Can You Use Magic Shaving Powder On Pubic Hair?

TikTok has become one of the best platforms for tricks and tips, and a place to showcase amazing new products that can make your life so much easier.

However, not everything you see on TikTok should be trusted – especially when it comes to hair care and grooming products. 

Can You Use Magic Shaving Powder On Pubic Hair?

So, is it safe to use TikTok’s latest mainstream trend – Magic Shaving Powder? Can you really use it on your pubic hairs – or is this one TikTok trend you will want to skip out on?

Here, we are going to be taking a closer look at Magic Shaving Powder to see if it’s really all it is made out to be.

This way, you can use the best products for your body and avoid any that pose a potential risk to your health and wellbeing. 

So, let’s dive in! 

Magic Shaving Powder: What Is It? 

Magic Shaving Powder is a depilatory product that has grown in popularity thanks to a trending TikTok video.

Being a depilatory product, this shaving powder helps remove hair by using chemicals but unlike most depilatory products, Magic Shaving Powder does not come in a cream or foam. 

Instead, it’s a white powder that is sold for a super affordable price.

It still has all the important ingredients such as calcium thioglycolate, calcium hydroxide, and calcium carbonate in its formula – and these are the key ones needed to help remove hair!

So, according to its formula, Magic Shaving Powder works just like a cream just in a powder substance rather than a cream. 

Where Magic Shaving Powder also differs from other depilatory creams is that it needs water in order to activate its ingredients.

This means that to use Magic Shaving Powder, you need to first mix it with water before applying to your desired areas. Then, it works just like a normal depilatory cream – just for a much more affordable price! 

THe reason why Magic Shaving Powder is so popular with TikTok users is apparently due to how well it works.

Most depilatory creams often leave behind a prickly texture to your skin, while Magic Shaving Powder apparently leaves skin super smooth.

This cuts out common issues seen with shaving, such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs and other forms of irritation, as well as providing better results than other depilatory creams. 

Should You Use Magic Shaving Powder?

There is a kind of curious hesitancy when it comes to new products on the ‘hair removal’ block. Everyone wants to use the best product available but no one wants to potentially take a risk on something that can be harmful. 

In the US, the brand is not as widely known as some other widely-trusted brands such as Veet or Nair, but Magic Shaving Powder still comes from a credible company.

It is a product of the Softsheen-Carson company, which produces beauty and healthcare products for those of ‘African’ descent – meaning that their products are designed with black people in mind to help provide them with the best possible products to use on their hair and skin. 

Should You Use Magic Shaving Powder?

Softsheen-Carson has an impressive portfolio of products, all of which are high in quality and backed up by reliable science.

They are also safe to use and thus, Magic Shaving Powder is just a lesser known product from a great company. 

However, Magic Shaving Powder comes with all the same risks as other depilatory creams.

It’s best to always carry out a patch test before using any depilatory products. So, apply a small amount to a patch on your leg to see if you have a negative reaction. 

Can You Use It On Pubic Hair? 

Now to the big question – can you use Magic Shaving Powder on pubic hair? 

It seems like the perfect answer. Shaving around your most intimate area can be risky as no guy wants to risk nicking his balls with a razor or having ingrown hairs all around his groin.

Depilatory products help minimize these risks – so you can use them on your pubic hair, right? 

Unfortunately, this is not the case. 

In fact, it’s best that you avoid using Magic Shaving Powder around your groin at all!

This is because depilatory products use harsh chemicals which, while they are fine to use on tougher areas of your skin like your legs and arms, you should not use on more sensitive areas of skin.

This includes around your genitals and on your face. If you do, you could potentially end up burning the skin in these areas.

This means that you shouldn’t use Magic Shaving Powder on your pubic hair. 

However, you shouldn’t use any depilatory products on your pubic hair anyway.

This warning comes with all depilatory products including those sold by the likes of Veet or Nair (Check out if You Can Use Nair On Your Balls?). So, it’s not a specific warning that comes with Magic Shaving Powder.

However, you can try a patch test on the upper areas of your pubic hair. This will help you see if you can use Magic Shaving Powder to limit any pubic hair spreading up your front or down your thighs.

Remember – do a patch test first to see how your skin reacts, and don’t even think about applying Magic Shaving Powder to any mucosal skin around your genitalia.

So, while Magic Shaving Powder will work its magic on pubic hair, it’s the potential risk it poses to your skin that is the reason why you shouldn’t use this product on your pubic hair.

If you are particularly hairy and have pubic hair spreading over other areas of your body, then you can use Magic Shaving Powder on these areas – but only after a patch test! 

Final Thoughts

Magic Shaving Powder is a popular product recommended on platforms like TikTok – and for good reason!

It’s a great depilatory product that does a great job of leaving you with smooth, hairless skin – but it still contains all the harsh chemicals which can cause serious damage and discomfort to the more sensitive areas of your body. 

So, only use Magic Shaving Powder on areas like your arms and legs! 

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