Can Men Get A Brazilian Wax?

Grooming and waxing may have been seen as feminine in the past, but fortunately, the world is becoming more accepting of male hair removal, including the pubic area. 

Of course, you can stick to shaving your pubic regions, but the results won’t last as long as the ones from waxing. Lots of guys choose to wax instead.

Can Men Get A Brazilian Wax3

For instance, bodybuilders and swimmers that have their skin on show have most of their hair waxed off, particularly before any competitive events. 

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to be curious about waxing though! If you have ever thought about swapping your razor for wax ‘down there’, you might wonder what the whole process entails.  

We’ll answer all your questions about male bikini waxing below, including the pain level, things you should do before and after your appointment, and how much hair will be taken off.

Can Men Get Brazilian Waxes?

Brazilian waxes may have been gender-specific in the past, but now, men can reap the benefits from waxing too!

Men might not broadcast their waxing appointments to the world, but more and more men are getting waxed down there than ever before. 

This may be for all sorts of reasons, but whether you want to look better before an event, are sick of stubbly results from shaving, or just prefer how waxed skin looks, you should feel free to wax as you please! 

Is Male Brazilian Waxing Embarrassing?

Please understand that wax technicians will never judge your body. Experienced technicians have been doing this job for years and see many different sizes and shapes regularly.

The only thing of concern to the technician is doing the best wax that they can, not what you, or your nether regions look like, so there’s little cause for concern. 

Is Male Brazilian Waxing Safe?

You may have heard from others that it’s not safe to wax male genitalia, but this is completely false.

Some salons might not offer male waxing services, but this is because male waxing wasn’t that common in the past, not due to safety concerns.

As long as you go to a professional, hygienic salon with experienced technicians, it’s perfectly safe to get a wax down there. 

How Much Hair Will They Take Off?

Brazilian waxing for men can remove hair from the perineum, scrotum, and anal areas. The amount of hair that’s removed is up to you! 

One choice is the standard bikini wax. This only removes hairs that can be seen when you are wearing brief-style swimwear. 

You can also choose to have all of the hair removed, but bear in mind that this will cost more.

Tell the wax technician about your preferences before they begin, telling them how much hair you would like to have removed, or about how much hair you want to remain. 

What If I Get Too ‘Excited’? 

A lot of male clients have this fear, but you should know that this is actually a common occurrence! 

Getting ‘excited’ during a waxing appointment can happen as much as 50% of the time. Your wax technician will understand and will remain professional the entire time. 

Remember, their main focus is carrying out the best wax possible, so in most cases, they won’t even acknowledge it. 

Will It Hurt A Lot?

Waxing involves pulling the hair strands out from the follicle, so this will never be painless. If you have a low pain threshold or sensitive skin, you may experience more pain than usual. 

However, this pain level will decrease with every session as your skin adapts. You should notice a difference after roughly three appointments. 

Many professional waxing establishments have their technicians employ special techniques to reduce the amount of pain. Examples include using hard wax instead of strips, and applying soothing products to the skin for aftercare. 

Can Men Get A Brazilian Wax?

How To Prepare For An Waxing Appointment

You will need to do a few things to prepare for your appointment. Aim to shower close to your session. Wax applies to clean skin better, and you may feel more comfortable. 

Don’t apply any lotion the day before your appointment or after your shower. Lotion prevents the wax from sticking to the hairs, making the process a lot more tedious. 

You will also have to ensure that your hairs are at least ¼ of an inch long. If you’re fond of shaving, don’t shave for three weeks before the session.

Lightly exfoliate the area the night before, as this will stop ingrown hairs from forming. 

If you are nervous about the pain level, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Don’t take any stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine. These can increase your skin’s sensitivity. 

Freshly waxed skin needs to breathe as much as possible, so don’t wear tight clothing on the day.

What Happens During The Appointment?

Once you enter the treatment room, you will be asked to remove your underwear. This will protect your clothes from wax stains and allows the technician to see everything clearly.

Some places offer disposable thongs to men, so you can choose to wear one during the session.

The technician will cleanse the skin to remove any bacteria, then check the hair length to see if it’s suitable for waxing. They will ask you about how much hair you would like taken off. 

After you’ve told them your preferences, they will start waxing. Technicians tend to use hard wax for sensitive places, which doesn’t require a wax strip.

Once the hair is gone, the technician will apply soothing products, like aloe vera gel, to alleviate the pain. They will then give you a mirror to look at the results.

You can then give your approval or tell the technician if you would like any more hair removed. 

What Happens After The Appointment?

You might notice some puffiness or redness after your wax, but this should resolve itself during the first two days. 

Don’t exfoliate your skin during this time, as this can irritate the area. Once 48 hours are up, you can then start lightly exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs. 

You should also avoid intense exercise and sexual activity for the first two days, and be sure to avoid jacuzzis, baths, and steam rooms until this period finishes. 

The Bottom Line

Yes, men can get Brazilian waxes! Waxing is not a gendered activity anymore, so don’t feel shy about booking an appointment.

Always ensure that your salon is of high quality and has good reviews, and make sure that your technicians are well experienced. 

If you’re unsure about giving a Brazilian wax a go, remember that hair grows back! Try it and see if you like the finished look. You may be surprised at the results! 

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