Can Asians Have Curly Hair?

In the West, naturally curly hair is seen as lively and stylish, and it’s often more sought after than straight hair.

But in Asia, the trend is quite different. Asians don’t often have curly hair because it’s perceived as a messy hairstyle.

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Plus, Asians genetically have mostly straight, thick hair.

Even if you don’t want a full curly look, is it still possible for Asian men to have curly hair?  

We take a closer look at Asian curls, and how you can transform your hair from straight into curly with just a few basic tips.

Can An Asian Man Have Curly Hair?

Yes, Asians can have curly hair. While it’s still rare to see Asian men with natural curls, there are a few celebrities that rock some fantastic looking curls.

However, this is still quite unusual as many Asian men as well as Asian women have straight hair.

Why Asians Don’t Often Have Curly Hair?

There are quite a few good reasons why Asians don’t sport curly hair very often, from social norms to genetics.


Our hair, its color and our natural hairstyle is set by our genes. Studies have found that many Asian people have thicker hair than Caucasians.

Their genes also produce more naturally straight hair than people of other descent.

We all have a number of different genes that impact the thickness of our hair, our hair follicle growth and how long our hair can grow.

There is no particular research yet on why Asians usually have straight hair but it has been confirmed that their genes increase the thickness of their hair.


Our hairstyle is so individual to us, and it also depends on what’s trendy at any one time in history, and even in a certain part of the world.

In Asia, curly hair has been extremely unusual for many years and it is still perceived as frizzy or messy today.

This means that many Asians, even people with curly hair, choose to comb or brush their curls straight, even hide them.

In the last few years, Western movements and the increased trend in curly hair has seen changes in many communities, especially Latin and Black communities where curly hair suddenly became a big trend.

However, experts say that this mostly passed by Asian communities because of Asians’ refusal to pick up on this hairstyle and some other beauty trends.

While there are curl-shaping products available in Asia, they are often designed for different hair types as Asians simply don’t use them.

How To Make Your Hair Curly?

Can Asians Have Curly Hair

If you are an Asian man and you still want to rock some natural-looking curls, then luckily there are a few ways you can do this.

Wash Your Hair Less

Shampoo and conditioner can dry out your hair and it also stops your hair from creating natural curls.

These products remove any of the natural oils in your hair which it needs to get a nice curly or wavy shape.

That’s why, it’s a good idea not to wash your hair too often. Use some lukewarm or cold water to remove any dirt instead.

It’s also a good idea to give your hair washing a break for a while to allow your hair to adapt to a new moisture level.

While this may initially feel a little greasy, you will notice that after a few weeks, your hair won’t get as oily so quickly.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

When you dry your hair with a towel, then you also remove the natural oils that sit within your hair and on the skin of your scalp.

The same applies to drying your hair with a blow dryer. It dries your hair out and can even lead to frizz.

It’s worth drying your hair naturally a few times to check what your hair would look like, and whether you would get some natural waves.

Use A Heat Curler

One of the best ways to create almost instant curls in your hair is with heated hair tools, such as rollers or curlers.

You need to ensure that your hair is dry and clean before you start with any curlers. Then, pre-heat your rollers and add a little heat protection spray to your hair.

This will help avoid any damage to your curls. Then start curling your hair in sections. If you have shorter hair, this shouldn’t take too long.

It’s worthwhile mentioning here that you will need a certain length of hair to create curls. As curls look different with everyone, the length also varies.

Choose The Right Haircut

The right type of haircut has a big impact on what your curls and waves may look like. 

If your hair is naturally straight, then you will need slightly longer hair to create some good-looking faux curls.

One great hairstyle to try is to have your hair long on top and a little shorter on the sides. You can easily pair this with a light fringe or a high fade.

It’s a good idea to speak to your barber or hairdresser about what kind of curly haircut would suit you.

Use Curl-Enhancing Products

Another great method to create natural curls in your hair is with some cur-shaping products. These products reduce frizz which then allows you to shape your hair into curls or waves.

An added bonus of curl-enhancing products is that your hair will stay in place for longer.

There is a vast range of this type of hair products available. Sometimes you need to apply it to dry hair, while others require your hair to be slightly damp.

It’s important to check the packaging and instructions before you start.

If you are looking for a more natural way to create curls, then you can apply some sea salt spray to your hair.

It usually creates more volume but also has the added side effect that it shapes hair into waves and curls.

Final Thoughts

While many Asians don’t choose to have curls, they can also shape their hair into beautifully natural locks.

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