7 Best-Smelling Aftershaves for Men That’ll Make You Love Shaving

Although shaving is necessary sometimes, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t turn into a massive chore while you’re doing it.

If your hair grows back pretty quickly, it can feel like you’re in a neverending cycle of shave, regrowing, and repeating and this time of the day can become daunting. 

What you need is a way to spice up the routine a bit more, and the best way you can do this is by finding the right aftershave.

Good aftershave can really make all the difference to your shaving routine, and if you can get an aftershave that smells amazing, it takes the whole process to an even greater level. 

But what are the best-smelling aftershaves? There are so many out there, how are you supposed to know which ones to go for? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of 7 of the best smelling aftershaves for men that will make you love shaving again. So let’s take a look at them.

7 Best-Smelling Aftershaves That’ll Make You Love Shaving

We’ve searched far and wide on our quest to find the 7 best-smelling aftershaves and we’re confident that you’ll agree with our selection. 

Each of these aftershaves offers you a bold and strong scent and absolutely oozes with the essence of man. So let’s dive into the list.


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Kicking off this list we have Dior’s Sauvage Parfum. Dior is one of the most popular brands for aftershaves and fragrances in the world, and it’s not really hard to see why. 

This aftershave has a fantastic scent of sandalwood and a strong musk that will really leave an impression when you walk into a room.

Along with these strong scents, you will also smell undertones of mandarin and bergamot, which are mouthwateringly sweet. 

The different scents you’ll find in this fragrance work together extremely well, and if you apply it after you’ve had a shave, you’ll look forward to the routine again and again.

The beauty of Dior Sauvage Parfum is that it's extremely skin-friendly and the scent will last all day. 


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This Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Toilette Aftershave is absolutely bursting with bold scents that will keep you smelling fantastic all day after your shave. 

This Eau De Toilette Spray opens with hints of bergamot and lemon which is combined with white aldehydes, which really add a beautiful freshness.

There is also a beautiful herbal undertone to this aftershave in the form of geranium, sage, and juniper. The scent is also complimented with a base of woody incense and ambergris. 

This Yves Saint Laurent aftershave will leave you feeling incredibly clean and refreshed for the entire day and it will make your shaving routine something to enjoy. 


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If you want an aftershave that is anything but subtle and makes you stand out from the crowd, this Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum is perfect for you.

Its scent is bold and provocative and will certainly leave a lasting impression on anyone you come into contact with. 

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme aftershave combines the fragrances of cardamom, saffron, and neroli with woody notes and vanilla.

This is one of those aftershaves that should only be reserved for the most confident wearers. The scent will last all day too and leave you feeling like you’re about 10 feet tall. 

If you want to blend in rather than stand out, you might want to rethink investing in this aftershave. But, if you are after one that is bold and daring, it is the perfect scent for you.


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Acqua di Parma Colonia was created in 1916 and it was originally used to scent men’s handkerchiefs, but it eventually became an aftershave and it has continued to be incredibly popular ever since. 

This is one of the nicest smelling aftershaves on this list, and it is no real surprise as to why. It combines grapefruit, blood mandarin, rose absolute, leather, wood, and amber to create a beautiful Italian-inspired scent. 

Though it was originally designed for men, as the years have progressed, it’s evolved into a unisex fragrance, and it has become a favorite scent amongst Hollywood celebrities of all genders.

If you’re looking for an aftershave that is absolutely bursting with delicious smells that will last all day after you shave, then you definitely need to give Acqua di Parma Colonia a try. 


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Hugo BOSS is another big name in the fragrance industry, and they are well known for their popular scents. This Bottled Night Eau de Toilette is absolutely no exception. 

Shaving isn’t always reserved for the morning, sometimes you’ll have a shave before you head out for a party, and that is what this aftershave is designed for.

The bottle in its shade of midnight blue is even a nod to this. If you are looking for an aftershave that will last you through the night as you party away, the Bottled Night Eay de Toilette is perfect for you. 

When it comes to the scent itself, you will be greeted by birch, citric lemon, African violet, and sandalwood. Mixed together, these smells create one of Hugo Boss’ most popular scents of all time.

This is an incredibly masculine scent that is strong and bold and will leave a lasting impression on those you come into close contact with. 

Once you’ve smelt this aftershave for the first time, you’ll understand why they call it the "secret weapon in seduction".


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Only The Brave is one of Diesel’s most iconic perfumes and aftershaves that is designed to inspire its wearer to live bravely and achieve their dreams with bold conviction.

The bottle itself is shaped like a clenched fist and is meant to represent the raw, masculine energy of the scent. 

You will be greeted to top notes of Amalfi lemon and mandarin, complemented by the heart notes of cedar, coriander, and violet, and completed by the base notes of French labdanum, amber styrax, benzoin, and leather.

Just like the Tom Ford Noir Extreme, Only The Brave is bold and not for the faint of heart. It is designed to inspire your inner leader and strength, with a scent that will last all day.

This is truly an aftershave for those who want to feel confident, in charge, and in control of their surroundings. 


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And finally, we have He Eau de Toilette which is brought to you by Emporio Armani. This aftershave is infused with a number of scents that truly embody the full essence of man. 

In this bottle, you will be greeted with the scents of Japanese yuzu accord, combined with sensual warm musk, spicy cardamom, and vetiver accord.

This is one of those aftershaves that leave such an impression that you’ll be able to pick out the scent in a crowded room. 

Even the bottle design reflects the sleek and powerful scent that is contained inside. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of timeless masculinity.

This particular scent pairs exceptionally well with Emporio Armani She, as they magnetically attract to each other.

If you have a partner you want to compliment and match scents with, Emporio Armani He Eau de Toilette is the perfect scent for you. 

This aftershave is great for ending your shaving routine. You will feel timeless, powerful, and refreshed once you apply it.

Best Smelling Aftershaves for Men Buying Guide

What Aftershave Will Make Me Popular With Women?

It will probably come as no surprise by this point that women love the scent of Dior Sauvage. This is one of many reasons why we’ve included it on this list.

Not only will it give you a massive boost of confidence, but it will also please the nose of your partner. If you’re single and on the dating scene, it will also help to attract a potential partner there. 

Why Is Dior Sauvage So Good?

If you’ve never used Dior Sauvage before, it probably seems like a mythical elixir that was forged by the gods. But we promise you, it’s 100% man-made, it’s just so popular because it smells so good. 

We don’t need to go back into the smells, but they combine together so well that it’s impossible for Dior Sauvage not to turn heads when it trickles into the room.

7 Best-Smelling Aftershaves for Men That’ll Make You Love Shaving


There may be thousands of aftershave options out there, but we are confident that once you’ve tried the options on this list, you won’t be able to find any that compare. 

While Dior Sauvage is a great starting point and very popular for men and women smelling it, the other options on this list deserve just as much credit. 

Try some of these aftershaves out today and see which one suits you the best. With these scents, you’ll feel confident enough to seize the day.

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