Do Guys Shave Their Legs?

Shaved legs have always been viewed as a femamine routine and in the past, you would not have heard of many men doing this.

However, in modern society, men shaving or waxing their legs has become very popular along with an added tan after. 

Do guys shave their legs

Do guys shave their legs? If they do, do they shave the front or back? What about the armpits (Also check out How To Shave Your Armpits?)? What about their chest? And what about the face?

Is it a must? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this article.

Why Do Men Shave Their Legs?

There are several personal reasons why men might shave their legs but there are also occupational reasons as well. For example, if you are an athlete, swimmer or bodybuilder, you would be expected to shave your leg hair.

For bodybuilders, because they are covered in fake tan, they need to be hairless for the oil to be applied and have that shimmering defined look to them. 

For athletes it is all about comfort and anything to enhance their performance. The more comfortable they are in what they are wearing and how their body feels, the better their performance will be! 

There are other reasons for shaving your keg which are unavoidable such as getting a leg tattoo. You need to shave the leg so you can actually tattoo on the lge. This will require the whole leg being shaved. 

Personal Reasons 

There are also some more personal reasons for why people shave their legs too. In life, you should be worried about your own comfort and how you feel within yourself and how you look.

Some men love feeling lighter without lots of hair on their legs and feel much breezier without it all. It is also not as hot in the beaming sun where their legs are more likely to sweat with longer leg hair. 

Some men just prefer the look of shaved legs on themselves and see it as a part of their pampering routine.

Many men in modern society like to look after themselves a lot more and take the time to care for their skin and invest in more products. It is the same for shaving, they want a clean look. 

Why Shouldn’t Men Shave Their Legs? 

It can be really difficult to try and maintain shaving your legs because the hairs grow back really fast.

You would have to get into a routine of shaving your legs every couple of days to keep up with having those shiny fresh legs all the time. 

It is not nice going through the process of having prickly legs and can shimmer in the sun as well. Legs hairs grow back ridiculously fast and waxing might be a better option for you as it lasts longer. 

Shaving your hair and then letting it grow back a bit can also cause itchiness on your legs too. It is the same for anywhere on your body, even your beard.

This can be really frustrating – especially if you aren’t using a good shaver as well because you can get rashes. 


Many men have gone down the route of trimming their leg hairs instead of shaving them completely. For most men, the issue is with how long and curly they can grow which can be irritating.

However, if you moisturize and trim your leg hairs, they will be softer and less annoying to have on your body. 

Do guys shave their legs

It can be a bit of a messy job to trim your leg har, so you will need to find somewhere it will be easy to sweet afterwards.

You can use an electric shaver which will do the job of getting the top layer of hair off. You will want to pop a head on it depending on how much you would like to take off.

Make sure you are brushing your hairs downwards before starting this as well! 

Do Women Like Smooth Legs?

Many women all have different preferences when it comes to how they like their man’s legs. A smaller percentage would state that they wouldn’t mind shaved legs but it is all about the grooming. 

In modern society, men taking care of themselves and their body has become quite popular and trends.

Most women prefer a man who takes pride in their appearance to a certain level, nothing over the top, but trims their leg hair and just keeps it tidy.

Steps For Shaving Your Legs 

For most women, shaving your legs has become a part of your weekly routine. However, men have not always been shaving their legs and have only become more popular recently.

Therefore, you might need a little bit of help with the best steps! 

You need to make sure you are exfoliating your legs before shaving to make sure you are getting rid of the dirt and oils from your pores in your skin.

It is also a very good way to prevent those ingrown hairs that can be quite annoying.

It is always good to trim your long hair before you get straight down to the shaving part. Mens leg hairs can become very long and you do not want them getting all tangled in your razor.

Then you need to smother your legs in either shaving gel or foam before you start shaving. You need to use this to avoid shaving rashes. 


Overall, if you’re someone who is looking for smoother legs but don’t know where to start, here are some of the steps you should follow for the best results.

If you are looking to start shaving your legs, you will need to maintain this to avoid the itchy stages after shaving and growing back. 

Hopefully this guide has cleared up some of the questions you might have had about shaving mens legs and the do’s and don’ts. Shave the right way!

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