Best Beard Wash

Best Beard Wash

Having good beard maintenance is very important for any well kept man, so if you are new to growing a beard or have been growing yours for years you will still need the best possible care. 

Like the hair on your head your facial care needs to be maintained just as often, especially if you are out enjoying the sun or going hard in the gym.

Not every man can grow a beard so why waste yours by not keeping on top of it.

Beard shampoos and washes are readily available on the market and many will help you to maintain your beard care. 

Due to beards being much thicker than just regular hair your normal shampoo will not cut it. 

There are many beard shampoos that will cleanse, freshen up and protect the facial hair to ensure that the beard remains strong and not a greasy mess.

The shampoos and washes that we will list in this article will make sure your beard is thoroughly cleaned, removing dirt and sweat and freshening it up. 

This all sounds great but where do we go from here?

First let’s look into why you need to maintain your beard and then we will list some of the best shampoos, conditioners and washes available for purchase.

We have done the hard work and found some of the most effective products and all the information you need to know about them. 

Why Wash Your Beard?

So before we do a deep dive into all the fantastic products we will discuss we first must understand why you should be washing your beard.

A clean beard is the goal we should all be striving for not only for combatting issues that come with a dirty beard like itchiness or dirt build up and can also reduce any skin irritation that is more commonplace when your beard has not been washed.

Our normal days see our beards coming into the outside world.

When we do this our beard becomes a source for all bacteria in the air to find a new dwelling, if you leave your beard unclean then your skin will begin to form dandruff and this will lead to your beard feeling itchy which is caused by chronic itching. 

Ensuring that you treat your beard to a top quality beard wash will help to purify the skin and will have a big impact on your beard's overall health in the future. 

How Often Should I Wash It? 

This can heavily vary from beard to beard.

If you happen to have an oily beard then you should be oiling your beard at least five times a week and for those of you with drier beards then it should be much less, maybe once or twice a week.

Another factor that can play into how often you should wash your beard is how active you are and the type of work you do.

If you happen to go to the gym regularly or have a job that requires you to be more physically active and also working outdoors, then your beard will more naturally build up dirt and thus require more maintenance. 

If you work in an office or just sit at a desk for most of the day then you will require less maintenance, typically only needing washing once or twice a week. 

Do They Get Rid Of Dandruff?

Dandruff can be one of the most annoying problems you will have come across if you have a beard.

Beard shampoos will definitely go a long way to combating the issue, many ingredients in the shampoos will be blended without any of the harmful detergents and by massaging it deep into your beard then you will then get the benefits to the skin underneath the beard. 

However, dandruff is a dermatologic problem so there is no one and all solution to dandruff but a good moisturizer will do you major benefits.

Within our list we have picked out a few that are fantastic for combating dandruff.   

What Makes Some Beard Washes Better Than Others?

There are many things to think about when you are looking to buy a beard wash.

These factors can be the product containing natural ingredients, a range of fragrances and the packaging, all of these play a large part in bringing your beard game to the next level and establishing a healthy beard maintenance routine.

All In The Fine Print

The search for the perfect shampoo starts with the ingredients in it.

There are those that specialize in helping to cure itchiness, some that target dandruff directly and those that help to relieve the irritation of the skin that can occur. 

Most contain properties that will make the beard look much more prominent whilst also moisturizing the skin and hair.

The ingredients will bring an experience that you will have never experienced and is one that will change the way you treat your beard forever. 

Fragrance Or No Fragrance

Beard washes and shampoos come in all shapes and sizes and many different varieties there are those that have a smell to them and then there are also some that are scent free.

There being such a wide range of fragrances means you can choose the one that is perfect for you and if you prefer a scentless variety then there are also many readily available. 

However, some products will also contain some essential oils that can offer you physical benefits to not only your beard but also your skin, these oils will have a calming effect and who does not want to be nice and calm.

Why Is Packaging Important?

Packaging is a commonly overlooked part of a product, but it can be just as important as the ingredients on the inside of the product.

Some details that the packaging includes will be the shelf life that allows you to keep on top of the container that has the product inside and learn how long it will last before needing replacing.

The Best Products For Your Beard

It is finally time to get to the good stuff, this list has a large range of products but they all have one thing in common.

They are the best for your beard. So let’s dive right in then.


We start off strong with Blue Atlas, a brand that has a premium skinline for men, the shampoo is packed to the brim with the highest quality natural ingredients.

If you know anything about beard shampoos then you will not be surprised to see Blue Atlas appear on the list, as they are an established brand at the top of the beard market. 

The shampoo will not just clean your beard but also improve your skin and make you feel alot better whilst using it.

The ingredients include Jojoba Oil that is commonly known for its beauty enhancing properties, Aloe for moisturizing and a coconut agent that brings the foamy texture. 

To get the best out of the product you will not need to use much to get the desired effect, typically a pea sized amount of the soap will dappen the hair and soak into the scalp.

Once applied be sure to rinse the soap out thoroughly and then enjoy the effects that the shampoo will have on you.


Next up we have the equally impressive Viking Revolution.

This amazing beard wash helps to hydrate your beard making it soft and ensuring that it remains clean. 

The wash is also perfect for those of us who suffer from beard dandruff, the highly moisturizing beard will deal with it straight away. 

Much like the Blue Atlas, Viking Revolutions wash and conditioner also contains the Jojoba Oil in its ingredients but also contains argan which is known for softening hair and helps in hair growth.

The wash comes with a scent so if you love the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus then this product is perfect for you. 

The wash can be used on all types of beard hair so no matter how thick or thin it is you will love this product.

It can also be used daily without the risk of it making your beard greasy, this is easily avoided with the ingredients including natural beard oils. 

Along with Blue Atlas the company Viking Revolution also finds its place at the very top of the beard wash market.

So you know you are in good hands if you do choose to place your faith in this brand. 


This beard wash  is designed for those who are struggling with growing a beard, the wash is made organically and uses natural ingredients to help you to nourish whatever beard you have to help stimulate growth. 

The Polished Gentleman product contains amazing ingredients that are designed to help give your beard a healthy shine.

Some of these ingredients are biotin, rosemary, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Whilst this product is especially helpful for those who cannot easily grow a beard however, regardless of the type of beard that you have, the beard wash will work amazingly for all beards. 

Not only does the wash smell amazing but the accelerated hair growth makes it stand out amongst many amazing washes.

Another big plus to the wash is that it does not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens. 

The product is ethically tested so is not tested on animals making it a big plus for those of us who love animals.

It is also alcohol free meaning you will have no nasty surprises if you happen to have a cut on your skin under the beard. 

Much like the other two washes we have previously mentioned, the Polished Gentleman can also help to stop itching and remove beard dandruff. 


Next up we have Kalamazoo by Lush, the product ensures that your beard is kept buttery and bushy with its fresh and invigorating ingredients, that will both cleanse and remove any dirt.

Some of the ingredients may seem odd at first glance but when explained make perfect sense. 

The first of these is pineapple juice, as well as adding a fragrance to the wash it will also remove any impurities in the skin and your complexion will be brightened.

As well as pineapple juice the apricot kernel oil will moisturize and soften your skin. 

It also contains cupuacu butter which is a very good vegan friendly addition that will pack all the necessary nutrients that will keep your facial hair well hydrated.

The wash has a citrusy scent that will come from the Brazilian orange oil to enhance your mood, the pineapple juice will also obviously contribute to the citrus smell. 


ZEUS is one for those of us who want a nice smelling beard wash.

The product smells amazing and keeps your facial hair in shape, and is perfect for a lot of people. 

ZEUS comes in a massive variety of fragrances without compromising on the quality of the product. 

The product comes in some manly scents like sandalwood or vanilla rum and although these flavors may sound overwhelming the actual scent is not actually too strong and is balanced perfectly.

The shampoo can be used daily and will prevent flakiness whilst also nourishing your beard. 

As well as all of this the wash will also not remove any of the natural oils that are essential to maintaining a healthy beard.

It also keeps your skin hydrated. The conditioner is thick and no matter how wild your beard has gotten, be assured that ZEUS can tame even the wildest beast. 

It is also completely vegan and is made without any sulfates or parabens and contains many healthy ingredients that come in a handy squeezy tube.


This beard wash is made up of a gentle formula that will cleanse your beard whilst also softening it, your beard will also still have its essential natural oils.

If you decide to invest in ISNER MILE then you will not need to worry again about any issues such as greasy beards, split ends and itchy skin.

The wash also contains many nourishing ingredients such as the aforementioned jojoba oil and shea butter to keep your beard hydrated.

Much like Polished Gentleman the wash also contains biotin which will help in the process of growing a beard as it promotes healthy hair growth.

Like all the washes we have mentioned you will only need to use a small amount of product once a day to wash your beard.

The product comes in an easy to use bottle and they are built to last while having a long life span.

It also does not contain any ingredients that can cause irritation or any itching and has a strong fresh and more manly scent.

The only issue with the product is that if you do not like a strong scent then it can potentially be a bit overwhelming. 


We are far into this list but by no means does the quality drop with Billy Jealousy, their product makes a fantastic addition to anyone's beard care routine.

The sulfate free recipe will clean, soften and will also condition any unruly beards. 

The beard wash will leave your beard free of any frizz and will feel much healthier and look much fuller.

The scent of lavender infused with many tropical fruits gives the wash a relaxing effect.

Green tea extract helps to promote multiple things with the main positive effects being strengthening hair follicles and healthy circulation.

The product also helps to relieve chronic itching and target beard dandruff. Finally the wash is also strong so it is best to avoid daily washing and skip a couple of days a week. 

How To Use Beard Shampoo?

The process of using your newly acquired shampoo is very simple:

  1. Wet your beard thoroughly either with water from the sink or in the shower
  2. Squeeze the appropriate amount of shampoo 
  3. Rub the shampoo into your beard making sure it is all covered
  4. Do this until the soap lathers up
  5. Wait for the shampoo to do its job 
  6. Rinse out your beard thoroughly making sure to get all of the shampoo out 
  7. Dry off with a towel and double check that you have removed all the shampoo
  8. Apply a beard oil after the shower to replace any oils lost during washing

Final Thoughts

There we have it all that you need to know about beard washing and seven of the best on the market.

We have listed all of the benefits that your potential new beard washes have to offer.

If you were new to the lifestyle of growing and maintaining your beard then hopefully you have learnt a lot about why washing your beard is essential to keeping it healthy and free from dirt that can lead to nasty skin related issues. 

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