Do Women Really Like Beards [Beard Vs. Clean Shaven]?

Are you unsure whether to shave or keep the beard? Maybe you have heard that the ladies really like a beard and want to know if that is true?

Or are you unsure whether your clean-shaven look will still be a hit? No matter what question brought you here today, we have you covered! 

Do Women Really Like Beards [Beard Vs. Clean Shaven]?

Beards or any facial hair these days is a topic for debate. After all, everyone these days seems to have a preference, making it tricky to know what the general consensus is.

Whether you are looking to date again or give your lady a look she will love, it’s hard to know what will be successful. 

Sure, there are plenty of handsome men rocking the beard these days, but there are also lots of clean-shaven celebs that are heralded as sex Gods. So how do you know what women really like? 

Well, that’s where we come in! Today we are here to tell you once and for all whether women really like beards or not!

Keep reading to find out the answer and see whether your facial hair is going to turn heads or not! 

Do Women Really Like Beards?

Let’s dive straight in! Generally speaking, women do like beards! Many surveys have been conducted, and they found that overwhelmingly women prefer men with beards or facial hair!

If the surveys say it is so, then we can assume on average, women like beards! 

Of course, there are lots of different beards out there, and some are preferred over others. A better question to ask would be what kind of beard do women like?

This helps us see exactly what women like on a face and helps us style our facial hair to attract a woman’s attention and hopefully get her to swipe right! 

Don’t worry, we are going to tell you what beards women like most down below! But for now, take comfort in the fact that on average, women like beards.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and not every woman wants her man to be scratchy with a beard full of food when he kisses her, so it’s always best to ask your lady friend what she prefers!

But for you, single bros out there, or those that don’t want to ask, keep reading to see what type of beard is most successful!

What Beards Do Women Like The Most?

Typically, most women prefer stubble to a beard. So we don’t need to grow a Gandalf or Santa-style beard to impress the ladies! Instead, think of a shorter Chris Evans beard.

In surveys and studies, women noted that some, or a full stubble beard were their preferred choice. 

Thankfully for us, these aren’t often too difficult to grow or maintain! Instead of spending months cultivating a beard, we can simply not shave for a few days or a week and we should have a beard that the ladies will like.

Of course, all our facial hair grows differently and at different rates.

Do Women Really Like Beards [Beard Vs. Clean Shaven]?

Some of us can grow a full beard easily, others will have a few batches along their chin or cheeks. That is completely normal, and if you hold your head high, your confidence will give the appearance of a sexy beard, no matter what it looks like! 

The full stubble that women have noted they prefer features a thick 5 o’clock shadow across your chin, up the sides of your face, and your mustache.

Essentially, everywhere you usually grow facial hair. These stubble beards are usually well maintained. Think clean lines and edges, no one wants a lop sided or bushy beard these days! 

If you plan to grow one of these beards you will want it to be well maintained. Make use of beard trimmers, shampoos, and oils to keep your beard clean and smooth. You are more likely to score if a lady can’t see your lunch in your beard!

Why Do Some Women Not Like Beards? 

Now, some women don’t like beards, and that is okay! For those that can’t grow a full beard, or find facial hair itchy, these are the women for you!

But why don’t they like beards? Well, there are a few common reasons we will look at briefly now. We bet some women like beards that are also put off by some of these reasons, so it’s worth being aware of them. 

The first is that beards can be itchy. Facial hair can be scratchy, especially if it isn’t cared for properly, which can irritate a woman’s face when she kisses a man with facial hair.

If this man is her partner and they regularly kiss, the friction from this hair can irritate their skin, causing spots or even a rash. That is a sure way to give a woman the ick, so make sure your beard is nice and soft! 

Another reason is that beards can be seen as unhygienic. This is true of those long and straggly beards where food can easily get caught in the hair.

Just like you wash the hair on your head, the same care should be given to your beard.

If it’s a long beard, you should run a brush through it after meals or at least give it a little clean to remove any food that might have gotten tangled in your hair.

You wouldn’t kiss a woman with food on her face would you, so why expect her to kiss you? 

Finally, personal preference comes into play. Some women just aren’t attracted to men with beards or any facial hair.

There might not be a reason behind it, there might be a few reasons behind it, either way, if they aren’t a fan, there often isn’t a lot you can do to change their minds! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, on average, women do like beards! There are lots of reasons why they like beards, often citing they think it is sexier, especially a full stubble beard! So what are you waiting for?

Skip your morning shave and see if you can rock a beard today!

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