5 Health Benefits Of Having A Mustache [Revealed]

Mustaches never seem to fully go out of style.

Every so often, you’ll notice someone sporting one, and the same thoughts may pop into your head: ‘Maybe I could grow a mustache’, or ‘Maybe I should grow a mustache’.

5 Health Benefits of Having a Mustache [Revealed]

One of the main reasons that a person may decide against growing a mustache is that it is, ultimately, a change in lifestyle. It is an investment, not only for your time, but potentially your reputation.

It takes a special individual to be able to successfully sport a mustache, and if it doesn’t suit you, you will have wasted months and months of your own time.

If you already have a beard, you may be worried about shaving away time and effort spent growing it out over the years. If you’re a clean-shaved kinda guy, it may be daunting, considering letting your facial hair grow out.

We don’t know if a mustache will work for you. We can’t see what you look like behind this screen, so we cannot convince you to drop everything and make this decision.

However, we can give you some reasons as to why having a mustache can benefit your health. After all, what is the point in being attractive if you’re not healthy, both physically and mentally?

Below, we have listed 5 reasons as to why you should bite the bullet, and grab a razor to sculpt the perfect ‘stache. 

Allow us to convince you why this may be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make.

1. It is One of The Cheapest Option For Facial Hair

When you think about spending money, you may not be thinking about how much it costs to groom your facial hair.

After all, disposable razors can be fairly cheap, and if you use an electric shaver, you’re only making a one-off payment… at least, if you don’t count the cost of electricity.

However, the cost of shaving does add up overtime. If you’re performing a clean shave every couple days – or, perhaps, every day – the pennies will begin to make a dent in your wallet after a while.

Of course, the best cost-effective style of facial hair is to simply grow out a full beard. Unfortunately, not everyone can successfully grow and sport a full beard, so this may not be an option for you.

Having a mustache, on the other hand, will save money and look good.

All you need to do is shave a small portion of your face, even if your hair grows as a fast rate, meaning you can save money on razors and electricity in the long run. 

Saving your money and spending it elsewhere can do wonders for both your physical and mental health, especially in this day and age. Cut the costs, and shave that ‘stache!

2. You Are Less Likely to Cut Yourself

Shaving your full face can be a risky task, especially if you don’t do it carefully and gently. A close shave can lead to razor bumps, ingrowing hairs, and a lot of cuts on your cheeks, jaw, and chin.

When you have a mustache, the risk of getting cut up is greatly eliminated. Not only will you not have to suffer from annoying, paper-cut like wounds on your face, but you will look and feel better for it.

While the risk is unlikely, it is possible to get serious ill from gaining a knick while shaving, and even dying.

If that cut gets infected, and you don’t receive medication to heal it, you could risk getting sepsis, or other deadly skin infections.

As we said, this is unlikely, but not impossible. Jokes aside, over 1.7 million Americans get sepsis each year, and more than 250,000 of them succumb to the illness.

Cases of sepsis are actually on the rise, potentially due to lack of awareness of symptoms and causes.

So, if you want to live a longer life, we recommend gaining a mustache, and skipping out on shaving! If you are going to continue shaving, please be aware of the risks, and try to prevent cutting your skin while doing so.

3. Your Risk of Getting Cancer Decreases

No, we’re not actually kidding: having a mustache can genuinely decrease your risk of getting cancer.

How does this work?

Well, according to research, facial hair, such as a beard or mustache, reduces the amount of UV radiation that reaches the skin beneath when it covers the face.

The chance of developing skin cancer decreases with the amount of radiation exposure a person receives.

The average person’s mustache can cut radiation exposure ratios by up to a third, based on the radiation’s intensity and the quantity of the person’s hair.

Ultraviolet radiation can present itself in many ways throughout your day-to-day life.

The most obvious example is direct exposure to sunlight, but other examples include fluorescent lighting, UV lamps, tanning beds, and even your very own cell phone.

If you sleep with your phone underneath your pillow, you risk being exposed to a large amount of UV radiation overnight.

While having a mustache won’t help too much in the long run, it will limit the effects in small quantities.

However, we recommend that you sleep with your phone as far away from your face as possible…

5 Health Benefits of Having a Mustache [Revealed]

4. People Are More Likely to Trust You

Having a mustache will make you seem like a far more trustworthy person. While it is unsure why this is, it is a true statement, and something to consider while getting one.

In advertising, bearded men evoked more credibility in the brand they were advocating than men without facial hair did, according to the Journal of Marketing Communications.

However, their beards were typically well-kept and maintained; on the other hand, having a rough, unkempt mustache could have the opposite effect.

Healthy relationships are built on being sincerely trusted and on enabling oneself to be trusted. If you wear a mustache, your partner, as well as your friends and family, might find it simpler to trust you.

Although it may seem like a straightforward answer, it is true!

When more people trust you, and like you, you will experience truer happiness and contentment in your life. It will save you stress and worry, and may even naturally help you become a nicer, better person.

So, if you want others to trust you more – or you want to enter the world of commercials – you may be better off growing some facial hair. Just make sure you groom it properly.

5. It’s an Attractive Choice!

This last point is a little more superficial than the previous entries on this list, but it is a proven point nonetheless. Mustaches look good!

There is a reason Tom Selleck was so popular in the 80s and 90s, and it wasn’t entirely to do with his acting. We’re not saying that he isn’t a great actor, but overall, Selleck was known for one thing: his incredible facial hair. 

One survey found that 33.9 percent of respondents thought a mustache gave a man a more mature appearance. 26.4% said mustaches make a man look sexier, and 22.3% said they made a person look more masculine.

Remember how the world changed when Henry Cavill began sporting a mustache back in 2018? Think about it… that could be you.

Although we said at the start of this article that being healthy is far more important than being attractive, sometimes the two factors come hand-in-hand.

If you feel more confident in yourself, you will feel much happier, and this will boost your mental health.

So, all in all, shaving a mustache may actually be the key to true happiness. If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself!

Final Thoughts

Mustaches are certainly an acquired taste: not everyone will love them, but there’s no doubting that no matter how fashion changes over the years, this form of facial hair will never go out of style.

The key here is to maintain a properly styled, fully groomed mustache. If you go in carelessly, you may achieve the opposite effect when it comes to achieving any of the above, aforementioned goals. 

If you weren’t completely convinced about growing a mustache before reading this article, we hope we have won you over.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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