Best Beard Growth Kit

Best Beard Growth Kit

You’ve tried everything - shaving it back, letting it grow unruly - but still, it is patchy and thin. Not like the beards you see in the movies, that’s for sure! 

Don’t let it get you down - get a beard growth kit! These kits are specifically designed to help you grow your beard fuller and softer, so you can finally be proud of your facial hair.

We have reviewed five of the best beard growth kits for your convenience, so let’s dive right in. 


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Our top pick for beard growth kits today is the one from Naland, which includes everything you need to enhance the look of your beard and keep it healthy. 

You’ll get a beard roller, beard comb, beard growth oil, and beard balm. Two products for enhancing growth, and two for styling your new look! 

This small but mighty kit contains an activator serum that stimulates hair growth from the source.

The beard roller is 0.25mm and made from titanium. This length is the only one that can stimulate collagen production in your skin, improving the thickness of your beard. 

Made with all-natural ingredients and added active ingredients Biotin and Arginine, this beard kit will have your look transformed in no time. 

A clinical study actually showed that this kit could improve density up to 52% within just 150 days! 


  • Products for both growing beards and styling them. 
  • Roller produces collagen and elastin in the skin to help boost hair growth. 
  • Proven to work with a clinical study. #
  • Made with only natural ingredients.


  • Higher price point than other beard growth kits on the market.


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If the brand name is anything to go by, then this beard growth kit will turn you irresistible!

The kit comes with four products - beard growth oil, beard balm, a beard roller, and a beard comb.

Similar to the first kit we looked at, this price point is for two kits making MALE GOD much better value for money. 

The roller is the star of the show here, improving the elasticity of the skin as well as the vibrancy of your beard by awakening the hair follicles.

It can also improve the production of collagen! 

The beard oil is designed to nourish the hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

This is great for growing hair to enhance its softness and fullness without clogging your pores. 

One thing we loved about this kit is MALE GOD’s replacement and refund guarantee, in which they will refund you if you do not like the products within 60 days. 


  • An excellent price point for two kits - gift one or keep both for yourself! 
  • Helps promote hair growth while keeping your beard healthy. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the products.


  • Some customers found the products to be smaller than they were expecting. 
  • A few issues arose from shipping.


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Next up we have a more extensive kit with eight items - beard wash, beard growth serum, beard wax, beard roller, beard brush, beard comb, and trimming scissors.

You also get access to a free copy of The Ultimate Beard Care Ebook. 

This kit comes with everything you need to encourage hair growth and style your new thick beard.

The beard wash is a nice touch as it is suitable for hair without being harsh on your skin. 

Follow up with the beard growth oil and use the oval brush to evenly distribute the oil throughout the entire beard.

This is much more effective than just using your hands, and it’s always great to have a beard brush handy. 

The free e-book is another nice touch as you can learn about how to maintain your beard as effectively as possible with your new beard growth kit. 


  • Lots of products and tools to make the most of your beard. 
  • Comes with a handy storage pouch. 
  • Perfect for the growing stage and beyond.


  • Some customers found the products to be too harsh on their skin.


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Another four-product beard growth kit, Raffin offers a beard growth oil, beard balm, beard comb, and a beard roller.

Simple yet effective, this kit comes with everything you need to start your facial hair journey off on the right foot. 

The beard growth oil and beard balm work perfectly together to ensure that your beard is soft, supple, and easy to maintain.

The balm works to prevent breakage and keep moisture in, preventing itchy skin around the beard. 

Raffin claims that a science experiment involving 5,000 participants showed that this kit helped men to fix their patchy beards thanks to the durable derma roller and beard growth oil.

What have you got to lose? 

Raffin offers a money-back guarantee within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the product.

We love this feature as it protects your purchase and ensures that you can get a refund if you’re not happy.


  • Claims to show 3x faster beard growth in just five weeks. 
  • High-quality products designed for sensitive skin and facial hair. 
  • Money-back guarantee to protect your purchase.


  • Issues with quality assurance with some of the kits being sent to people.


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Last but not least, the beard growth kit from Jurgen K comes with everything you’d expect from this kind of kit.

Beard balm, beard roller, beard comb, and not one, but two bottles of beard growth oil! Keep yourself stocked up so you never have to worry about a dull, dry beard again. 

The premium beard derma roller is size 0.25mm, proven to help beard growth and fullness.

It also helps your skin reach maximum absorption of the products up to 500%, pushing it deep into the skin where it can make the most impact. 

Jurgen K also gives you access to a free e-book with your purchase so you can learn more about your beard growth journey. 

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if the products fail your expectations, so you can buy in confidence. 


  • Comes with double the beard growth oil as other kits. 
  • You’ll have access to a free ebook. 
  • Unscented so everyone can use it without disliking the scent.


  • There have been some shipping issues.

Buyers Guide

Now that we have looked through the best five beard growth kits, how are you supposed to determine the best for you?

Don’t worry, we have a buyer's guide that will help you make that decision easier. 

If you’re looking for a beard growth kit, you want it to be the best and most effective for you - our buyer's guide will help you do just that.

Here are the things to look for when comparing beard growth kits. 

Kit Contents

There are plenty of kits out there on the market, ranging from four products to 15! How much of an extensive kit you need will depend on your knowledge of growing beards.

If you have already purchased a few single products or tools, you won’t need them again in your kit. 

Basic beard growing kits will include things like oils, balms, and styling products.

These are better suited for people with a full beard that just need some help with beard maintenance and styling.

If you need help with growth and patchiness, however, you should look for something more extensive.

Kits that include vitamins, beard rollers, and serums can be helpful for patchiness and promoting hair growth. 

Some beard kits also include tools for fuller beards that you can use in the future once the growth tools have worked their magic.

These include combs and styling products. While you might not need these now, getting them in a kit could save you money in the future.

Your Skin Type

Some beard products, while good for the beard, can be damaging to your skin. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts.

Some kits are designed for people with sensitive skin, or that come with fewer products to prevent a build-up on your skin. 

Using too many new products all at once on your skin can cause clogged pores and acne.

To avoid this, use only a small amount of the products, and test one at a time. 

The best products to use in a beard growth kit are ones that will hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

This, in turn, will; cause a healthy beard to grow over it. Plus, hydration will prevent any irritation from forming where your new beard is pushing through. 

Ingredients Used

Natural ingredients are always best. Harsh chemicals and other ingredients can damage your skin and therefore the beard growing from it.

Stay away from beard growth kits that contain things such as parabens, alcohol, or artificial fragrances. 

These harsh ingredients can actually interfere with your hair growth and stop you from being able to grow a luscious beard.

Instead, look for kits only using natural ingredients as well as vitamins and minerals that can help hair grow. 


Artificial fragrances are always a no-go. However, natural fragrances are great, and having them in your beard growth kit can enhance your natural scent. 

Imagine that you had to use cologne, every single day, that you didn’t like the smell of. You’d get bored of it quickly, and most likely stop using it, right? 

The same can be said for your beard oils and serums. Especially considering your beard is right under your nose! You’d never be able to get away from the smell. 

So, make sure that you choose a scent that you will like and don’t mind smelling it every day. Better yet, a beard growth kit without any scent at all is always a good option. 

Price And Money-Back Guarantee

Beard growth kits come in a range of prices, depending on the brand and how many products you get in the kit.

In the grand scheme of things, their price points are not that steep - especially when you consider what you’re getting from it. 

Can you put a price on a soft, full beard? 

Still, you don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t going to work for you.

Some beard growth kits offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the products, which helps you to protect your purchase and gives you the option of trialing the products for free. 

If you are unsure of whether a beard growth kit is right for you or not, we suggest looking for one with a money-back guarantee to protect your purchase. 


Okay, so there isn’t much to say about the durability of the products here - perhaps the bottles they come in?

If you’re traveling a lot, you don’t want bottles breaking or leaking all over your other toiletries! 

Still, the durability of the tools that come with the beard growth kit needs to be durable enough for everyday use.

The beard roller needs to be as reliable as it is effective - otherwise, you’ll be having to pay for another one soon down the line. 

The same can be said for the beard comb if your kit comes with one. The best way to see how durable these tools are is to look at customer reviews.

Here you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly about the kit. 

If the roller or comb is cheap and easily broken, chances are that someone will have mentioned it in the comments. Sure.

There might be an anomaly, but if multiple people are complaining about durability, it’s likely going to be the same for your kit, too. 


If you choose to use a beard growth kit, then it stands to reason that you’ll want it to be effective - duh!

The best way to see if a kit is going to be effective and therefore right for you is in the customer reviews and success stories. 

Sometimes the brand will include success stories or side-by-side pictures of people before and after trying their beard growth kit.

These are nice to see but could have easily been altered to make the company look better. 

Again, the customer reviews don’t lie. If people liked the product, they might put before and after pictures in the comments.

Similarly, if they didn’t like the product, they’ll tell you why.

The more success stories in the comments indicate a more effective product, enticing you to try it for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Yes! Beard growth kits should work for most people, provided that you choose one that includes the correct products for your beard’s needs.

It might take some trialing different products, but there is no reason why a high quality beard growth kit shouldn’t work for you. 

Which Is The Best Beard Growth Kit

This question doesn’t have a simple answer, unfortunately. While we have found the Naland Beard Growth Kit to be best for us, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best for everyone. 

Different beard growth kits contain various vitamins and ingredients to target hair growth and skin health.

Just like skincare, everyone reacts to the products differently. So, the only person that can determine which is the best beard growth kit for you, is you. 

Are Beard Growth Kits Safe? 

Yes - don’t like the spiky derma roller that scares you! Beard growth kits are completely safe to use, and the roller should not hurt you at all.

Just make sure that you check the ingredients list for anything you might be allergic to avoid a reaction! 

How Often Should You Use A Beard Growth Kit?

Most brands will tell you to use the products every day for the best results. Beard oil should be used every day, and you can use beard balm whenever you want to style your facial hair.

If your kit contains a beard shampoo, the best frequency to use this is probably every 2 to 3 days. But check the instructions of your kit to make sure. 

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