Do You Use Shaving Cream With Electric Razors?

The main reason why you should use shaving cream is that it protects your skin and makes your shave smooth.

It softens the hair so that it easily rinses off when you are done but what about with electrical equipment?

Do You Use Shaving Cream With Electric Razors

Many people find that they get a closer shave using an electric razor. But some find that using shaving cream makes the process so much easier.

This article will be going through whether it is better or not to use shaving cream with your electric shavers and if it is safe!

A Guide To Shaving With An Electric Razor – All You Need To Know

Wet shaving is simple, effective and anyone can give it a go!

Many wonder if it is possible to use shaving cream whilst using an electric razor, the answer is you certainly can, with a suitable electric razor.

In fact, you are likely to achieve a closer, more precise shave with this method.

Benefits Of Using Shaving Cream?

The main benefit of a wet shave with an electric razor is the watery consistency of lather used , meaning there is less chance of irritation to your skin.

It in fact reduces the friction between your face and your shaver meaning there is less chance of pulling on your skin.


This guide will explain how to perform the ideal wet shave with an electric shaver and outline the benefits!

1. Preparation Is Key

Similar to a traditional wet shave, preparation is a key part of the process for a wet shave with an electric razor. Firstly, it is important to wash your face and neck with an exfoliating

scrub or gel paired with plenty of warm water.

The purpose of this is to eliminate any dirt, oils , dead skin and any other nasty particles on your skin’s surface.

In addition to this, a hot shower before starting your shave is strongly advised!

The warm water will benefit your shave and make it more comfortable due to the fact it softens your hairs therefore they will be easier to cut.

2. Use A Thin Layer Of Watery Lather

This is where a wet shave with an electric razor differentiates from a traditional wet shave. It is the crucial difference between a good shave and a fantastic shave!

When carrying out a traditional shave, lathering is one of the most vital parts to master as it must not be too runny or too dry.

In contrast, a wet shave with an electric shaver does not require that same cushioning effect as the blades are not actually touching your skin.

Unlike traditional wet shaving, if the lather is too thick it will actually have a negative impact on your shave.

It will clog your shaver and the thick layer will mean you’re unable to get that close shave you desire.

The Solution

Do You Use Shaving Cream With Electric Razors?

You will need to ensure your lather holds a more watery consistency. Below we will explain how to get the perfect lather consistency!

The quickest and most effective method to achieve this is hand/palm lathering but without a brush (the opposite to a traditional wet shave).

To do this, wet your hands, squeeze a small amount of shaving cream into your palms ( around the size of an almond) and begin to rub your hands together vigorously.

After around 30 seconds, add some water to create the perfect thin, pasty lather.

This may seem like there is not enough product if you are used to a traditional wet shave however in this method a little goes a long way and this watery consistency is key here!

3. Massaging The Lather Into Your Beard, Lifting The Hair

By now your face should be wet if you’ve followed the preparation instructions. Begin by massaging the lather into your skin,pressing firmly and going against the grain.

Leave the shaving cream on your skin for around 2 minutes before beginning the shave.

This will further help to soften the hairs.

If the lather gets too dry add warm water to the lather on your face to rehydrate. This is extremely important in order to achieve the best results, remember it’s a wet shave!

4. Shave Against The Grain

This step is another one where the wet shave with an electric razor differs from a traditional wet shave.

With traditional shaving, you must shave with the grain to avoid skin irritation, followed by a second shave across the grain for that closer shave.

However, with electric shavers it is very important to always shave against the grain. This is perhaps one of the most vital parts for a close and comfortable shave.

Whilst performing this it is important to not apply excessive pressure. It an area needs multiple passes apply some extra lather to keep the skin hydrated.

Again, keep this a watery consistency to ensure you do not clog up your razor!

5. Make Sure Your Electric Razor Is Fully Charged

Most electric shavers are not cordless due to safety concerns. Ensuring your razor has a full charge is vital to getting the perfect shave.

Moreover, some shavers can’t operate to the best of their ability if they are not fully charged therefore you may experience some pulling and tugging if this happens.

You will also be less likely to achieve that close shave you desire and will be tempted to press down harder and do unnecessary passes.

6. Post Shave Treatment – Do Not Skip!

After you have completed your shave you should wash your face with cold water, pat dry with a clean towel and finish by applying your choice of aftershave balm.

7. Clean And Lubricate Your Shaver After Your Shave

This is partially important after using shaving cream with an electric shaver, if you want your shaver to last a long time and continue to give you the best closest shave.

By now you have the perfect, close shave you desired by using your electric shaver with shaving cream.

Hopefully this guide has helped turn shaving into something you loathe to something you look forward to doing and the use of a suitable electric shaver and shaving cream contributed to this.

This may seem a lot to do but that really isn’t so. It may take a bit more time compared to a

quick dry shave but we think it’s totally worth it for that perfect close shave.

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