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Hi, my name is Matt Park and I have been interested in the world of self-care and manscaping since I got out of college. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but there is such a lack of resources out there for men! This website is for people like past me, who would have loved some guidance when first starting out. Please enjoy my content. Trust me, bro - we’ll find you the perfect regime within no time.

What Is Beard Balm?

Beards have seen a huge revival in the last few years, and the number of different beard products on offer has increased massively. While beards can look stunning and they can also increase your confidence, they are no easy beasts to manage. So, it’s a good idea to get a few products that can tame …

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Best Beard Growth Kit

Beards are timeless, and they can transform your face in a million different ways. But what happens when you cannot grow the beard of your dreams? You’ve tried everything – shaving it back, letting it grow unruly – but still, it is patchy and thin. Not like the beards you see in the movies, that’s for …

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What Is A Foil Shaver?

Fighting an out-of-control beard could be nothing short of a headache for men. Markets sell shavers, which come in two varieties: manual and electrical, to remove unwelcome facial hair.  The decision to favour manual shavers over electric shavers is a personal one. If you prefer electric shaving, learning more about it will help you find …

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How To Use Shaving Soap

A classic shaving soap produces a magnificent, opulent foam when used with a shaving brush. This lather softens beard hair, protects skin, lubricates, and aids with razor gliding, all of which contribute to a better, more pleasurable shave.  Even though shaving soaps in a wooden bowl may initially cost more than shaving cream, shaving soaps …

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