16 Best Men’s Moisturizers For Dry Skin

16 Best Men's Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Untreated dry skin can result in consequences ranging from infections to premature aging indications.

However, there is no need to worry! In recent years there has been a rather rapid increase in men's skincare on the market. From mens hair dye to moisturizer, you can always look your best.

Although, the products you choose can have a rather large impact on the condition of your skin and how you feel. 

So where do you start? We have created this list of 16 of the best men moisturizers for dry skin.  All you have to do is take a look at our top picks and get moisturizing for plump, healthy skin.

Best Men's Moisturizers for Dry Skin


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The oil-free nature of Brickell's Daily Essential Face Moisturizer makes it lighter and kinder than that of its rivals, so you'll never feel weighed down by it.

Oil-based compounds have the potential to clog pores and encourage accumulation even in all-natural moisturizers. This is where Brickell's product differs.

Natural aloe vera softens the skin, jojoba prevents water loss, and hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin at the cellular level in this moisturizer.


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The Daily Essential Face of Brickell O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream is a cult favorite among men who want to get things done. It is a moisturizing powerhouse.

This cream moisturizes dry skin brought on by strenuous physical activity and harsh environmental circumstances. On dry and injured hands, its paraben-, phthalate-, and aluminum-free composition does magic.

Perfect for those working physical labor or are simply plagued with the struggles of dry hands. Use daily to boost moisture levels and prevent the loss of those essential nutrients.


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The 3-in-1 lotion for men from Lubriderm is a strong argument in favor of skipping your multi-step skincare regimen in favor of a quick remedy.

This cream has all the qualities of a family man. The Lubriderm kit has three incredible products that may be used for the body, face, and delicate post-shave skin areas.

A delicate blend of mineral and essential oils completing the nutrients already present on your skin. Leaving behind a naturally moisturized and hydrated base.


Our favorite scent is the one that bears Beau Brummell's name; it is brash, strong, and commanding, just like a guy ought to be.

Even better, essential oils rather than artificial scents were used to create Beau Brummell's signature scent, which is made up of only natural elements.

The face moisturizer by Beau Brummell gives excessively greasy or dull skin a distinctive matte appearance. It has nourishing vitamin E to soothe skin flaws and stimulating caffeine to lessen irritation.

This lotion is soft enough for all skin types while replenishing and nourishing the skin. The face moisturizer from Beau Brummell is especially effective on sensitive, dry, and acne-prone skin.


When looking for a high quality, budget friendly moisturizer, we always go for the Bulldog Sensitive Moisturizer. Bulldog is fully committed to using ingredients that are free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and animal byproducts. 

Perfect sensitive skin types, this moisturizer is gentle yet powerful.


You may see the women in your life having multiple steps to their skincare routine. Well, you can skip half those steps with the Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream. After cleansing your skin, pat dry and apply this face cream. 

Containing SPF 15 your skin will be hydrated and protected from the harmful rays of the sun.This face cream, which contains potent ingredients including niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and anti-aging SPF, ensures visible results.

Geologie's face cream promises decreased blemishes, smoother skin, less cracking, and sustained hydration with continued usage.


Although everyone enjoys a day in the sun, UV rays have long been connected to permanent skin damage, early aging, and even some malignancies.

Because of this, Jack Black's face moisturizer has an integrated SPF 20 sunscreen. Jack Black's moisturizer, which has both avobenzone, a UVA absorber, and octinoxate, a UVB absorber, is a great option for daily use.


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Professionals in the skincare sector are well aware of retinol's anti-aging properties. Retinol is a powerful component, but those with sensitive skin often experience irritation and redness from it.

And that's where RetrinAL cream from Avène differs. The retinol in Avène's formula is in the retinaldehyde form, which is far gentler than the original. 

Any skin type can benefit from using retinaldehyde, which has fewer unpleasant side effects than many retinol-based products and can be applied twice daily.


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If you happen to find yourself in the water more often than not, then you may want to consider Curel Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. While being in the water may not seem harsh to your skin, it can strip your skin of its essential oils and minerals leaving it dry and dull. 

Curls Wet Skin Moisturizer can be applied directly in water which activates the formula leaving you with long-lasting protecting against dryness and environmental damage. 


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A straightforward recipe intended for daily maintenance will scarcely work in cases of excessive dryness. You need a deeply hydrating and reparative solution in its place.

The natural body butter from Carapex is one of our top picks because of this.

The elbows, knees, and heels are the greatest places to use Carapex's naturally calming body butter because they have the driest, itchiest, and roughest skin. Beeswax, jojoba, olive oil, and chamomile flower extract, which make up the majority of the moisturizer's constituents, provide hydration where it is most needed. Carapex doesn't include any synthetic preservatives or scents, making it safe for sensitive skin.


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Isn't it wonderful when things get done while you're sleeping? This effective philosophy has been introduced to skincare by Tiége Hanley's Bedtime Facial Moisturizer.

But this moisturizer is not your typical night lotion; it fixes short-term damage while offering long-term advantages for the health of your skin.

Its effective recipe combines niacinamide, which lightens dark spots and improves skin flexibility, with collagen, which enhances skin structure.

You simply apply a light layer of this Bedtime Facial Moisturizer before going to bed and relax while your skin is taken care of. You will wake up with skin that feels recharged, rejuvenated, and hydrated. 

Don’t forget your neck!


The moisturizer from Blu Atlas was created in New York with the assistance of top dermatologists and skin care specialists.

Mango seed butter shields your face from stress and environmental deterioration while seaweed extract exfoliates the skin and controls oil production.

Just a pea sized drop of this Blue Atlas Face Moisturizer can have your skin feeling protected and moisturized. This is a great choice for all skin types with the promise of anti-aging. 

Apply twice a day to experience the incredibly hydrating results for yourself!


Marlowe takes pride in its straightforward approach to skin care. You won't find anything weird or nasty in your Marlow products.

Even the driest skin types can be soothed by Marlowe's Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion, which is constructed of straightforward, easily pronounced components.

Marlowe accomplishes all of this without using harmful chemicals or additives. The natural ingredients in the moisturizer's mix include deep-sea algae, willow bark, green tea, and passion-flower fruit.


The majority of daytime facial moisturizers contain some form of SPF protection. SPF, however, is not required for evening use.

Geologie produces a reliable, user-friendly dual set to maximize your whole hydration regimen. Apply an SPF the size of a nickel before going outside, and reapply every two to three hours.

After being in the sun, wash your face and then use the Essential Moisturizer in a nickel-sized amount. And presto, constant hydration


If you find yourself constantly in a rush in the mornings then this fast absorbing golden hour recovery cream will be perfect.

This lightweight, intensely moisturizing cream is perfect for all skin types and helps reduce redness with the skin-soothing calendula ingredient.


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When looking for a high quality, budget friendly moisturizer, we always go for the Bulldog Sensitive Moisturizer. Bulldog is fully committed to using ingredients that are free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and animal byproducts. 

Perfect sensitive skin types, this moisturizer is gentle yet powerful.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you have extremely dry, flaky skin or more combination skin with some oilier areas, moisturizer is a must in your skin care routine. 

We have combined our top 16 picks for the best men’s moisturizer for dry skin to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Take your pick and discover when moisturizer can do you for your dry skin.

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