About Us

Why are skincare and haircare always targeted toward women? What about the men who want to take pride in their appearance too? 

Anytime I walk down the personal care aisle in a drugstore, all I see is women’s products overpowering the tiny little men’s section.

But women and men have different skin types - so where are the products for me?

Hi, my name is Matt Park and I have been interested in the world of self-care and manscaping since I got out of college. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but there is such a lack of resources out there for men! 

Half of the websites I see discussing these topics are spreading misinformation anyway - no, you should not use women’s skin care products.

They are designed for women, who have completely different skin types than men.

When I was just starting out, I went through a long journey of trying to find the right products for me.

There weren’t that many out there, so it was much harder to do than it sounds! 

Eventually, after lots of bad reactions and acne flare-ups, I found a routine that worked for me. 

This process got me thinking, though - why is there so little information out there for men’s self-care? 

From that moment, I wanted to create more resources and accurate information for men wanting to get into skincare and manscaping.

This website is for people like past me, who would have loved some guidance when first starting out. 

Please enjoy my content. Trust me, bro - we’ll find you the perfect regime within no time.