Best Smelling Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, you need to use something that will be good for your hair but will also smell great.

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower with a clean scalp and a fresh scent to start off your day. 

There are lots of different shampoos available, but which ones actually smell the best?

And which ones offer the best care for your hair? We have put together this list of the best smelling shampoo products to help you decide which one will be best for you.

We have also answered some frequently asked questions and provided a buying guide to make it easier for you to select your ideal product. 

Product Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best smelling shampoo products that are available online. 


[amazon fields=”B08HP57BJX” value=”thumb”]


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Head & Shoulder is a hair care brand well known for scalp care products.

This shampoo is clinical strength and will start to improve your dandruff or dry scalp after the first wash.

It is made with the same concentration of selenium sulfide and ketoconazole as prescription strength shampoo. 

But what about the scent? This shampoo is infused with manuka honey which not only nourishes your hair and scalp, but also provides a sweet and natural scent.

This product is dermatologically designed, tested and recommended, so you can enjoy hair that smells great and skin that feels healthy. 


  • Value - This is a reasonably priced product that comes in a twin pack for better value
  • Brand - With this product you get the peace of mind of using a well known brand
  • Strength - This shampoo is prescription strength and is great for getting rid of dandruff
  • Scent - It is infused with manuka honey for a natural scent


  • Hair Dye - If you have dyed hair then this product could cause the color to fade
  • Scent - Some people found the scent to be overpowering, so it depends on how much aroma you want.


[amazon fields=”B01INE0P6I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Next up, we have another well known brand of hair care products - Dove.

This is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner which cleans and conditioners your hair at the same time.

It contains caffeine to help to prevent your hair from thinning, keeping it thick and luscious. Your hair will appear healthier and it will be stronger and less prone to breakage. 

This shampoo is fragranced with a classic, fresh scent that will leave you feeling clean and invigorated.

It is also infused with menthol which gives you a pleasant tingling feeling on your scalp. 


  • Value - This product is incredibly good value and you get 4 bottles in each pack. 
  • Brand - Dove is well known and respected brand for hair care products 
  • Enriched - The shampoo is enriched with caffeine and menthol to keep your hair thick and to clean your scalp 
  • Scent - The scent is fresh, clean and invigorating.


  • Menthol - Some people find the tingling sensation from the menthol to be uncomfortable


[amazon fields=”B003E1CYHO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This shampoo is great for all hair types, but it is especially beneficial if you have oily hair.

It cleans and refreshes your hair, leaving behind a natural scent of peppermint, tea tree oil and lavender.

The peppermint and tea tree extracts soothe your scalp and are great for your skin. 

This formula is vegan friendly and free from parabens. It won’t fade colored hair and it is suitable for people with skin conditions.

It is moderately priced considering the quality of the ingredients. 


  • Scent - This shampoo has a wonderful smell of peppermint, tea tree and lavender
  • Scalp care - It is great for looking after your scalp 
  • Color safe - It will not fade colored hair 
  • Vegan - It is a vegan formula free from parabens


  • Palm oil - This shampoo contains palm oil which is not a sustainable ingredient


[amazon fields=”B07T3HJKT6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This shampoo is made in small batches by a responsible company who use natural ingredients.

There are no artificial fragrances- only botanical ingredients are used to create the scent- peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil.

A little bit goes a long way as it lathers easily, which means that one bottle will last you for a long time.

This shampoo is suitable for all hair types and will leave your hair clean and shiny.

It is designed as a high performance shampoo for people who live an active, outdoors lifestyle. It is inspired by nature and is a high quality product. 


  • Brand - This is made by a small company known for being socially responsible 
  • Natural - The ingredients are natural and simple with no artificial fragrances
  • Versatile - It is suitable for all hair types
  • Scent - It has a fresh smell of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender. 


  • Price - Some customers found that this item was not good value as it comes in a single, small bottle. However, this is partially because it is made in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness. 


[amazon fields=”B08LRC6RJB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Old Spice is a popular fragrance brand, but they have branched out into hair care and body wash products more recently.

They have a range of shampoo products, but this one is their Pure Sport fragrance which is lemony and bright.

This is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner which makes it easy and convenient for you to care for your hair. 

The formula for this shampoo is inspired by barber shop shampoo which is of a very high quality.

It aims to revitalize your hair and leave you feeling refreshed and is designed for men who take part in a lot of sporting activities. 


  • Price - This is a twin pack product which is very good value for money 
  • Brand - The brand is well established and respected 
  • Scent - This shampoo has a fresh, vibrant lemon scent


  • Conditioner - Some people found that it does not condition your hair enough to avoid using any conditioner at all


[amazon fields=”B00139353Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This shampoo is designed for people with thin or thinning hair, as it will help to make it thicker and more voluminous.

It will also strengthen the hair, making it more resilient against breakage. 

It is safe for colored hair and has a vegan formula which is free from parabens.

The scent is aromatic sage and zest lemon , with peppermint oil and tea tree oil which help to sooth your scalp and make you feel invigorated. 


  • Vegan - This is a vegan friendly shampoo with no parabens
  • Color safe - It is safe to use on colored hair as it won’t cause fading 
  • Scent - It has an uplifting scent of lemon and sage 
  • Skin care - The peppermint oil and tea tree oil are good for your scalp
  • Thickening - It will help to thicken thin hair


  • Sensitive - Some people with sensitive skin found that this formula was too strong for them 


[amazon fields=”B06XTG99F9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This shampoo comes in a bundle with an accompanying conditioner, which makes it good value.

Both products contain no harsh chemicals and are free from sulfates and parabens which can dry out your hair.

You will love how shiny and moisturized your hair will feel after using this shampoo.

The shampoo has a cypress coast scent which is refreshing like an ocean breeze. 

It contains jojoba oil, honey and oat protein. The conditioner is cool citrus which includes sgae, calendula and peppermint oil for a revitalizing effect.

It also contains menthol to cleanse and energize your scalp, and shea butter and avocado oil for moisture and nourishment. 


  • Natural - This shampoo contains no harsh chemicals and is free from parabens and sulfates 
  • Value - It comes in a bundle with a conditioner 
  • Scent - It has a refreshing scent of cypress coast.
  • Moisturizing - It has moisturizing properties which will leave your hair feeling soft and nourished 


  • Price - Even though this comes in a bundle, it is quite an expensive choice. However, the ingredients are of a good quality


[amazon fields=”B00SWDHC5I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a shampoo that helps to build up strength in your hair over time as you use it regularly.

It also helps to soothe a dry, itchy scalp and prevent dandruff with natural peppermint oil.

The formula is free from parabens and sulfates and contains to help keep your hair moisturized.

It also contains amino acids to promote hair growth. The ingredients are 97% natural and 83% organic. The peppermint scent is fresh and minty. 


  • Hair care - This shampoo is strengthening, moisturizing, and promotes growth. 
  • Natural - It contains 97% natural ingredients which are mostly organic and is free from parabens and sulfates
  • Skin care - It’s very good for scalp health and dry skin


  • Sensitive - Some people found that the formula was too strong for people with sensitive skin


[amazon fields=”B087CXZL47″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This peppermint oil shampoo has a fresh, minty scent. It contains keratin to help with hair growth and prevent hair loss.

It contains no sulfates or parabens, which helps to keep your hair in good condition.

Your hair will be healthier and fuller and your scalp nourished thanks to the natural properties of tea tree, argan, turmeric root, coconut oil and peppermint.

You will feel refreshed and clean, with soft hair that looks shiny and voluminous.

This shampoo is great for all hair types and can be used every day. It is also cruelty free. 


  • Scent - This shampoo has a minty fresh scent 
  • Nourishing - It contains natural ingredients that nourish your hair, help it to grow and prevent hair loss
  • Cruelty free - This product is not tested on animals 
  • Natural - This shampoo does not contain any sulfates or parabens


  • Pump - this bottle has a pump action lid which some customers have found is defective


[amazon fields=”B00MHX3V54″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This product is the most expensive one on the list. It is definitely high end and might not be in everyone’s price range, but it is a very good quality product.

The smell is musky and luxurious, with damask rose, black pepper and aromatic sage.

The formula is rich with nutrients to keep your hair in ideal condition - clean, shiny and supple.

It is suitable for all hair types and can be used daily to keep your hair soft. 


  • Scent - This has a rich and musky scent 
  • Quality - The quality of the product and the ingredients is very high 


  • Price - This is a high end product which may be out of price range for some people

Buying Guide

Now that you know which shampoo products smell the best, you need to narrow down your choice and decide which one is going to be best for you and your hair.

Here are some things that you should consider in case you are struggling to decide. 

Best Smelling Shampoo


The first thing you should decide is your budget. We have included a range of products in this list to suit every budget.

Some of them are value packs that come with multiple packs of shampoo.

We have also included some moderately priced bottles, and a few high end products.

Before you choose your shampoo you need to think about how much money you are willing to spend. 


The next thing to think about is the ingredients of the shampoo.

Some people prefer to use products that are made using natural ingredients such as botanical extracts and plant derived ingredients.

It might be important to you that the shampoo is vegan friendly.

Perhaps there is a special ingredient that you would like the shampoo to include such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus. 

Special Features 

Some shampoos have special features or offer certain benefits.

You might need a shampoo that is good at getting rid of dandruff and healing a dry, flaky scalp. 

Perhaps you need a shampoo that will help to thicken your hair and make it more resilient against breakage. 


All of the shampoo products we have included on this list have been chosen because they smell great, but there might be certain scents that you prefer.

You might like earthy, musky smells. Or you may prefer zesty, fresh smells. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

How often you need to wash your hair will depend on your hair type.

If you have thick hair that tends to dry out easily then it is best to wash it less frequently and make sure you use a good quality conditioner.

You may also need to use a leave-in conditioner in between washes.

If your hair is thin and prone to getting greasy then you will need to wash your hair more often and be more sparing with heavy conditioners. 

Is Sulfate Free Shampoo Best? 

Sulfates are known to dry out certain types of hair. If you have thick hair or curly hair, it is best to avoid sulfates.

There are other types of hair that can benefit from a small amount of sulfates in shampoo. 

What Is The Best Way To Use Shampoo? 

Shampoo should be used on wet hair. Squirt a small amount onto your hands and lather it into your hair until it forms a thick foam of bubbles.

Use your fingers to massage the shampoo into your scalp, making sure that all areas are covered.

It’s important to get underneath the top layer of hair and clean the areas that are closest to the scalp, as this is where oil, sweat and dirt can build.

You should then rinse your hair in running water until all of the shampoo bubbles have been washed away. 

How Much Shampoo Do You Need To Use? 

How much shampoo you need to use per wash will depend on the product.

Some shampoos are more concentrated and only require a small amount.

It will also depend on how much hair you have, as people with long hair or thick hair will need to use more than someone with short hair or thin hair.

Start off with a small amount to see how far it goes. If you cannot build up a good lather over all of your hair then use a little bit more. 


We put this list together of the best smelling shampoo products to help you put together your ideal hair care routine.

Whether you have thick hair, thinning hair, or a flaky scalp, there will be a product on this list that is perfect for you and your hair.

We have also included products that suit a range of budgets, so you can get a good smelling shampoo regardless of how much money you want to spend. 

Remember to always do a skin test before you use a new product to check for reactions.

You should also check the directions and safety warnings on any new product before you use it.

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