Best Blackhead Remover Mask

Has your face recently exploded in blackheads and you don’t know how to get rid of them? Maybe you have been told to try a blackhead remover mask but you don’t know which one to choose?

Or is this the first time you have encountered a blackhead and you aren’t sure how to deal with them? No matter what your situation is, we are here to help with the answers that you need! 

Removing blackheads can be tricky business. These small spots can be super painful and can leave you feeling gross or sad about your appearance.

There is no need to feel this way, of course, everyone gets spots, but it’s easy to forget that when you wake up on the day of a big date or event to see blackheads clustered on your nose or forehead. 

You snap into problem-solving mode, rummaging through your bathroom cupboard, desperate for a solution, but come up empty-handed. What are you supposed to do?

You know you aren’t supposed to pop these spots, but right now, it seems like your only option. 

But what if we told you there is another way? That’s right, blackhead remover masks! These beauties can be applied in the morning or evening and will do all the hard work for you!

And today, we have five of the best on the market to help you find the best blackhead remover mask for you. Just keep reading to see your options and our handy buyer’s guide that will help you find your new mask today. 

Five Best Blackhead Remover Mask


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First up, we have this wonderful mask that will remove your blackheads in one go!

The mask not only removes blackheads but helps to clean your pores and sebum to prevent any dirt or bacteria from growing into more spots!

If you suffer from blocked pores or regular breakouts, then this mask is one you should start using regularly! 

The mask uses glycerin to help melt away blackheads, and remove any dust, dead skills, or bacteria that could cause more spots. You can expect your skin to look clear and you should notice a visible difference in your blackheads after just one application!

The mask also features plant-derived extracts like chamomile and green tea which help to purify, smooth, and moisturize the skin, leaving you feeling clean and soft, what more could you want? 

What we love about the mask is how easy it is to apply. The mask feels so thick and creamy, it glides onto your skin easily, all you need to do is leave it to sit on a clean and dry face for 15 minutes before washing it off and you can see the difference straight away!

We have found using it once or twice a week has helped to keep our skin clear, and it feels much smoother than before! Don’t forget to use a light moisturizer after it to keep your skin feeling soft and clean. 

The only downside to this mask is that some customers noted it smells a little earth-like. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you can power through 15 minutes of some ‘natural’ smells, your skin will thank you! 


  • Reasonably priced - will be suitable for most budgets 
  • Easy to apply - saves you battling sticky formulas or needing applicators 
  • Plant-derived extracts - help to soothe and moisturize skin along with clearing it 
  • Blackheads removed after one go - gives you the clear skin you have been craving!


  • Some customers noted an earthy smell that might not be to everyone’s tastes


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Next, we have a wonderful peel-off mask that is sure to banish your blackheads! At an affordable price, this mask is perfect for anyone on a budget.

You get a few uses out of the tube too, so you get value for money as well as a good price! The mask is applied to clean and dry skin and left for 10 to 15 minutes before you peel it off, using your fingers.

As you peel away the mask, you will be amazed (and repulsed) at how much gunk it has pulled out of your skin! 

Although peel-off masks can be painful to remove, this one is fairly pleasant! It’s because activated charcoal is used to ensure that you can peel the mask off in one go, without it hurting your skin.

If you do have issues peeling the mask off, you can rinse it away with some warm water and a cloth. 

The activated charcoal in the mask helps to remove your blackheads, clear away excess oil, and offer deep cleaning of your pores.

Not only will your pores appear smaller, but you can enjoy clearer skin as any grime that could become blackheads has been removed! We love how effective the mask is, and as you only need to use it once a week, the bottle has lasted us ages! 

It’s worth noting that it might not be suitable for those with sensitive or fragrance-sensitive skin. This is pretty common with peel-off masks, so make sure you do a patch test at least 24 hours before applying it to your face.

Or you can use one of our other fantastic options instead and save yourself the trouble of a patch test! 


  • Affordable price - perfect for most budgets 
  • Bamboo charcoal - helps to clear your face and remove blackheads from your pores 
  • Peels off easily - without causing any pain for a relaxing experience 
  • Deep cleaning - you can see results after one use, making it perfect to use before an event! 


  • Those with sensitive skin might find this mask irritates their skin (a patch test is advised)


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While these aren’t technically a mask, we think you will love these pore strips! They are a great alternative to peel-off masks, especially if your blackheads seem to appear in the same area!

The Biore pore strips come in a box of 24, offering outstanding value for money. You get 12 strips for your nose and 12 for your face.

While you wouldn’t cover your entire face in these strips, they are fantastic for getting rid of those tough blackheads on your nose! 

The strips are super easy to apply too, simply remove them from the packaging and smooth them onto the affected area. You can leave them to get to work and peel them off gently and see the blackheads on the strip! 

What we love about these pore strips is that they are unscented! Even though the box is pink, there is nothing to suggest that these strips smell girly, anyone can use them!

They are also ideal for anyone with fragrance-sensitive skin. Plus, they are cruelty-free and vegan, a win for us! 


  • Reasonably priced - should be suitable for most budgets 
  • Perfect for noses - ideal if you have a problem area on your nose 
  • 24 pack - offers great value for money 
  • Unscented - perfect for anyone with fragrance sensitivities


  • Can’t be used on your entire face - better suited for target areas only 

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Next, we have an extremely popular choice! Sand & Sky’s clay mask exploded in popularity a few years ago, and it’s no wonder why! The mask will not only remove blackheads but does so many other fantastic things for your skin!

The mask will reduce the appearance of pores, and uneven texture, and brighten your skin in just 10 minutes! Not only will it help your skin, but it will do it quickly, so even the busiest of men can fit it in! 

What we love is you get a handy applicator brush to apply the product with. Now you don’t need to get the product on your hands or stuck under your nails. The brush does the hard work for you and leaves you with an even application.

What’s more, the face mask is suitable for all skin types!

Even if you have sensitive skin you can use the mask worry-free, making it perfect for everyone to use! If you are looking for a mask that will improve your skin along with clearing your blackheads, then it's the mask for you!

The only downside is it is a little expensive, but if you are looking for a payday treat, we recommend Sand & Sky’s mask!


  • Free applicator - keeps your hands clean while you apply the mask 
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients - means you aren’t using anything harsh or bad for your skin
  • Suitable for all skin types - you don’t need to worry about any adverse reactions 
  • Reduces the appearance of pores too - for clearer and healthy-looking skin


  • Expensive 

Also Available At 


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Finally, we have this fantastic Dead Sea Mud Mask! The mask is packed full of vitamins and minerals that will replenish your skin, as well as clear and remove blackheads and excess oil.

At a reasonable price, the mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin! It’s unscented and free of alcohol and parabens, so there is nothing here that could irritate you.

What’s more, the addition of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and aloe vera helps to calm and soothe your skin. So if you’ve had a bad break out, let the mask calm your face and clear the blackheads! 

You can enjoy reduced visibility on your pores and excess oil will be absorbed. You won’t need to worry about the excess oil causing more breakouts, the mask will take it all away! Plus it can also help stimulate blood circulation, which can improve an uneven complexion. 

We love how thick the mask is when you apply it, and how it dries without leaving your skin feeling too tight. You can also use it every day if you want or are having a bad breakout, what more could you want? 

Some customers did find that their packages arrived dented, so be sure to check the tub is intact before you start using it! 


  • Reasonably priced - suitable for most budgets 
  • Can be used daily - to keep problem skin clear and healthy 
  • Alcohol and paraben free - makes it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Reduces pores and oil - to prevent blackheads from returning


  • Some customers noted the packaging arrived dented

Buyer's Guide

Are you unsure what features you should consider when searching for your blackhead remover mask? Use our handy buyer’s guide to see what the best blackhead remover mask needs to have to make your purchase a breeze today!

Best Blackhead Remover Mask


First off, consider the type of mask you are purchasing. As you will have seen from our list, blackhead remover masks come in a few different types.

You can choose from a wash off mask, a peel-off mask, facial scrub or cleanser, or nose strips. Whichever one you choose will help reduce the appearance of and remove your blackheads, but in different ways. 

If you have a low pain threshold or sensitive skin, we suggest avoiding peel-off masks and pore strips. To remove the mask, you have to peel it off with your hands, and some of them can cling to your skin and be quite painful to remove!

Especially if these masks get too close to your sensitive under-eye area or any hairs. You could lose half your beard to one of these masks, so make sure to take care! 

Our favorite type is a wash-off mask.

They will still penetrate deep into your pores and help to pull out blackheads or other bacteria lurking, but without causing any pain to your face! If you have the budget why not try a few different types of blackhead remover masks to see which you prefer? 


Next, you want to look at the ingredients used in the blackhead remover mask. Keep an eye out for any ingredients you are allergic to and avoid masks containing them. The last thing you want is to cause an allergic reaction while you are trying to get rid of blackheads! 

You also want to look out for the active ingredients in the mask. These are the ingredients that will help remove the blackheads and clear any dirt or bacteria from your skin.

Often charcoal, natural clays, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or niacinamide are used in blackhead remover masks or any skincare designed for acne-prone or spotty skin. 

These natural ingredients and chemicals are all safe for you to use on your face, so don’t panic if you see them listed! You will also see other ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, or chamomile.

These ingredients are calming and will help to soothe your skin and hydrate it. This will help to calm down irritated pores and reduce the appearance of your pores and any dryness on your skin. 

You will also want to look out for ingredients to avoid too. You don’t want anything too harsh or rough for your skin, as the mask could damage your skin and cause more irritation or breakouts!

Any mask or skincare product with walnuts in should be avoided. Even crushed walnuts can be incredibly abrasive and although it might feel like your skin is having a good scrub, trust us, you are doing more harm than good with a walnut-based blackhead remover mask! 

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, some blackhead remover masks won’t be suitable for you. It will usually say on the label if the mask is suitable for sensitive skin or not. If the mask does not say it is suitable, we recommend avoiding it. The last thing you want is to irritate your skin or cause more spots! 

Thankfully, you can find lots of blackhead remover masks that are suitable for sensitive skin. We would avoid peeling off masks as these can be harsh on your skin and quite painful to remove.

For sensitive skin opt for a gentler mask you can wash off. That way, you can still target your blackheads without damaging the rest of your skin (remember to check out our earlier recommendations for your new blackhead remover mask). 


Again, if you have sensitive skin, look out for masks that are labeled as fragrance-free. Fragrance or perfume used in skincare can irritate sensitive skin easily, especially if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients used.

It is better to avoid the risk of irritating your skin further or causing a rash and to only use masks that are fragrance-free. 

Don’t panic, there are whole skincare ranges out there dedicated to being fragrance-free and providing fantastic skincare for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

You can find them available at a range of prices too, so there is sure to be a fragrance-free blackhead remover mask to suit your budget! 

If you do purchase a mask with fragrance in it, we recommend performing a patch test before you use it. 24 to 48 hours before you plan to use the mask, take a small amount and apply it to the skin behind your ear or your inner elbow.

Apply the mask and leave it on your skin as directed on the packaging before wiping it clean or peeling it off. If there is no irritation at the time or the day that follows, the mask is likely to be safe for you to use. 

However, if there is any irritation, redness, or itching, remove the mask immediately and clean the area with warm water. Do not use the mask on your face. 


Finally, consider the price of the mask. Blackhead remover masks can range in price from a few dollars to nearly hundreds depending on the brand you choose!

Make sure you check your budget before you make your purchase and ensure that you can afford the mask. After all, you don’t want to cause any financial stress because you bought an expensive face mask! 

When looking at the price considering the value of the mask. Are you going to need to repurchase it every few weeks or will it last for months?

If the mask is cheap, but you will go through a bottle a week, then it could work out more expensive than purchasing a more expensive mask that would last all year. 

You can use the size of the bottle to help you work out how long it will last (usually the state of how many applications they contain), or check out customer reviews, especially those that cite good value for money! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute questions answered in our handy FAQ section below! 

Is It Normal To Get Spots After Using A Blackhead Remover Mask?

Yes! As your blackhead remover mask will target any bacteria or dirt buildup in pores, it will often bring this dirt and bacteria to the surface, causing more spots or blackheads to appear.

While this can be disheartening, as you used the mask to get rid of your blackheads, not cause more, this can be a sign the mask is working! 

The mask's job is to remove blackheads and any dirt or bacteria that could cause more blackheads. So the few days after you use the mask, you might see more blackheads appear, but that is your skin cleaning itself!

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