Best Safety Razor Blades

Like most men within the states, did you receive a shaving kit over the over holidays, or simply purchase yourself a new razor?

You probably want to do your research into which razor blades are best to ensure you get a close, smooth shave every time. 

While the weight, size, and blade exposure of a double edge safety razor can all significantly affect a blade's performance, by far the biggest determining factor on whether a shave is close and comfortable will come down to the best razor blade that complements your equipment, routine, skin, and beard.

We have put together 5 of our top picks for the best safety razor blades on the market.

With their pros and cons, you can make an easy, educated choice on which safety razor blade will deliver the results you want.

We have also included a simple buyers guide so that you know what to look for when purchasing a safety razor blade. 

Check it out below!

What Is A Safety Razor Blade?

A safety razor is a shaving tool that has a barrier between the blade's edge and the skin to lessen the amount of expertise required for an injury-free shave.

Since most men had to rely on barbers to shave them before the development of the safety razor, it allowed men who may not have had as deep wallets to have a clean-shaven face as often as they liked.

Since both edges of the double edge razor may be used to shave at any given time and their small blades can be changed at home, everyday shaving is made even more convenient.

Up until the 1970s, when cartridge and disposable razors were introduced, the DE razor was the most used form of safety razor.


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Whether you have been shaving for decades or are about to experience your first shave, Feather double edge safety razor blades have got you covered.

This is one of the sharpest razor blades on the market, allowing you to get a close shave time and time again. 

Because of the thinner edge on this blade, plan to replace it once every three to four shavings because there may be microscopic chips that collect along the edge and cause irritation.

However, with a pack of 50, you won't be needing to repurchase for quite some time!

You can create whichever style you wish from the classic clean shave to a more adventurous mustache. Explore the contours of your face with the Feather Hi-Stainless razor blade. 

Although, we do recommend having an experienced shaver show you the ropes of using the Feather Hi-Stainless blade if you are new to shaving. They are intensely sharp and are rather easy to nick yourself with. 


  • Price - With 50 in a pack, this safety razor blade is rather budget friendly and will last a rather incredible number of shaves. 
  • Sharp - Super sharp blade to help provide a clean, smooth shave every time. 
  • Uses - Use the same blade 3-4 times before having to replace it. 


  • Experience - While novice shavers can use the Feather Double Edged Blades, they are suited for more experienced shavers who know the contours of their own face. 


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Derby Extra double edge safety razor blades are one of the most common blades used by novices. They provide an exceptionally smooth shave that will leave you feeling power with every use. 

As they are manufactured in Turkey, the Derby Extra Double Edge Blade is a rather inexpensive option.

This makes them extremely popular among new shavers who are still getting used to the world of wet shaving. 

Now, because of the blade being popular among novice shavers, it is often awarded with a rather negative reputation.

This is due to novice shavers being prone to nicking their skin, which is rather inevitable no matter which blade is used.

So, why not revisit a classic and see for yourself. Is it really as bad as people claim or has your improved technique able to save you thousands of dollars of razor blades every year?

The Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blade is a blade which can be used by any level of shaver. Giving you a perfect result each use at an affordable price. 


  • Experience Level - This razor can be used by any shaver. From beginner to expert, anyone can experience a clean, smooth shave each time they use this razor blade. 
  • Budget-Friendly - With 100 razor blades in a pack, you can rely on Derby blades to get you through any face-scaping phase. 
  • Wet or Dry - Use this blade wet or dry to experience a smooth shave. However, we recommend always using a lubricant before shaving. 


  • Reputation - Due to beginner shavers using the blade and inevitably nicking themselves, these blades have acquired a rather negative reputation. 


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Looking for a budget friendly, reliable, double edged safety razor blade? The Wilkinson Sword Classic Stainless Steel Razor Blade might be just what you are searching for. 

Each of these blades has a ceramic coating that helps to increase durability, a coating of PTFE (also known as Teflon), and chromium to help prevent corrosion along the stainless steel edge.

They provide a clean shave which allows you to explore which shaving style suits you best. 

Their rather smoother blade edge means that this blade is a great option for beginners. They can decipher the planes of their face without worrying about cutting themselves every 2 seconds. 

What makes these blades an even more seductive choice? You can find them in the aisles of the majority of drug stores for a rather inexpensive price.

Or you can order them online for your ease and convenience.

On average you will get about a week's worth of shaves from each blade before it needs to be replaced. 


  • Long-lasting - Laced with chromium to prevent corrosion, ceramic to improve the durability, and a coating of Teflon to reduce irritation. 
  • Smooth Edge - With a rather large whisker width than average this blade has a smoother edge which is perfect for beginners. 
  • Distribution - Finds on the shelves of most major retailers and even smaller drugstores. Or purchase online to receive your favorite razors without having to leave your home. 
  • Uses - On average, get around a week’s worth of shaves out of each blade before it needs to be replaced. 


  • Pack Size - With only 20 in a pack you may need to purchase more regularly than other razor blade packages. 


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All men who use a double edge safety razor agree that these Russian-made razor blades are by far one of the most well-liked brands.

They are extremely budget friendly due to their low cost, yet for many people, they still provide a close shave.

These blades usually function a little more smoothly. Not to be confused with sharper, this.

Astra's slightly smoother edge will probably be a nice change if you have previously used a Feather blade and find that you occasionally nick yourself.

When you receive your Astra Platinum blades you will find each blade individually wrapped in wax paper. This provides them with a protective layer to prevent nicks and cuts when loading the blade. 


  • Budget-Friendly - This safety razor blade has a low price point and comes with 100 in a single pack, making them extremely affordable. 
  • Wrapped in Wax Paper - When you open your Astra Platinum blades you will see that each one is wrapped in wax paper. This protects you from nicks and cuts when loading the blade. 
  • Smoother Edge - Lessens the nicks and cuts you may receive when using the blade while still gaining a close shave. 


  • Disposal Case - As each blade is wrapped in wax paper, it is important they are disposed of properly in a razor blade disposal case. This is an extra expense. 


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It goes without saying that Gillette is one of the most renowned brands in the shaving industry.

Regardless of the course it may have followed lately, its innovation opened the way for a number of grooming gadgets that we still use today.

There is an ongoing debate over whether the Gillette 7’ O'clock razors or the Platinum Blue razor blades are better. And to be honest, either model will provide you with a clean, smooth shave.

However,  we find that the Platinum Blue Razor Blades provide a smoother shave for a cheaper price. 

Made in Russia, these razor blades are known for their durability and longevity. With a platinum coating you get a close, smooth shave without the irritation of an intensely sharp blade. 

With the Gillette  Platinum Blue Razor Blades you can learn the contours of your face with a razor that you can trust. 


  • Platinum Coating - The platinum coating helps strengthen the durability and longevity of each razor blade. 
  • Price - With 100 blades in a pack, these razor blades are rather inexpensive. 
  • Brand - Enjoy your shaving adventures with a brand you can trust. 


  • Nicking - While this blade offers a smoother shave, there is still the possibility of nicking the skin when in use. 

Best Safety Razor Blades Buying Guide

While it may seem simple to select a razor blade that will work for you. After all, all you need is for it to be sharp right? Well, it can actually be rather difficult.

There are certain factors to consider when choosing the right blade for you and your skin. 

We have created this buyer's guide to make it simple. Check it out below:

Best Safety Razor Blades

Sharpness of Razor Blades

The majority of men and some women believe that the closer the shave is, the sharper the blade must be. This is a typical half-truth, to be sure.

This assumption neglects the fact that using a sharp razor also puts the user at a higher risk for skin nicks and cuts.

This is particularly important if you are still figuring out your shaving technique. However, it is true that a sharp blade, like the Feather, will enable you to shave with fewer passes.

The smoothness of the blade is another factor to consider. In this context, smoothness refers to the cutting angle of the blade. Extreme cutting angles are not present in smooth blades.

As a result, in comparison to sharper blades, they demand the user to use some pressure while shaving. There are fewer chances of cuts and nicks with smooth blades.

On the other hand, smooth blades do raise the possibility of skin irritations, which could be problematic for people with sensitive skin.

Shaving Experience

Whether you have been using a razor for years or are just beginning can significantly impact the razor blade you purchase.

A safety razor allows beginners to learn how to achieve a close, clean shave quickly without great difficulty.

Compared to using straight razors, the learning curve is not as high. However, it does take some getting used to, especially if you're moving up from cartridge razors.

You should begin as a beginner with gentle blades. These will provide you the freedom to experiment and practice shaving without risking cuts and nicks.

Depending on your safety razor and blade, it may take some time for you to get used to it and figure out how much pressure to use to get the best results with the least amount of skin irritation.

Hair Type You Are Shaving 

That's right, the type of hair will have a rather large impact on the type of blade you choose.

While someone's hair may look like the same type as yours, it could be slightly different meaning they require a different type of blade for shaving. It is important to find a razor blade which works for your hair type.

The good news is that safety razor blades come in a variety of options. Any that works for your hair type is acceptable. Typically, blades with aggression are needed for coarse hair.

In this context, the word "aggressive" relates to how sharp the blade is. Coarse hair will be challenging for dull blades to cut. And even when they do, there will be some straining, tugging, and agony involved. 

You must take into account your hair's length in addition to its coarseness.

It needs aggressive blades if it is lengthy. Having said that, you have to think about buying a less aggressive and smooth blade if you have delicate, rough skin or a tendency to get acne.

You must not chance causing skin irritation.

Type of Blade

You might think that all blades are the same with different logos and names, but there are a variety of blade types to choose from. The majority of people prefer to use what they know.

While this is fine to do and generally ensures that you get the result you want. Trying out new types of blades won’t do you any harm. 

Variety packs of safety razor blades are also available for purchase.

These safety razor blade bundles provide you the opportunity to cut costs while still experimenting and finding the brand that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When deciding which safety razor will be best for you, your skin, and your hair, it can be confusing. With so many options available and the different elements to consider when making your choice.

We have answered some of the most common questions surrounding the best safety razor blades below:

Is Shaving With A Safety Razor Better?

Yes, it is in comparison to electric and cartridge razors. Safety razor use results in fewer shaving bumps, minimal to no skin irritation, and no ingrown hairs.

This is due to the fact that when using a safety razor, only one blade touches your skin.

Are Feather Blades Good To Use On Sensitive Skin?

They are sharp, therefore yes, they are. However, you ought to use gentle razors in conjunction with them. Additionally, use light pressure to prevent nicks and cuts.

Feather blades are extremely sharp making them more suitable for experienced shavers. 

How Often Should I Change My Safety Razor Blade?

Depending on the blade and the coarseness of your beard, you can use a safety razor blade a certain number of times. You are anticipated to switch safety blade razors every week, albeit the frequency differs.

This indicates that each blade provides five to six shavings (plus or minus a few shavings). Everything relies on the quality of the razor and the coarseness of your beard.

Final Thoughts

On the market for a new safety razor blade or just entering the world of shaving? We want you to get the best shave possible. 

Our top picks include razors for all experience levels and different hair types. All you have to do is read and choose. 

We have also included a simple buyers guide to ensure you know everything you need to when purchasing a safety razor blade. 

So, take your time, read through our 5 best safety razor blades, and experience a clean, smooth shave time and time again. 

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