Do Women Like Mustaches?

It’s not just since the popular November campaign that mankind has wondered whether the ladies like their men with a mustache.

Depending on what trend you are following right now, both mustaches and beards are loved by women, though they usually prefer a nicely trimmed beard.

Do Women Like Mustaches?

In this article, we find out whether women like a man with a mustache, and why mustaches are simply irresistible to the opposite sex.

Do Women Like Mustaches?

There have been a few different studies (also some by dating sites) that found out what only a small percentage of women preferred a mustache over a beard.

The majority of women would choose both a beard and a mustache as a grooming choice but many of them preferred men with beards.

It might be that many women just feel that a mustache is out of fashion, or perhaps a mustache is a far too strong statement for many ladies.

Why Some Women Hate Mustaches?

There has also been some research done into the reasons why women don’t like men with mustaches.

From too much attention seeking to too old-fashioned, most women aren’t impressed by a man who is sporting even a well-groomed mustache.

Women Aren’t Sure What A Mustache Means?

There have been plenty of mixed responses when women are asked what a mustache says about a man.

Some believe it to be a sign of sophistication, while others say that a mustache just makes a man more mysterious.

Women Think Men With Mustaches Look For Attention?

A small percentage of women believe that a man with a mustache is looking for attention, and that he is trying too hard with styling his facial hair.

Women See A Mustache As A Sign Of Equal Maturity?

A mustache has been traditionally a sign of wisdom and maturity in a man, and studies have confirmed that this is a perception many women still hold.

Women Think Mustaches Are Out Of Date?

Almost half of women in studies said that they believe that mustaches are not a sign of modern fashion trends.

A mustached man appears to be old-fashioned to many women.

Women Don’t Like Kissing A Mustache?

Another reason why women aren’t hot on mustaches is because they simply don’t like the feeling of kissing a man with a mustache.

This can’t be one of the main reasons as they obviously enjoy kissing a man with a beard but it certainly puts some women off.

Why Some Women Love Men With Mustaches?

Whether you love your beard or mustache, there are always some women out there who favor one over the other.

But there is no doubt that mustaches can be sexy to some, and unusually attractive. Here are some compelling reasons why ladies love men with mustaches.

Classic But Stylish

A mustache is definitely a classic facial hair style that has been around for hundreds of years.

With the many different styling options for a mustache, you can express your own confidence, and women pick up on this confidence.

Plus, a mustache can look smart with almost anything you wear, so you can nicely match with her outfit.

A big advantage of a mustache is that it’s simply classy. You just need to groom, trim and wind it up in the right way to get the best mustache style for you.

Do Women Like Mustaches?

Mustaches Are For Men, Not Boys

In some cultures across the world, you will find that a mustache is seen as a sign of manliness, in comparison to the cleanly shaven boys.

Women are naturally attracted to whatever makes a man look truly manly, and a smoothly-shaven face isn’t one of them.

Instead, a mustache can make a man look more wise and older.

A Sign Of Maturity

Facial has been a sign of maturity for millennia, and research has uncovered that women feel surprisingly comfortable with a mustached man.

The hidden lips in a mustache grab a lady’s attention and it also makes the man look more mysterious.

A Good Partner And Dad

This one goes hand in hand with the concept of maturity. As a woman perceives a man with a mustache as mature, she also sees him as a good partner and future father of her kids.

A Little Ticklish

While some women are put off by the gentle tickling of a mustache, other members of the opposite sex find it absolutely irresistible.

A Mustache Shows Individuality

Men don’t just have a standard mustache, or an average beard. There is nothing normal about facial hair.

Every man has a different way of expressing himself, and a mustache can really show off your individuality.

Some women really love creativity and seeing that a man is confident enough to show his unique style.

A Mustached Man Is Presentable

There is always the moment when a man has to face the in-laws, and women were found to feel more comfortable to present their mustached partner to their parents.

A Man With Mustache Is The Center Of Attention

A mustache gives a man plenty of confidence which often means that he ends up being the center of attention at even the biggest parties.

Mustaches Are Nice To Play With

Women reportedly love running their fingers through a man’s hair, and that also applies to facial hair.

With a mustache, a woman has a little more room to play with than with a beard or a short stubble.

A Man With A Mustache Is Simply More Sexy

Some ladies are simply attracted to a man with a mustache because they him sexy. There may not be one specific reason for this attraction.

Final Thoughts

The majority may not find a man with a mustache attractive because it looks old-fashioned or they are not quite sure what to make of it.

Saying this, facial hair is so individual, and it’s important that you express your individuality. And you can be sure that there is a woman who just loves the way you show yourself to the world.

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