores. 

After doing this, you can lather it up with a good quality foam, we recommend that your purchase this one. Use a brush to apply it for the best possible results, and you’ll be feeling smooth and refreshed in no time. 

One of the great things about using a good quality shaving foam is that it helps to protect you from acquiring any cuts or nicks too. 

We recommend that to avoid acquiring any bumps or shaving rash which could make your jaw look unsightly, that you choose a razor specifically designed for specific skin.

After taking your time and carefully removing the hair, splash on a good quality aftershave. 

2. Light Stubble 

In order to sport a lightly stubbled look, you’ll need to keep on top of it every five days.

Some men are fortunate enough that their stubble grows out evenly throughout their entire face, but most of us aren’t blessed with this. 

Use a set of clippers one to two times each week, and shave off any unruly hairs on the upper cheeks or neck. 

3. Heavy Stubble 

To achieve the heavy stubble look, you’ll need to keep on top of it every eight days.

Just like the light stubble, you can keep on top of it using a good set of trimmers. 

You might need to shave off certain areas that are growing in a patchy manner, but other than that, it’s a very low maintenance type of facial hair. 

4. Beard

Beards are the most high maintenance type of look you could go for, and will need to be trimmed depending on when they’ve reached the desired length. 

It’s not all just about trimming it though, you’ll also need to make sure that you’re buying the right products to keep it smooth, such as oils and conditioners. We recommend this one

Final Thoughts 

Although the study conducted does suggest that women prefer men with a heavier stubble, it’s also dependent on the situation too and the crowd you surround yourself with.

Ultimately, you should always seek to wear the type of facial hair that’s right for you, am I right, my dudes?

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